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  1. Also clinically tested a lot on myself! 😄 and tested by HTC immersive labs
  2. Dearest Cybernauts, Enea here 🙂 I've been working superhard to create a version of #FORWARD for Vive Focus it starts from the Last Immersion of the #30daysinVR 2018 and brings you through a full-body XR Training Experience, in a laser graphic style, controller-free! gameplay is simple: you avoid red stuff... and you catch other stuff 😄 one of these things, are HOVERBOARDS. Get one and get ready to leap forward in time and space. like, FAST. Style is a fusion of early 80s and 90s graphics. tuned for maximum performance and see=through XR mode! and.... there is also.... a story to unlock!!!! HOW TO FIND OUT MORE This game is designed to stretch the limits of the platform, and of human senses. If you are a Cybernaut and you are ready to go beyond all limits, find out more on https://fwdvr.webflow.io/ and on #FWDVR group: https://www.facebook.com/FWDVR fwdvrminipromo.mp4
  3. https://www.viveport.com/mobileapps/caabe7c9-15d8-4205-a79f-4c8c93134e36?fbclid=IwAR0_EdVgN9PVmIgXdkIW0D_m8z_TPScGkPSCBaIezJIgVm6iEuywj4jJbWQ After months of #clinical trials, Mind Machine XR #OUTNOW on #Viveport! The ultimate #cybermeditation ToolKit! Main reported use - "excellent tool to calibrate your brain BEFORE using #BCI (brain computer interaction) devices." #app turning your #VR headset Into a powerful clinic-grade Photic Stimulation and Binaural Entrainment #meditation accelerator. *with see-trough cybervision. It comes with programs to - #Focus - #Energy - #Relaxation - Pre and Post VR #Immersion (developed during #30daysinVR) and with a special #mindfulness mode to help you explore your breathing patterns and get deeper in your #mind.... Can people become #iinstantyogi? #unlock your mind with Mind Machine! developed by #enealefons and #skarredghost on BEAT Reality #XR Engine
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