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  1. When logged in, if I go to Subscriptions within my account options, there is only a link to manage it and my current monthly subscription details are indicated. I can only view, redeem a code or cancel in this area. If I select "Subscription" using the links on top left, I see a message that says Congratulations, all current subscribers will be updated on April 2nd. Selecting Learn More brings up a Start Free Trial page with a link to Save $4 when I join now but if I try to "Get Deal" it just keeps returning me to the "Congratulations, all current....." page. There doesn't seem to be a way to make a selection / purchase while I have an active account. This would be fine but the offer is only good to April 1 and the current accounts won't "upgrade" until April 2 and that will be at my current rate, not the discounted rate. Sorry, just noticed that if I use the "See More Subscription Plans" link, I see the current options of 5 games per month plans. Do you mean to select the annual plan for that at $79 Canadian and that will translate? Thanks, Andre
  2. Hi, can you share how to take advantage of this pricing? I have a current subscription but don't see any way to do so. I realize my current subscription will "upgrade" automatically but that will be at my current rate which is higher than this offer. Thanks.
  3. I noticed small print that says existing subscribers will be automatically upgraded to Infinity at their current price. I'm assuming that since the current price is $11.99 that we will also get the discount for the rest of 2019. We'll see in a week I guess.
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