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  1. Extremity Extremity, who’s real name is Marion Pavelko, is a meta human with the ability to greatly amplify the greatest strength and greatest weakness of another human or meta human. As an example, she may amplify the strength of a person to be able to lift cars, but that person will also become prone to irrational bouts of rage. She might also amplify the charisma of a person to such heights they could convince people to do outlandish things, but at the same time become an impulsive, unreliable liar. The amplification process is activated in the other person by her concentration and touch and can be taken away by another touch. Extremity was born in a Paris ghetto to Ukrainian immigrants. Her powers manifested themselves in her pre-teen years and she struggled to understand and control them, driving a rift between her family and herself. She ran away from home as a teen, where a local grifter took her in and helped her understand her powers. She rose from small time criminal to a highly paid freelance mercenary, brought in by governments to amplify their agents for extreme assignments. (images coming soon!)
  2. Rats! Misread and thought the deadline was today. Will go ahead and send in my Tillt Brush superhero in a few minutes for the fun of it.
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