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  1. HI again, Am just about to redeem my code for the bundle now, and i see that you have 2 options. The option am going to choose is the Fallout 4, TiltBrush and Viveport subscription. My question is, what happens with the Viveport subscription, as i havent even started a free trial yet for that, and it would seem i will lose a free month if i claim this bundle now ?
  2. Hi, I only just purchased my Vive yesterday on the 1st October. I still have not claimed the game bundle with the code that was in the box with the Vive. When i do claim my bundle, will it now contain the code for Fallout 4, as well as the other 3 games that were in the bundle ?
  3. I bought my Vive yesterday on the 1st October, but i havent claimed my game bundle yet with the code that was in the box. Will i receive the Fallout 4 along with the other games now then if i claim my bundle now ?
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