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  1. Havent been able to test that many VR games because they are so expensive. So far I`ve only played the games below. The best has been Arizona Sunshine .. Sportgames require too much space to be enjoyable, and HTC is not that sweat resistant. Nevermind Project Cars Arizona Sunshine LA Noire Superhot Arcane Saga KnockOut League Together VR Sairento VR SuperHot The Wizards
  2. You had a offer on 20-22.4 for the following "Buy 3 games and get 10$ credit and 1 months subscription to Viveport". It said that the codes would be sent after 22.4. I have not yet received mine. So far the experiences with Vive site hasn`t been that promising, and if I read the support forum and people experiences about Vive warranty and repairs, I would have never bought HTC Vive.
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