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  1. Hi, So i got my vive last week and set it up but never used it outside one game i have which has VR cutscenes (they are epic!), i plan to wait until i have some time (this weekend) to mount my bases. Anyway, i have just activated my Viveport, got a few titles which look cool from the recomendations but i have seen some (from googling) which look like they could be fun and really want to try them, problem is, viveport app seems really unresponsive, every title i click takes ages to fully load the screen shots and video, and more over, i cannot find anyway to search for the title i want! I want to save my final 2 games for games i think look cool which don't appear on the top recommendations and i feel this is becoming very troublesome to do so, whilst it is my free trial of viveport, for only 7.99 or whatever it is i wouldn't mind keeping my subscription but i want to be able to look for games myself, how do i go about doing this? Thanks for any tips or help.
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