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  1. Oh ya headset works with no problems on wired , its only on wirless I get the problems, I also have 4 base stations set up in a 3.3mx2.8m room scale
  2. Hello , I have 2 pcs a Amd and Intel pc ( well link specs on bottom ) and a friend who has the same pc system set up at my intel system and we both get this problem. So the problem is , and this happens at random, the screen will go black , the headset loses sound it gos to my desktop speakers and after about 4 secs the sound comes back to the headset and the head is being tracked, how ever the screen stays black, I have to reset headset in the steam vr to get the screen to come back on in the headset. This happens on both systems and I have not played Vr in around 50 days and just updat
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