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  1. I was testing rec room for some minutes untill it froze and then the computer showed the blue window screen that something was wrong and the computer restarted itself and then I got a steam cloud sync conflict, your local steam VR files conflict with the ones stored in the steam cloud.
  2. I tried to contact the ISP by phone, e-mail and by going there personaly but they could not help ! They even closed the case ! The ISP is ziggo - upc ! There is something very wrong over here ! apple and microsoft warned me about that matter in the past,.
  3. As I told you before when I tried to login to my viveport my gmail was not recognized by your system. Lots of time my viveport stays blank. I have experienced the same problem when I tried to login some time ago with my square enix account, my bethesda account and my gtaV acoount. I also got warnings that my gmail, hotmail, apple, myspace, facebook amd other personal accounts are being redirected and some of my accounts have redirect loops. And now I also encounter trouble with game crashes and some time htc vive compositor errors. It is like somebody is tempering with the internet in Eindhoven, the netherlands. I also see that all the internet goes through Gelderland but I live in Eindhoven.
  4. I have a subscription with viveport and I checked the reviews and see a abnormality in the reviews, is this normal ? Is there a posibility that a hacker is misleading me with a fake or redirected viveport Checkaccount ? I also tried to login in viveport but my e-mail was not recognized untill a few hours later,. I also encounterd some other login problems,.
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