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  1. Hello everyone! I come to the community with absolutely zero VR knowledge save for what I’ve read in the last week, which has not been helpful. And, zero VR experience save for ~20 minutes of playing with a headset last week at the NAB show in Las Vegas. I am legally blind with 20/200 best corrected vision and a condition known as optic neuropathy. This essentially means there really isn’t much wrong with my eyes per se but the nerves between my eyes and brain are 95% defective. Also known as ‘low vision’. I’ve been in the IT field for over 30 years writing software, managing networks and overall, being tied to my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. I’ve gotten quite used to having to sit 6” from my screen in what I can only describe as somewhat of a back-breaking forward lean. After seeing all the new hardware at NAB I think VR might be something I can actually use now? Can I use a VR headset as a replacement for my monitor to interact (view/see) with my system? I’m perfectly fine to still use a keyboard and mouse/touchpad, there’s no problem there. But I want to use the headset to interact with my daily applications, desktop, web browser, email, terminal, vnc, remote desktop, Microsoft Office, Skype, etc. I am not a power user, as 95% of the work I do is in remote systems over the ether. I do not need an immense amount of graphics horsepower as none of my systems are what you’d call high end - I just don’t need it alight I guess lag/latency/responsiveness would be of interest. I would prefer to run a VR desktop on my Mac but will settle for Windows if Mac won’t work. My Mac is a 2012 Mac Mini with an i7, 16GB and Intel graphics (and I'll upgrade if needed). I have various Wintel boxes ranging from i3 to i7 with plenty of RAM and Intel or nVidia. If I can make this work, I’ll be happy to meet whatever system requirements are necessary. What are my options for VR hardware, software and what kind of system requirements will I need to make it function? And if this will work, what kind of functionality can I expect? I'm not looking for anything super fancy really, just the ability to see what I'm doing clearly... No, screen magnifiers aren't really an option :) Thanks in advance for any help! -brian
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