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  1. Annual Infinity member here. Same issue, both in VivePort & using a web browser. Cannot claim the free offer, download nor play. This scenario also happened during the launch of the Saints & Sinners promo, but was later fixed. Would like to claim this before it expires, thanks.
  2. wrote: - I've flagged an account manager about these "pending" transactions and will relay any feedback they may have. Thanks. It's been a few days now, and the 3 pending transactions are still in my history, even after already making successful purchases of the 2 games. Can someone please clean these up and delete them? Thanks
  3. How do we delete pending game orders from our transaction history? I thought they would have eventually timed out, but they still show as pending. Due to a glitch on the website when PayPal wasn't available for purchasing, it tried to charge a non-existant credit card on my account. I was later able to successfully purchase the 2 games once they re-enabled PayPal as a payment option. There are still 3 pending transactions.
  4. Agreed! The image below is what I see when I view both the website & the Viveport app, there's no mention of "While Supplies Last" anywhere in that image. All that's stated is that it's a "Limited Time Offer", which would mean that the deals are available for the duration of the sale (time period, NOT quantities). Reading lines like "We hope you all enjoy the excellent titles you’ve picked up" when the marketing team can't even fill the demand is laughable. It even comes off as a bit cocky, mocking those who may have made the effort to check out the sale, only to not be able to buy what was advertised. There are still a couple of days left during what was still just a very short sale, so it's not too late for them to do the right thing and perhaps do a refresh on the offers. Or not...but it's just another nail in the coffin for HTC's already questionable customer service reputation.
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