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  1. Hi I bought last week the Vive and succesfully installed it. I really enjoyed the first apps I played, the tutorial is well done, also the guide for the installation of the whole system. However, for a product of this price range I would expect a complete guide and also an introduction to the world of applications (where is what etc.). Maybe this kind of documentation is somewhere around and I missed it. Here the questions I have A. Configuration 1. On the desktop the SteamVR Application is started, when the headset is in use. In this application several settings can be configured, however the german user guide I have is not only outdated, it also has sometimes other labels than the application. I checked the english online guide, but also here I did not find explanations about settings such as "Performance" (Heuristic active or not, async reprojection, inverleaved) and "Development" (Arcade Modus, Direct active/inactive, Supersampling, Enhanced Supersampling-Filter 2. In lower left part is some inforamtion about dashboard, chaperon etc. What does Compositor mean? 3. Settings. We find setttings here: - In Application on windows - Headset: Go to system, choose settigns on the bottom - Headset: Go to system, choose settings in upper right corner - SteamVR App Settings Four setting areas, sometimes with overlapping parameters, sometimes not. Is there a documentation and explanation? 4. Shop in the Headset - System area: What shop is this? Difference to Steam or Viveport or Vive? B. Applications As I understand SteamVR is in principle just an application which is started first. What is the difference between ViveportVR and Vive? Is Viveport just another presentation of Vive? What is the relation between Steam and ViveportVR and Vive? Thanks for any help, support, useful links!
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