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    VR for Impact

     We’re thrilled to announce that, in support of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we are starting a $10 million program, VR for Impact, dedicated to showing how VR can lead to positive impact and change. We know that VR provides a tremendous opportunity to develop and share ideas in impactful ways that can lead to change, and through VR for Impact, we will fund and support content and technologies that create the most powerful experiences to transform our world. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect th
  2.  VIVEPORT Developer Awards: Inaugural Nominees Please help us celebrate the individuals and teams behind Pearl from Google Spotlight Stories, The Body VR, Soundstage and AltspaceVR. Give ‘em a round of applause! We can’t hear you… now that’s more like it.  Pearl is our first nominee in the Experience category. It is a touching story of father and daughter; of chasing dreams; of the power of love in the gifts we hand down… and finding grace in the unlikeliest of places. Learn more about Pearl from the team at Google Spotlight Stories in our Q&A Experience Pearl by download
  3. Mike

    VDA Q&A: Pearl

     You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award - how do you feel? We are thrilled that Pearl is touching people's hearts in VR and can't be more proud of our creative and technical teams. Where did the idea for Pearl come from? It is a story inspired by Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. A story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. How big was your team and how long did it take to develop Pearl? 25-35 artists and engineers for about 10 months. Tell us something about Pearl that we wouldn’t know from just experiencing it on Vive
  4.  ​You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award. How do you feel? We are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated! It’s cool to be recognized for creativity in such an embryonic field of technology, where there are no norms or restrictions, and everything is new and constantly changing. ​Where did the idea for The Body VR come from? We were brainstorming ideas for a VR jam and remembered the episode of The Magic Schoolbus, where Ms. Frizzle took the class on a trip inside Ralphie’s body. We thought it would be an incredible story to experience in VR. ​H
  5.  You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award. How do you feel? Excited and honored to be included among so many great VR applications! I've been blown away by the creative tools developed for the Vive so far and psyched to experience what comes next. Where did the idea for Soundstage come from? If you look at old rock concerts, you’ll see these HUGE synthesizers that the musicians connect together to make electronic sounds. These instruments are literally enveloping the player. SoundStage attempts to capture the feel of those epic music machines then take it to the
  6.  You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award. How do you feel? We are thrilled to be nominated for a Viveport Developer Award, and particularly to be the first nominee in the Connect category! Of all of the possibilities of VR, we are most excited about its potential as a new communications medium that lets people connect from wherever they are in the world and really feel like they are together. Where did the idea for AltspaceVR come from? When we were experimenting with an early demo in 2013 we realized how much we actually felt as if we were together, even
  7. We’re just as eager to see your experiences as you are, so we’d like to help. We’ve recently released three Unity plug-ins designed to speed up and enrich the Vive development process. They’re all free and downloadable from the Unity Asset Store: Vive Input Utility 1.4.7 Download: http://u3d.as/uF7 This plug-in is a sophisticated input wrapper that: Makes it easy to get button and event tracking data from Vive devices Takes advantage of the Unity Event System for laser pointers while adding a custom stabilization and damping effect Eliminates the need to write redundant code to manag
  8.  First Viveport Developer Awards Nominations Announced Today, we’re thrilled to announce the first four nominees for the Viveport Developer Awards (VDAs). The nominees are: Altspace VR, by Altspace VR Pearl, by Google Spotlight Stories Soundstage, by Hard Light Labs The Body VR, by The Body VR Congratulations to these developers for creating these fantastic titles, and raising the quality bar within VR applications. If you haven’t installed these great titles already on Viveport, check them out via the links above. We’re sure you’ll enjoy these amazing destinations as much as we h
  9.  Your journey begins at VIVEPORT™ Over the past few months, our teams in San Francisco, Seattle, Taipei, Beijing and London have been working closely with developers and content creators worldwide on a private beta of Viveport, the app store for virtual reality. Today, we are proud to announce the global launch of Viveport to the virtual reality community. Building on the fast growth and success of virtual reality gaming, Viveport features immersive experiences across additional categories where you can explore new worlds, create things, connect with friends and experience stories
  10. Hello everyone! With the launch of Viveport, the app store for virtual reality, we're also bringing our Vive community out of beta... and into the light. (Don't stare too hard.) You might notice a few changes. Perhaps the most important is that you'll now need to create an HTC account to login. (For more information, read this post.) Apart from that, our structure has also changed. For developers, we've created new, private forums for you. Here you can talk with other creators, as well as members of the Vive and Viveport teams, and give us feedback directly about publishing on Vi
  11. Hello all, Today we are making some big, important changes to this community. Strap in (your headset, that is). First of all, we are creating entirely new discussion forums. The current forums are about to be set to read-only, and we will be migrating important topics (threads) over to the new forums. Thank you all for your contributions to the existing forums - we hope to see all of you in our brand new forums! Second, as of today we are enabling HTC's single sign-on for logging in here. If you are a new member, you will create an HTC account and then use that to sign into the for
  12. You could always reach out to our customer service via: https://www.htcvive.com/us/support/contactus/
  13. Yes. Once you change your language for Vive software, your Vive VR language experience will also be changed. However, that doesn’t change your Vive VR content experience. Content language experience is decided by developer / publisher. Viveport doesn’t have the right to change that.
  14. Yes, you could launch Vive software and go to Settings. Tap on the drop-down menu to change the language for your Vive software.
  15. Vive software will make sure that you have the most up-to-date version. However, if you are experiencing VR at the time the update is available, it will not interrupt you and install the update. Instead, it will pop up a notification message asking you if you would like to get the update when you are done with VR experience. To always have the most up-to-date Vive software could prevent you from having the unexpected problem caused by the incompatible driver or Windows update.
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