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  1. Hi David, Thanks for your reply. I am currently playing The Broken Seal as one of my subscription slots. However it's a very old build from the end of last year it would be nice to play the lattest build before my time runs out. Best Regards Ricky
  2. So i have been using viveport for 2 months now. I have bought a fair few games aswell as downloaded a total of 10 on monthly subscription and have noticed that alot of these games and apps are really out of date. for example Knockout league came out of early access on 13/02/18 yet download it here and its some crappy old early access build. The broken seal on the page it even states latest update May 23rd 18 thats correct that was the lattest update but thats not the build you get when you download it you get 1.0 from back in 2017. This is no good at all i have wasted subscription slots and money on outdated builds. Why would i or any one else choose to use Viveport in this state? time to cancel my subscription and head back over to Steam i think. What a waste of money this has been.
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