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  1. Found Order ID:[removed customer information] in Order history. I couldnt find no code in my email for Vive Subscription. Got for Fallout 4 VR, Doom VR and Google Tilt Brush but not for Vive Subscription. Only a link where to subscribe.
  2. Hi, i have billing ID on Paypal: [customer informatio removed] I redeemed in on 15 of Jan-2018 and cancelled the same day cause it showed only 14 days instead of at least a month.
  3. Hello, I have bought my HTC Vive during Black Friday offer and in that offer, one-month free viveport subscription was one of the selling points. At least it was for me. When I started my subscription few days ago, I've got only 14 days trial. Also, I've done start my trial by clicking on a link where one-month subscription was advertised, so I kinda expected 2-month free subscription in total. Got only 14 days. I feel cheated and that puts me off paying for a subscripion going forward. How do I solve this? Any advice would be appreciated
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