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  1. HTC promotions and support are completely unsatisfactory and disappointing. I had heard in the past that this was the case and I hate to say I can confirm this. I purchased a Viveport subscription solely to receive the Fallout 4 VR steam key, and was excited to enjoy it while I had some time off. I bought the subscription the first day of the promotion. After reading online accounts of several people receiving their key I was convinced mine was soon to arrive. Still after the code was to be delivered 'by November 18th' according to the promotion, I have contacted Viveport support several times, with no results. I wish i had bought the key outright and enjoyed the experience while I had some time, but now I feel I have wasted that time and my money on promised merchandise that was not delivered. I suggest anyone who reads this beware of any of these subscription promotions and look elsewhere, as HTC seems to have a history for misleading customers.
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