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  1. Hi @Alzon,

    After checking with our relative department, they would like to help.

    However, according to the terms of use, which you agreed when you joined VIVEPORT infinity, they are unable to issue a refund to the order.

    When users purchase subscription, VIVEPORT will notify the user that this subscription is able to cancel at any time at lease 24 hours before the next recurring period starts.

    And the cancelation will not influence the current period. Users are still able to use the subscription until the period ends.

    Therefore, if users face a technical issue, they could find customer support in time before the next recurring charge happens.

    If users cancel the subscription successfully, they will receive an cancelation email. Users are also able to check subscription status on My infinity page.

    magento monthly plan check out page.jpg

  2. Hi @NightcoreSylveon,

    Please try the following steps to solve this issue.

    1. Download the MSI force uninstall tool from: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
    2. Execute the tool (right-click and run as administrator) and force uninstall all ViveXXXX packages
    3. Attempt to reinstall Viveport Desktop again
    If you still have the same issue, please follow this FAQ to report the issue to Customer support. 

  3. Hi @FrankD0417,  

    If you are an infinity subscriber, you could download and play the content with infinity icon image.png.aa048d280bbef8e93edbc6afaad71fbb.png for free.
    If the content without infinity icon which you would like to play ,  you will need to pay for it.


    Currently, if you are a subscriber, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon code every month.
    This coupon could be used on your purchase.



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