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    Mushroom man was born in Paris as Jacques Portabello ("Slippery Jack" to his friends).
    Whilst pregnant with him, Jacques' mother ate a strange mushroom which made her very sick, and corrupted Jacques' DNA!
    She was put off mushrooms so badly by this experience that they were never again served in the family home.
    Thus, Jacques' powers lay dormant until his 21st birthday when he ordered a pizza and forgot to say "Hold the mushrooms".
    After taking his first bite, his body transformed to reveal hidden special abilities!
    His skin took on the colour of a mushroom stalk, and he grew a red spotty crown.
    Wherever he goes, poisonous mushrooms instantly grow in his footsteps, and he's able to pluck these and hurl them at his foes. Thus, Mushroom Man gives any crooks he meets "spores" for thought.
    He abides by a strict "Morel" (sic) code, upholding justice whenever he sees vulnerable people in danger.
    However, when he's not busy fighting crime, his friends describe him as a fungi to be with.



    View the 3D model live on Google Poly


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