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  1. @VibrantNebula or anyone else?

    The page in my first post hasn't been updated since the middle of January and there have been a number of updates to Viveport since then. The latest version on the page is and I am now on

    Can someone update the page more frequently please? I've no idea what is in the new releases...

  2. Hi   - I'll reply to your email with further details. Very Star VR appears in the 6DoF section of the ViveportM store - so I assumed it supported the 6DoF controller scheme (the welcome screen does appear to only support the 3DoF scheme). I've tried Kingdom of Blades and had some issues with this as well. I'll try it again.


    I've got some controllers on the old firmware that I can use in the meantime.

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  3. Hi , ,


    I've tested various games etc with the controllers on the old firmware, and have not managed to reproduce any of the issues I experiences with the new controller firmware. The 2 games that I previously experienced major glitching on are A10-VR and Very Star VR.


    Is there a way to downgrade the controller firmware back to the previous version?

  4. Hi, , ,


    I installed the June update on my Focus Plus yesterday and was really happy with the improved lens distortion. Shortly after this (after a reboot), my Focus Plus started updating the controller firmware - which took about 5 minutes. Initially I was very happy with the update, as it seemed to improve the stability of the controllers (they took less time to "settle down" after powering back on).

    However, after some heavy usage, I have discovered a major issue which is making them unusable. I am finding that both controllers are sometimes behaving erratically when under load (lots of movement etc) and they will:-


    1) Simply stop working - no response to any input (whether movement or button input). After a few of seconds they will start working again. Sometimes this is accompanied by the vibration motor spinning at full speed for a couple of seconds at the start of the issue.

    2) Start loosing ultrasonic sync - so the controller starts vibrating wildly (in the VR world), or moving to random places and sitting still. The buttons will still be working but it again takes a few seconds to get back in sync.


    I've got a couple of controllers on the old version, so I'll disable the controller update options in Developer settings, and try using those with the updated headset to see if it is a controller or headset firmware issue.




  5. Hi ,


    I downloaded the latest Focus Plus FOTA earlier today. The update definately improves the lens distortion effect - so that the wierd "movements" experienced before are now not noticable.


    However, one of the new side effects is that when viewing the extreme edges of the FoV, it is now quite blurry (very noticable when in the ViveportM launcher, and keeping your head angled straight ahead, but viewing the status bar right at the top with your eyes). I'm not sure whether this can be improved upon, or whether this is one of the trade-offs with mitigating the distortion.


    The 6 D0F controllers are much better with this version BTW - far more stable.

  6. Is he playing it in a dark room? It could be that it is loosing tracking from time to time, and eventually he ends up outside the boundary?


    Also, you could get him to check the 2 camaras are functioning by switching on the room view (double press the headset power button - after switching the option on in Settings).

  7. Doesn't sound like you've had a good experience from HTC. Have they asked for SteamVR & Vive Wireless logs?


    Have you tried:-

    *Forcing your PCI slots to gen3 in the BIOS?

    *Some people report that disabling hyperthreading can improve things.

    *You can also try boosting the priority of vrcompositor.exe to high in task manager (I've installed an alternative task manager tool that "remembers" the setting each time the process starts).


    I've been running the wireless adapter on my AMD system for months with no issues at all, and am really happy. The visuals are no different to a wired connection. It's definitely not a scam.


    But it is so much more CPU intensive than a wired connection, as the compression & transmission of the streams is handled in CPU (by the vrcompositor.exe process), so ensure nothing else is using CPU.

  8. Hi ,


    I've just got hold of the Focus Plus. It is a great device, and the 6DoF controller tracking is great and accurate 99.99% of the time. However, I am also experiencing lens distortion - in all games/apps and ViveportM launcher.


    I previously had the std Focus and experienced this issue on that headset as well. I think it is slightly better on the Focus Plus, but is noticable and does start to induce neusea after extended use. I've tried the headset without the face cushion and still experience the distortion effect, but to a lesser extent. I followed the OOBE, and have double-checked the IPD.


    I have never experienced this issue on the standard Vive or Vive Pro.

  9. Just recently bought the wireless adapter now that HTC reckon they have fixed the BSOD issues with AMD processors. No BSOD issues, but I was experiencing severe blocky and choppy performance all the time. After several hours of testing, I boosted the priority of the vrcompositor and vrserver processes and it improved things somewhat. However, disabling AMD hyperthreading seems to have cured the issue completely. I now only get occasional blips.

  10. Hi All,


    I don't think I've seen it mentioned, but the Vive app (at least on Android) has been updated to support the Vive Focus. It seems to work really well (now version 2.00.1038252).


    The notifications appear briefly over whatever is currently on the screen. I even took a hands-free call using the headset the other day.


    Well done HTC!! :-)

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