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  1. I want to thank you for telling me about Fermament, If you had not, I would not be one of the Backers and not receive it at release date. Again, Thank you
  2. Want to see a little bit of the game? I have a link here and let me point one thing out. When you start the video, It starts out saying streaming soon, Just ignore that, It starts in about 30 or 45 seconds into it. Wish this guy who recorded it had taken more time to just look around But this will give you a idea about it, Keep in mind that this is just a rough draft of the game. He starts out in the flat screen version but finished in the VR Version. Glad I am a backer of this project. Backers get it at release date, Hurray!!! Here is the link. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414013513
  3. For those that do not know, The creator of the Myst Series and Obduction have just succesfully funded their new project called Fermament. This is VR all the way but they are also making a flat pc version too but VR is their main goal. They also have promissed to making this Mac friendly as well. Do we have any Myst fans out there? I have played every one and it is truely a awsome adventure If you would like to read about it. Check out their Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1252280491/firmament/posts/2490335
  4. Back to the Dinosaurs is very cool, Also what Thomas suggested Avatar is cool but I would like to fight Terminator's too. After all, we need to save the VR Planet
  5. I also dont know how but I have an idea. Since Viveport games and Steam are connected, Perhaps finding them on Steam and joining them when you are in the VR World. You do have a friends list when you open Vive and pull up steam. It is somewheres in it. I know, I saw it. Maybe you can try that. If there is a way here, I dont know of it since I am a Newbee. I do have a different name in steam and your friend might too so you might want to keep that in mind when you contact your friend. Anyway, I wish you the best. Perhaps management might say something but it is a weekend, Dont think they monitor the forums much on weekends.
  6. It was fun to be there, Sad to say, Sam was killed by a Zombie, A memorial service is being set up for Sam LOL
  7. There is some really great sales on right now. How long will the Vive Day Special last? Anyone know? I have already picked up 4 or 5 programs from the sale. This is great. :robothappy::cathappy::smileyhappy:
  8. I did not know about Firmament until you posted about it and after watching a tiny bit about the game, It is a New Cyan World. This is a must have and I plan to get in on the Kickstarter, Just have to make up my mind on how much, LOL, Different rewards for different amounts. Thank you for the heads up on the Firmament game. For those who have not tried Obduction, It is an awsome game but be warned, it can be difficult with some of the puzzles and mysterys. Helps to take notes. Graphics are wild too. Thanks
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