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  1. I've been using viveport a DAY and I'm already annoyed of this. Like moonsong, I'm fine with ads as long as they are not this intrusive. An always on top pop up is ok if it is RARE, and there is an option to not show it again. Putting it beside ads for games, apps and experiences is fine. But each launch, AND every time I close an app? I've only launched the app TWICE. yesterday and today, and I've already seen the ad at least 4 times! There doesn't even seem to be anything here that I can't access on steam. The only benefit it seems of using viveport is to only list VR games and apps rather than everything. But the annoying pop up is worse than just going through steam. Especially when there is a VR section in my library, and I can discover games and apps through the website, and it doesn't have that pop up. I'm surprised that this is the only relavent result when I googled how to permanently dismiss viveport infinity pop up... I guess either everyone purchases viveport or they just don't use the app...
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