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  1. Got 3 games in total only 1 VR though Life is Strange before the storm What Remains of Edith Finch Job Simulator
  2. wrote: The Graphics cards are high because of Miners and i cant see that changing anytime soon. tbh the mining phase it virtually over, and it was only resellers who had inflated prices, if you had options to buy from distrubuters directly the costs were the same as always. Here is a screen shot I just took of a 1080ti direct from distributer, as you see decent price, not affected by miners at all.
  3. Make the headsets a lot LOT lighter. YThe vive for example isn't particular heavy but it is still too heavy. If you have games where you have to learn forward and look down it falls off you head.
  4. Emily wants to play Fallout VR Rick and Morty VR I love horror and room escape VR games, I need more of them in my life.
  5. I wouldn't say it has changed my life as much what it has changed though is that more friends want to come round and have VR nights :D. I bring the pc downstairs and shift the dining table out the way and it gives me a huge space to place with. Playing games like Emily wants to play when people are giddy and maybe have had a beer or 10 is really fun. Gone are the days all sat around the TV playing bomberman (this does still happen), not its all about laughing at people cowering in the corner screaming :P
  6. Oh just noticed it says "play again" which is an idication you have had it before on a subscription.
  7. Maybe a better option would be to ammend the section where you download a game so that it tell you which subscription perioud if any you last accessed that title. So we get rid of expired and if you browse the library again and click add to subscription button shows you that you have used it before. Some titles (well 90% of them) are absolute dribble tech demos and id hate to waste another month on titles have already wasted a month on.
  8. Another nice feature would be to queue items into a subscription, maybe give them a priority so on each renewal date they auto enable. At the moment I am looking through titles but my sub cycle doesn't start again until Friday so I need to remember which titles I liked the look of and log in on Friday to add them.
  9. Just watch the film in IMAX 3D, omg is was bloody brillient, been a while since I have enjoyed a film that much. If you get a chance to watch it in imax 3d, I highly recommend!!
  10. A heads up that the excellent film Ready Player One is due out this week. If you don't know Ready Player One is about a not so distant future where the escapism from the poor decaying earth is into a world known as the Oasis, a virtual world projected in VR. I won't give any more details as I don't want to give any spoilers. If you are a child of the 80s, or just a scfi lover this film should be right up your street. Also I am looking forward to seeing what HTCs involvement was. "Last year a press release was sent out indicating that the HTC Vive would be the exclusive home for Ready Player One VR content. The press release is vague on details but they do state that "activations," "content" and "experiences" will be available for the Vive throughout 2018. Now, there is some really cool news attached to this announcement: the HTC Vivewill be the VR home for watching Ready Player One theatrically and through the home video release. They state that the content will be distributed through the Viveport portal, a digital distribution website containing exclusive apps made for the HTC Vive."
  11. 1. Would love to see demo implimented for all titles. Nothing worse than adding a game to your subscription entitlement only to find out it is a buggy pile of tosh that you are then stuck with for 30 days. I would force all publishers who want to provide content on the viveport platform to provide a demo as a prerequisite or you provide maybe a 5 minute play time to try a game, and maybe limit that to so many a week so its not abused 2. If you reinstall windows and viveport you are foreced to redownload games even iuf the game exists already in the exact same download directory. Would be great if like steam you could just run the viveport exe and it readds any registry entries and just works. 3. Sort by most popular, I presume this is purely based on downloads and not review scores. Would be good to have some sort of running blogs of games listed by scores and quick summaries of user reviews then quick and easy options to add to subscription (or buy where applicable). 4. When cyling through available titles, if you press next it should take you to the top of the page, instead you are still at the bottom and need to scroll up 5. It would be good if on the top menu bar "Viveport, Subscription, Library" it highlight how many available monthly slots you have available.
  12. Any chance of a discount code for people who haven't only just bougt their vive. I got my Vive about July time and I am still in the salty period as it cost me £200 more then everyone else :)
  13. I got this book free in a lootcrate (yonks ago) and loved it. it made me very excited when I decided to read up on it further and found an imdb page. At the time there was little info and not even a full cast mentioned. I followed this though over the year and not only that found out they were filming a lot of it not too far from me which was even better when getting an early glipse of the sets and actors in action. I can't wait for the movie next year, just hoping Spielberg has done it justice and it pairs well with the images you get from reading the book. Anyways if you aint read the book, but love syfi and vr, check out the trailer on imdb and add it to your 2018 watchlist! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1677720/?ref_=nv_sr_1 on a side note, was a bit disapointed to be greated with an Occulus advert when playing the trailer on imdb...
  14. Is there a way to remove expired games from the library. I haveunistalled them but now I have greyed out icons that simply say expired. Can't I remove them. In one case I have a game shown twice, a purchased version and an expired version.
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