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  1. Hi, I do not want to actually complain or something, but I rather question if it is just me or anyone else feels like it too. When using the desktop app or website, the Viveport shop really anoys me. It feels rather slow in response/loading times, I can't open games in a new tab or alike and always have to use the "back" button when browsing games, which will get me to the slow loading of my recent search page. I find it also bit anoying that filters are not / can not be saved. Software knows that I only have my Oculus registered with it, so could at least not remove my hmd filter. Also the sorting is anoying to me. For example "Rating" is completely useless, since a game with only 1 (ONE) 5 star rating would be next to one with 500 ratings. So a game could be a sad piece of garbage where only devs mother gave a lonely top rating. Sorry, but platforms like steam do this much better ~~ However, I love the VR version of the shop. The VR shot does instantly dshow video/ Screenshots of selected games with fast response time.
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