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  1. Also computer specs if that matters. I-7 7700K GTX 1080 32GB of RAM 2x SSDs in one virtual disk 4x HDD in two virtual disks
  2. I removed all Vive files with the add and remove menu. Rebooted. Reinstalled all Vive files at vive.com/setup. Rebooted. Still same result. If i launch Everest VR or Richie's Plank Experience it brings me immediately to a white room. Then nothing happens. It doesn't try to launch anything I don't see any loading. Just a white room.
  3. Just a list of things I have tried. Rebooting Updating firmware for all devices Updating video drivers Re installing steam vr Re installing vive application and re downloading games Letting the game try to load for 30+ mins
  4. So I followed all the instructions set everything up. And played a couple games on steam VR. I only had minor issues with this like sometimes steam be home would freeze and not load, or if I press the system button it will open the menu and automatically select steam VR and close the menu instead of letting me look at it ( can post a recording of this if needed). The biggest problem though is if I try to play ANY games on the vive application I just get stuck in a white room with nothing happening. Not sure why this is the case because I'm pretty sure I have everything setup correctly since steam games work perfect. Any suggestions are appreciated. I really want to try some vive games.
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