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  1. I have to say, I am super excited for the Vive Pro. I always wished I had just a tad bit more in clarity that so called "small bump" in improvement is actually perfect. At this point in time. Iron sights can actually be seen clearly. Texts and menus/health bars will also be clearer which is just what ive been needing/wanting. And its not too much for the current hardware! ( I own a 1080 GTX) I never got the new audio strap for Vive 1, so I welcome to new audio and complete comfort! (Vive pro users are raving about the comfort!) Even if the CV2 or the Vive 2 were released tomorrow, it would be a huge mess in hardware requirements. (unless they optimize eye tracking etc) Like I said, that small bump in resolution is just what I need for the current best VR experience at this point in time. Another way of justifying the purchase is, how it should retain most of its value, when it comes time to resale. Also, the entertainment for family and friends coming over is priceless, I LOVE showing VR to people who have never experienced it! By the time CV2 and Vive 2 come around,I am hoping my computer will already be upgraded by then, and can welcome them in with open arms :) Vive Pro is the perfect HMD at this point in time, sooner or later you will realize this if you care about VR at all. The Samsungs tracking is laughable and Pimax just has too many variables right now to even consider it as a major player imo.
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