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  1. Hi Se7enVR, sorry for the misunderstanding, the link just went live on Nowhere-VR.com. Enjoy it :)
  2. We are currently organising a wide-release for our 360 short film NOWHERE: http://nowhere-vr.com/update/ (temporary link) Any tips how we can submit stereographic 360 video content to the amazing VIVEPORT platform? We would love to have our film available for free on VIVEPORT. We've checked the website, submission guide and created a developer-account but it looks as if you can only submit an app or a game. Ours is just a stereoscopic 8K VR film with no interaction. Can this be submitted as well? For VIVEVIDEO, VIVEPORT is working with VIMEO for content. According to VIMEO, VIVE is selecting the video's available in VIVEVIDEO. Who can we contact about submission for curation? Last year we won multiple prizes on a couple of filmfestivals and on March 1 this year, we want to release our short film for free on some selected platforms. We believe Viveport would be a perfect channel for it. More practical details; Original Title: NOWHERE | A virtual reality experience Duration: 11 minutes Production Country: Netherlands Festival release: January, 2017 Genre: Psychological Thriller Video resolution: 4096x4096 Depth: Stereo Spatial audio: 4-channel 1st order ambisonics (ambiX) Format: Top Bottom, MP4 Our ideal publishing date: March 1, 2018 Synopsis: Nowhere is a virtual reality short fiction film that revolves around you. In this psychological thriller, you are a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. You find yourself confined to a psychiatric hospital, trapped in a recurring nightmare of guilt and consequence. The more often you watch Nowhere, the more intriguing it becomes… Enjoy your day. Nowhere Creators
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