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  1. @Julien Merienne Thank you for sharing and providing a well-detailed report here. I apologize for the inconvenience these early issues have caused for you. Let me address them head on here in your order:

    1. We are working on a couple solutions to address the contents that are currently not supporting Cosmos Controllers. The first one is to be on the lookout for Cosmos controller updates by the content developers in their announcements. For example, SuperhotVR just released their Cosmos support today. The second one is you can check if there are any working custom bindings created by the Steam community to apply: Steam VR > Dashboard  > Devices > Controller Settings > "Content" > Community Binding

    2. Yes.  We will continue to push software updates soon to address the issues being reported. Your Vive console will notify you when the update is available. Right now, there is some available through the BETA mode. If you'd like to enable yours to BETA to test out these updates, here are the instructions: https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos/category_howto/joining-the-beta-program.html

    3. Let me personally get back to you on this to see if there are specific instructions to adjust your settings through the Vive Lens. In room setup, there is a second option where you don't trace your space - have you tried that?



  2. @ish311 - Thanks for sharing and we apologize for this issue you're experiencing. Let's send a report through your Vive Console so we can take a closer look. Could you follow the steps below and PM me your trace No. when completed?

    Here are the steps to submit a report:

    - Under the Settings of VIVE Console, go to “Troubleshooting” and click “REPORT” button. Fill in your email then submit a brief 1-3 sentence description of your issue. Please provide me your Trace No. at the end.






  3. Hey @Arrown,

    Thank you for the kind words and support! We apologize on some of the inconveniences you mentioned so let me try to address them here in your order:

    - You are correct. Environmental lighting does affect tracking, however, our team is continuously pushing software updates to your VIVE Console that'll improve tracking and other software experiences. In other words, tracking will only get better from here 😀. Your VIVE Console will notify you when there are updates. We have a public one coming soon so stay tuned. We do have updates available now in BETA mode if you want to test them. Instructions to turn BETA mode on can be found here:


    - Battery life does vary depending on the content you're playing. But just to clarify, are you stating that the battery life reported on VIVE Console is significantly misrepresented with the actual battery life? Could you try to continue playing with your controllers pass the low to no battery power notification?

    - Superhot VR just pushed out an update that supports Cosmos controllers so try it out now and let me know if it works. Currently, Fallout 4 VR only supports HTC VIVE and HTC Pro. You make a great point that it should work if it supports older controller. The problem, however, is that the controller inputs (buttons) are different from the HTC VIVE / Pro and Cosmos. Because it's different, you'll need the developers of the game to push an update that supports the new bindings. Currently most games have pushed out an update to support Cosmos controllers, but not all. We are working with those developers closely to address this. There are also custom bindings you can try that's created by the Steam Community as an alternative. To check it out: 

    SteamVR > Dashboard > Devices > Controller Settings > "Content" > Select custom binding.




  4. On 10/5/2019 at 4:09 AM, pataan said:

    Quoting myself.

    Now it connects the USB. I think that in the beginning I tried it in the USB3.0, but after updating the drivers I did not. Next morning I connected it to USB3.0 at it was working immediately.

    Other problems emerged though. I can`t get the room calibration done, too dark and not enough details or whatever the phrase is.

    Sometimes I can get the lens appearing and the lady in the headphones gives instructions to " point the origin ". I can`t do that there is no cursor or anything else to aim with. I have tried to press the buttons, but nothing happens. The wands have the lights on.

    How is this used in games ?

    Should I start first the game and then choose VR in the game or go to Lens and start gamed from there (I could see Assetto Corsa in the lens).

    This device is not shown in my NVIDIA drivers, should there be another device besides my monitor, I installed yesterday the latest drivers. Video card is Geforce 2080 Super ?


    @pataan - Thank you for sharing. Glad you were able to setup the Cosmos. Let me help address you on the other issues you're reporting:

    - Regarding room calibration, we do have a notification that pops up when HMD is in low environmental lighting. The message is intended to inform users to brighten their room to increase tracking accuracy to optimize your VR experience. Our team is working on pushing an update soon to calibrate lighting levels and the frequency of this message. We do have new updates for BETA users if you'd like to try it out first before it's publicly launched. Here's the instructions to turn it on:



    - Regarding the VIVE lens issue, are your controllers tracking in any other experiences? Can you see the models of your controllers when Lens is opened? 

    "Should I start first the game and then choose VR in the game or go to Lens and start gamed from there (I could see Assetto Corsa in the lens)."  You can launch the game on desktop or through Lens. Lens is accessible anytime during any VR application with the press of the VIVE button on your right controller. 





  5. Hey there @oxygen4004

    Thank you for sharing. You are correct and it is because the bindings for the new Cosmos controller have not been mapped for those games. Our team is working with the developers of these games to address this and provide updates.

    While this solution is not guaranteed (up to developers), the other option you can try is to use the custom bindings created by the Steam community (or even you). You can check if there any available:

    SteamVR> Dashboard> Devices> Controller Settings> No Man's Sky> Community Bindings

    We are currently working on a solution for the games that don't support Cosmos controllers. I will update you here when that is provided.

    Let me know if you have any follow up questions. Thanks again for your support and patience!



  6. @Dahvis - Thanks for your message. Yes, the message is intended as a recommendation to optimize your tracking. It isn't to say your tracking won't work. Our team will be pushing a public software update soon to address this notification. Currently there are updates on our BETA mode if you want to test. You can find the instructions here to enable BETA:



    Regarding No man's sky, Cosmos controllers are currently not supported by the developer. You can check to see if the Steam community has uploaded any custom bindings that manually mapped to the new controllers.

    SteamVR Dashboard> Devices > Controller Settings > No Man's Sky > Community Binding 


    We are working on a solution for this. I'll provide updates here when it is completed 🙂

    Let me know if you have any follow up questions. Thanks for your support and patience.


  7. Hey Zagagel, 

    Great question. In short, the VIVE Wireless Adapter has 3 connection modes to support 3 individual users (1 mode per user) in the same space without interference. Any overlapping modes with multiple users in the same space will cause interference.

    However, there are ways around this and it all depends on the physical space you have available to prevent the overlapping interference between users in the same mode.

    Here's a screenshot from our user guide of a small space supporting a maximum of 3 individual users:


    Now here's a screenshot from our user guide of a large space supporting multiple wireless unit users:


    You can access our digital Wireless User Guide here for more details: (Pages 24 - 26):


    Let us know if you have any additional questions!


  8. Hey Jesse,

    Thanks for your question! This depends on a case by case basis. We'll need more information on what type of VR business you're operating and more information about the events.

    I just sent you a private message to inquire more.



  9. Dear Cosmos Developers,

    As we all get ready for the upcoming VIVE Cosmos launch, we wanted to let you know that we have changed the controller input path in the Vive Console software beta 0.8.4 release version to align with the physical controller buttons.

    The major input path changes for SteamVR plugin 2.x binding include:

    1.     Renaming the input path for the right/left controller grip buttons

    • Left Controller Grip Button
      • Previous:
        • /input/paddle_heavy/click
      • Now:
        • /input/grip/click
        • /input/grip/touch
        • /input/grip/value
    • Right Controller Grip Button
      • Previous:
        • /input/paddle_heavy/click
      • Now:
        • /input/grip/click
        • /input/grip/touch
        • /input/grip/value

    2.     Renaming the input path for left controller x, y buttons

    • Left Controller X Button
      • Previous:
        • /input/a/click
      • Now:
        • /input/x/click
        • /input/x/touch
    • Left Controller Y Button
      • Previous:
        • /input/b/click
      • Now:
        • /input/y/click
        • /input/y/touch

    3.     Changing joystick_cap to joystick_touch and trigger_cap to trigger_touch

    Please update your content accordingly if you have used SteamVR plugin 2.x binding for VIVE Cosmos.

    For more details, you can download the VIVE Cosmos Get Started Guide Version 2.4 here. Contact us via the forum or https://developer.vive.com/us/contactus/ if you have any further questions.

    VIVE Team

  10. Eye-Tracking-Workshop.jpg

    Cory, from HTC VIVE, will conduct a free workshop on Eye Tracking development using HTC VIVE’s SRAnipal SDK. Topics will include eye tracking, foveated rendering, variable-rate shading, and using eye tracking for avatar animations. If you are interested in using eye tracking or foveated rendering in your VR content then come to learn, network, ask questions, and try a demo! This workshop is free and opened to the public. You will not need a SIGGRAPH badge to attend. 

    RSVP for your free ticket here

    This workshop is in partnership with LA Unity 3D Meetup, XRLA Meetup, and Two Bit Circus. There's going to be a strong & passionate community of XR developers attending, and it'll be a great opportunity to connect / network. 

    Location: Two Bit Circus – 634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, California
    Date: 7/30/2019, Tuesday
    Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

    Hope to see you there! Check back here on our developer blog for more workshop dates in the future. 

    - Global Developer Relations Team


  11. Yes, it would be an advantage to upgrade the OG to Pro. Depending on the size of your space, your pair of lighthouse 2.0s can track both Vive Pros without any issues.


    In addition, if you have another pair of lighthouse 2.0s, you can install that next to the other pair to increase the tracking range without any interference or curtains.

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