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  1. Hey @TomCgcmfc,

    You are quick on our update! Thank you for sharing. I'll report this back internally and see if we can reproduce on our end. We're glad it's working though, and completely understand the confusion this error code may cause. Three questions:

    • During Beta, did this error code ever pop up?
    • Have you already tried restarting your computer? If so, does this error code still pop up?
    • Could you submit an issue report through the console? Your logs will be collected and I'll attach it to our report. If you can give me your Trace No., that'll make it easier for me to find too.

    Thanks TomCgcmfc for being active and engaging with our forum community here! You've been super helpful for us all and we really appreciate you.


  2. Hi all,

    Our latest update is out now to improve your overall Cosmos experience! Open your VIVE Console, and you'll automatically see a "Software Update" button if you're not on this latest version. 

    VIVE Cosmos 1.0.5 – Release Notes 

    1.  Room setup performance improved for low light environments.

    2. Resolved a USB audio driver compatibility issue where audio would not play on certain system configurations.

    3. Updated multiple languages strings throughout the out of box setup, Vive Console, and Origin.

    - Support for multiple languages on “Learn more page” in controller pairing (Arabic, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Czech, Denmark, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish-US, Swedish)

    - Fixed Russian string overlap issues in Vive Console

    - Fixed Japanese missing character in Origin

    - Support Czech language in Origin


    Next Update (Late October Beta)

    We have seen the community feedback and are continuing to work to improve tracking overall.

    Our next update targeted for beta at the end of October will work to improve the following scenarios:



    1. Improved low light tracking, with better prediction during fast movements
    2. Reduced tracking jitter
    3. Compatibility for Vive Wireless Adapter



    1. Low light tracking stability – we will be continuously improving tracking accuracy in low light conditions
    2. High brightness tracking stability – we will be improving tracking accuracy in high brightness environment
    3. Overall improvement for prediction models when a controller exits the headset’s FOV
    4. Faster and more accurate positional recovery when returning into the headset’s FOV
    5. Improved near HMD tracking, which should improve archery mechanics in games
    6. Improved slow movement occlusion tracking prediction


    We will have more optimizations and improvements not mentioned here that we will detail closer to release.

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  3. @wandaweb,

    Ah love your determination and tenacity in resolving this! Thanks for finding and sharing your quick fix. We are aware that lighting conditions can affect tracking and will be pushing ongoing software updates to improve this. 

    Your case is the first I've seen so I'll submit this to our internal team to address and fix for future updates. If you have the time, could you help us submit an issue report through your VIVE Console? This will collect your logs and allow our engineering team to pinpoint the issue and prepare a fix for a future update.


    Thank you again!



  4. Hallo @Gargoyle

    Vielen Dank für das Teilen Ihres Problems. Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine Grammatik, da ich Google Translate verwende, um diese Nachricht für Sie zu schreiben.

    Mit dem neuen Cosmos gibt es noch ein paar Titel, die noch nicht kompatibel sind. Dies liegt hauptsächlich daran, dass das Studio keine Bindungen für die Cosmos-Controller erstellt hat. W arbeitet derzeit eng mit Entwicklern und Studios in verschiedenen Geschäften zusammen, um ihre Titel mit Steuerelementen für Cosmos zu aktualisieren. Leider habe ich keine Zeitleiste für jeden einzelnen Titel und wann er fertig sein wird.

    Es gibt eine Problemumgehung für das Abspielen von Titeln, die noch nicht kompatibel sind, und zwar über die SteamVR-Community-Bindungen. Hierbei handelt es sich um Controller-Bindungen, die von der öffentlichen Community und Personen wie Ihnen erstellt und im Store veröffentlicht wurden, damit Sie sie anwenden und ausprobieren können. Diese Funktion wurde entwickelt, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Spiele mit allen Arten von Headsets gespielt werden können, ohne sich auf das Studio / den Entwickler verlassen zu müssen. Um dies zu versuchen, sind hier die folgenden Schritte:

    1. SteamVR öffnen
    2. Klicken Sie auf die drei Linien in der oberen linken Ecke
    3. Klicken Sie auf Geräte
    4. Klicken Sie auf Controller Settings
    5. Klicken Sie auf "Controller" und stellen Sie "Cosmos" ein. (Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre VIVE Cosmos-Controller eingeschaltet sind.)
    6. Wählen Sie Ihren VR-Titel
    7. Wählen Sie eine der folgenden Community-Bindungen aus und wenden Sie sie an.
    8. Wenn Sie keine sehen, bedeutet dies, dass sie noch nicht erstellt wurde. Sie können versuchen, eine zu erstellen, wenn Sie möchten. Hier ist ein großartiger Artikel, wie es geht. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob es eine deutsche Übersetzung dafür gibt.

    Lass mich wissen, wie es geht!



  5. Hey @wandaweb,

    Thanks for sharing your issue and sorry you're experiencing this. Let me help you fix this.

    • Could you confirm with us what VIVE headset you're using? 
    • Did you recently add a mirror/reflective surface or change your lighting environment in your play area?
    • If you haven't yet, please also submit your issue through here: https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/

    Let me know the answers to the first two when you can.



  6. @colamiffy,

    Thanks for making the report and sorry for the issue you're experiencing. Let's help you fix this.

    Could you answer the following:

    1. Could you share us your computer/laptop specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, make/model)? 
    2. Could you try checking if you're connecting your DisplayPort directly into your graphics card DP port? 

      If you're using an Nvidia graphics card, you can check physx settings in the Nvidia control panel to show which ports are phsyically associated with the gpu. Then try to see if you can connect your DisplayPort cable to that port.



  7. Hi @xxparisite08,

    Thanks for reaching out. Let me help you solve this problem...

    This indication shown on your screenshot can happen when your headset is on standby. For example, if you left your headset on the table or outside of the boundaries you drew. As a result, your headset will stop tracking causing your controllers to follow. 

    Could you try moving your headset around and have it face the controllers as you're doing so? This should "wake" the headset and the VIVE Console should display that all three devices are tracking.

    Are you able to play a VR title successfully with all three devices tracking?

    Let me know,


  8. @pataan,

    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry again about the lighting issue. The good news is this can and will be improved with software updates. I'm confident we'll reach the point where it doesn't require as much for you to play in your environment.

    If you like and have the time, you can send us an issue report through your VIVE console about the amount of light needed. The issue report will collect your logs and be sent to our engineering team to help address and improve tracking & setup for the next updates. Basically, the more logs, the more information we can leverage to train our SW for better tracking in various environments.


  9. Hi @Kastle & @Tindelltech

    Thank you for the details! Apologies on this issue.

    1. Could you share us your computer/laptop specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, make/model)? 
    2. Please confirm on my earlier post if your mini DP port is directly connected to your GPU. (Only for @kastle) 
    3. Please submit an issue report through your VIVE Console and confirm when complete (with Trace No. if possible)

    Thank you for your patience. We are working to address this. 


  10. Hey @Ankkan,

    Thanks for sharing. I apologize for the issue you're currently experiencing. No, you shouldn't have to do a roomsetup every time. Should just be once. Let me help you fix this! 

    I've just converted your post to a support ticket so be sure to check your email you used for this forum. We can communicate a fix there. 

    Thanks for submitting your crash and error logs here. Super helpful. Could you also submit an issue report through Vive Console?

    Here are the instructions: 



  11. Hi @rolfdiet,

    You shouldn't need to worry about the steam tutorial. I have limited experience with that tutorial, but I think that one is meant to test your audio. If your Cosmos controller works with your content, you should be good! So long as your Vive Console dashboard and/or SteamVR dashboard shows the controller icon is on.

    Let me know though if you are having issues still.

    Thank you,

  12. Hi @rolfdiet,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Currently, there is no option to turn it off. You can try to see if there's a way to brighten your environment you're playing your VR in. This will also optimize your tracking. 

    Our team is working on a solution to handle this warning box and it'll be addressed in the next updates you'll receive.

    If you like and have the time, you can send us an issue report through your VIVE console about your tracking. The issue report will collect your logs and be sent to our engineering team to help address and improve tracking for the next updates. Here are the instructions to do this:


    Thanks for your patience.



  13. Hey rolfdiet, 

    Welcome to VR! Great question. The short answer is you can use either viveport or steam app, however, before launching either of those two - you should launch Vive Console. This will turn on your Cosmos and ensure everything is up and running with your computer.

    1. On computer, the first step is to turn on VIVE Console. Make sure your headset and controllers are on.

    2. Launch either Steam App or Viveport App.

    3. Click the VR title you want to play.

    4. Put on VR Headset

    Both of these are great platforms with a variety of different VR titles you can choose to play. Launch the platform based on what title you purchased it from. 



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  14. Hi JP,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and your kind words + patience! I do apologize for the issues you're experiencing with your controller tracking. The good news is that this is all software related that can and will be addressed in ongoing updates. Your feedback here is extremely helpful for us.

    If you like and have the time, you can send us an issue report through your VIVE console about your tracking. The issue report will collect your logs and be sent to our engineering team to help address and improve tracking in the next updates. Instructions are super easy and here's how to do it: 

    Again, thanks for the feedback and your understanding. Please don't hesitate to reach out for any other questions, feedback, or etc.


  15. @oxygen4004

    In french using Google Translate:

    Veuillez excuser les erreurs grammaticales ici, car j’ai utilisé Google Translate pour ce commentaire.

    Nous avons reçu plusieurs utilisateurs sur la fonction de recentrage. Cette demande a été soumise à notre équipe logicielle interne. Il faudra évaluer si nous pouvons soutenir. N'hésitez pas à faire un suivi pour une mise à jour de cette fonctionnalité. Je vous remercie.

    Thank you! 🙂

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  16. @Phr00t & @Jean-François Watier,

    Great and fair question! Unfortunately, I don't have a defined schedule from our SW team. What I do know is that within the past 2 weeks, we've done 4 updates. These updates will be ongoing and its purpose is to support, improve, and enhance your experience with the Cosmos. It'll only get better from here. Here's our official announcement via blog for more details: https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/10/07/vive-cosmos-continuing-update/

    @Jean-François Watier - I'm fairly confident we'll have another major update before the end of this month. Hopefully that update to our tracking will meet your expectations. If not, I completely understand. Thank you for your support and patience here. If there's any additional issues, feedback, or questions you have, please feel free to start a new topic and I'll assist you with it.


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