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  1. Reiko's Fragments Reiko's Fragments could be played alone or as a party game. In my case we played the crowd game. In this suspenseful yet exciting party game, we are able to bring friends into this haunted house and they were about to control the scares. The objective of the game is to try to find the real doll and escape before the fast moving and relentless ghost gets to you. My favorite part of this game is how engaging it is and finding out how ruthless your own friends can actually be. Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/7888201e-e22f-4141-96e3-00e22e0e53a8/Reiko
  2. Westworld: Awakening Westworld: Awakening is based off of the HBO original series and you are playing the perspective of Kate, a host who is the unfortunate protagonist that eventually struggles through a series of horror experiences. This is a suspenseful narrative-driven experience with fluid locomotion, which can help reduce simulation sickness. During my experience, I encountered many puzzles and interacted with Hank who is a relentless serial killer host. I found this game to be entertaining yet disturbing. On another note, the visuals and narrations were stunning an impres
  3. As we roll into Halloween, full of spooky, eerie and jack-o'-lanterns we will dedicate the month of October's ViRtual Scoops to playing Halloween themed titles. Gloomy Eyes This animated VR narrative reminded me of Coraline (the cartoon movie) right of the back when I began. It gave me a combination feel of cute and creepiness. The characters were either adorable or a bite eerie. Two things stood out to me while engaging in this VR experience, I found that the visuals were immersive and beautifully transitioned. Next, I like the background music the developers chose for
  4. This week on ViRtual Scoop, we are featuring some VR experience games such as theBlu, The Great C and Manifest 99. Get excited and continue reading! theBlu Reaction: This was a deep-water experience that allows one to see the majestic wonders of the ocean. There are three undersea encounters, Whale Encounter: An undersea encounter with the largest species on Earth, Reef Migration witness the magnificence of the colorful coral reefs and lastly my favorite the Luminous Abyss, where I ventured into the deepest region of the ocean. The mechanics of this VR experience allo
  5. This week on ViRtual Scoop, I will be focusing on two rhythm-based VR fitness games. For those that are new, ViRtual Scoop is where I pair a couple of titles from the top game section on Viveport Infinity and share my first impress with you all. Okay, let's begin! PowerBeatsVR Reaction: PowerBeatsVR was very simple to understand. It is essentially a music fitness game with a lot of dodging and punching rocks that are coming your way. If you are looking for a great workout, just go straight to advanced stage and I guarantee that after a few rounds, you will be catchi
  6. Welcome to the first ViRtual Scoop! To give you a brief idea of how this will work, I will be pairing a couple of titles from the top games section on Viveport Infinity. Having never played these game before, I will also be sharing some of my initial impressions. Now, let's get rolling! Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Reaction: I'm sure most of you all have played or know of Angry Birds on your phone. I was expecting it to be very similar and not to my surprise, it was very much what I imagined. The only main difference is, I found myself right inside of the island (hen
  7. Hello Viveport Community, it's so nice to "e-meet" you all! I'm the new Viveport Community Coordinator. I will be working very closely with @SuperNikoPower to continue to grow our community by generating some exciting contents. So be on the lookout for cool contests and interactive updates in the very bear future! A little background about myself, prior to joining the Viveport Team, I have little experience in gaming. However, I'm a tech-enthusiast; I'm always on the lookout to discover the next up and coming tech gadget. With that being said, I'm exploring the VR gaming world and I
  8. Hi @REDMeff, I have opened a ticket on your behalf and you will be notified via email. Thank you for reaching out to us! We'll look into this and make sure it gets taken care of 🙂
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