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  1. Oh also before the you put up the out if stock update there were still no mention of while supplies last. I think maybe you added it later on.
  2. Heres the screenshot of what I'm seeing. Gotta fix these issues if you want the public's trust. Sorry I may still be bitter about the wireless adapter fiasco. https://imgur.com/a/sgu4fzs
  3. I'm sorry SuperNikoPower but when I click over to the sales page the "hurry while supplies last" is left out. If I can post the screenshot I can show you. And yes I now see it mentioned in the blog but I should see the info on the sales page.
  4. It only mentions limited time only not while supplies last when I view the ad.
  5. When I click the link it doesnt say that. This it what it says. "$1 Subscriber Exclusive [uPDATE] Our Accounting+, Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards pre-sale deal is out of stock! Check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals. Black Friday Pre-sale starts now! Save $120+ when you buy all 5 games! Hurry, pre-sale ends Nov 20! " I can post a pic but i dont know how on this board.
  6. Where does it say "while supplies last" in any of the ads?
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