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  1. Here's me 2 minute fix without opening your controller. Note this might not work for everyone but worked on mine. Ive had to open both controllers twice before to fix the right track pad to click. On the last time I stripped out the screws so I can no longer open up the wand. What I did was cut a thin piece of cardbox around 3/4"x1/4" and then slide one end underneath the LEFT side of the track pad (it should slide in between the track pad and case casing). Then push down the other side of the cardboard against the controller and tape it down. The friction will slightly push the track pad to the right aligning it so it can now click. You may have to try different cardboard thicknesses and positions, too thick and the pad will stick. Been working flawless now for months.

  2. When I click the link it doesnt say that. This it what it says.


    "$1 Subscriber Exclusive


    [uPDATE] Our Accounting+, Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards pre-sale deal is out of stock! Check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals.



    Black Friday Pre-sale starts now! Save $120+ when you buy all 5 games! Hurry, pre-sale ends Nov 20! "

    I can post a pic but i dont know how on this board.



  3. My situation is a little different. I'm pretty much running the minimum recommended specs and it works with almost all the games I've tried (even robo recall runs well). But I'm still get noticeable pixelation/choppiness on a couple of games.


    Arizona sunshine, the final level is where it's the pixels are the worst, but all the other levels and the dlc runs seems to run ok (not perfect but acceptable).

    Contagion VR: Less pixelated than the last level of arizona sunshine but the frame rate take a huge hit.

    The poisoner: I thought it wouldn't have a problem since the game is only like 10 min long but the opening black and white intro its pixelated and stutters pretty bad. Once the game starts it's not as bad but noticable. But still there is only one room in the game.


    Games that worked for me:

    Robo recall/robo revive (I was surprised!)



    Smash party


    Budget cuts demo

    Dead end 2

    Superhot vr


    Here are my specs.

    Windows 10 pro

    CPU: FX-8350 8 core@4.0 ghz

    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb

    RAM: Kingston pc1600 16gb

    If I upgrade the cpu will I be able to run the games I'm having trouble with?

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