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  1. I dont justvwant to rant, when i created this post I really was confused because I could keep my games that werr timed out. Top titles are easy to name, just google for top vr games 2018. So I think this here is solved and the drm system here is just not existant or badly programmed and I might get 5 free games each month.
  2. Why somewhere else? Bad return policy No subforums for games No beta possibilities No early access No mod options Lot of top titles missing Bad review system Bad rating system Bad social system No remap options Strange translations on the website Paypal does not always work Often titels are in chinese in the billing reciept Sales go wrong and not eaven the support knows whats going on And many more. If i want to know something about a game or have an issue i need to go the the other big plattform to get those information. So the only reason is the price. Some sales are just cheaper here. Otherwhise the big game plattform just offers so much better service and quality and more games. Just look at the top selling vr games... More than half of them are not avalible here. Viveport eaven gives away steamkeys for certain sales because they dont have the games themself. I dont want to talk the site bad, but thats just my expirience from the last 3-4 weeks tgat i have been here. I bought a lot of games here on sale but if they would have been at the same price, I would have bought them somewhere else. Especially because of the possibility to use beta versions.
  3. I think i understood it. As a subscriber you can rent 5 games each month and they expire at the end of it. Not all games are able to be rented. there are also some other benefits for subscribers, but thats a different story. For some reason, I can continue playing my games after that month and rent 5 new ones. Surely this is not intended by the developers and I dont know if the drm system is bad or not existing or not on all titles. Maybe I was just lucky. I will see it in a couple days if I can keep my 5 december titles.
  4. Ok, so I got my subscription and I can choose 5 titeles per month and "rent" them. I download them, install them and I can play them untill the end of the month. After that month, they dissapear in my library. Right? Next month I can choose 5 new titles (or the same ones I guess If I want to continue playing). Is this how It is supposed to work? Or can i play them as long as my subscription runs and I get 5 additional titles every month. (so for a 3 month sub, I would have 15 titles in my library in the last month)? And I loose all games once my sub runs out? Because I currently can continue playing games from last month, although they dissapeared in my library by going to the folder and starting the exe... Is this just very poorly programmed or intended?
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