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  1. So I contacted Valve about the Base Station 2.0 and this is what they told me. "Valve Support does not have any information regarding future hardware releases, and we have no further information to share at this time. HTC is the only group with 2.0 base stations available for purchase right now, so we suggest contacting them for more details on how to acquire them. Contacting their Enterprise support group may be a good idea, but otherwise we suggest purchasing 1.0 base stations for now since they will work with all currently released Vive equipment. Sorry we can't help further with this, but if you have any other questions, please let us know. " So............. Now they are telling me to go through HTC about the Base Station 2.0 lol
  2. I didn't see much of it aside from the end. Were the Base Station 2.0 announced as standalone yet? I need them so I can sell my old headset. Can't sell it without anything.........
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