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  1. Forgot the STEAM Link. More fair then VIVEPORT https://store.steampowered.com/app/739630/Phasmophobia/ Support these DEV's!
  2. Well Ill be darned, HTC Viveport & Infinity found a new way to get funds out of their subscriber's. So lets see some of us. Viveport came out and we had to purchase. Several years in fact by some. Then infinity comes out, pay the extra. Now a curve ball, if you are like most enthusiast's. You probably purchased a second head set, perhaps a game, or controllers. And receive a month here or there of free months of viveport. Great! I dont have to pay until DECEMBER 2021. A full year away!!!! (Since April 2018 BTW) Well. New content like PHASMOPHBIA, is ONL
  3. That sounds great, BUT what about those of us that have already invested in the yearly subscription? Myself have 2 or more years already paid for?
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