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  1. I am presbyopic and was worried I wouldn't be able to focus in the Vive, but I found out it works very well. The only moments I have difficulties is when it is necessary to read small type and really I feel that experience-wise, this characters shouldn't be this small for anybody LOL (an exemple is reading the tablet in World of Diving). I don't think wearing my reading glasses would help at all anyway.

  2. I really like Google Earth VR, but I'm surprised by the strange low-res quality of the mappings as opposed to street-view.


    I wonder why my definition isn't as sharp as the photos on the Google Earth VR Photography page on Facebook ?


    I have enabled Human Scale so I can walk the streets.

    Is there a way to enhance the rendering when viewed from close up ? Often, the houses are all twisted.


    I tried to visit Moscow too, I wanted to see these bulbous colored marvels of orthodox churches but it was flat all over the town ? Will these places that are still flat be updated sometimes ?


    Anyway, thanks for this great VR app

  3. Are you using an antivirus program on your VIVE computer without problems (either when the firmwares need updating or when running games without lagging) ?


    Considering antivirus software may slow down the VIVE experiences, I'm currently considering setting up a firewall on another machine, white listing anything pertaining to VIVE or Steam. I'll let you know what we end up with :-)


    Thanks for your answer nevertheless, I hope more people share their feedback so I take a decision in the best direction.

  4. Here is my first test scene on TiltBrush. It was thrilling to create even though it doesn't look very coherent ;-) I tried lots of the tools, as you can see.


    If you have scenes that you would like to share here, I'd be very interested to look !

  5. Hi, I just love TiltBrush and would like to share tips and experiences with other users.


    I have a question : I have read on the Google Help for TiltBrush that it is possible to load a jpg or png image as a reference. They say to put the files in Documents/TiltBrush/Reference but I do not have such a folder there. Should I create one ?

    There is a Media Library folder in which there are two directories : Images and Models. Shouldn't I put the reference images in this folder ? They are supposed to be accessed via The Lab menu. Thanks if you did try this already.

  6. Thanks for this advice Kerminater :-) I'm considering doing that, except that I had quite a lot of trouble downloading TheBlu. It lasted something like 170 minutes with many "Internal server errors" necessitating that I keep an eye on the process in order to click on the yellow Resume button... Well, as long as it launches, I may keep it in its original folder/disk.

  7. Hello, my first Vive download (TheBlu) ended up on my C drive as the default disk was set to that. For the next downloads via Viveport on the desktop Vive app, I changed the download directory in Settings to a bigger disk.

    So TheBlu is on C while the other contents are on D. I still see all the games in the Content tab of my Vive Library and I can launch them, but I worry that this may result in errors or crashes.

    Last time I launched TheBlu, the game was playable but there was a message about game crash on the desktop.

    I guess it is not possible to cut/paste my TheBlu directory to the new Download location on my larger disk ?

    thanks for your info

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