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  1. , I'll check to see if we can get an official comment on this - since CES is ongoing I may not hear back about this for some time. The technology is Tobii's eyetracking technology - Tobii systems tend to work with most types of single vision glasses. The determining factor with Tobii tracking tends to be the base reflectivity of your lenses which can be heavily influenced by your coatings.
  2. Hello Vive Community, Steam keys for the December GORN promotion were added to the Viveport MyRedeem page today (1/7/19). If you made an eligible Viveport subscription purchase during the promotional period and do not see a key, please email us at customerservice@viveport.com to launch a support ticket. Happy Slaying!
  3. , This press conference did not have a section on 2.0 basestations - they are a Valve technology and Valve controls their distribution as well as their manufacturing. Any updates about 2.0 stations will come from Valve and when we're able to share Vive specific news on it, we'll certainly spread that news around the VR community.
  4. Hello everyone, GORN keys for this specific promotion were injected into the myredeem pages today, 1/7/19. If you are unable to access your code, please email customerservice@viveport.com to generate a support ticket. Please include in your message the email address associated with the account in question. Cheers,
  5. ^ From the FAQ above: How will I get the GORN Steam code? On 1/7/2019, we will add your GORN Steam code to your Viveport redeem page. We will email your email address on file to let you know the code has been added. Login to Viveport and check the redeem page atwww.viveport.com/myredeem on or after 1/7/2019.
  6. , It sounds like you're talking about SteamVR collectibles - you earn them like achievements. Some of the ones you're talking about are from the Lab such as the Balloon gun. This is the introduction article to collectables feature. Here is a user made guide on how to unlock some of them. As you can see in that guide, some of them are pretty darn hidden.
  7. , What's your game engine? It's the exact same thing as creating a LAN experience except that you have to ensure that all of the PC's share the same exact same SteamVR chaperone configuration file to allow for true co-presence. You'd need to have all 3 PCs connected to each other via a LAN. If you're using Photon, you'd just set up one of the PCs to be a photon server and have the others connect to that host.
  8. - I've flagged an account manager about these "pending" transactions and will relay any feedback they may have.
  9. , I am shooting you an email. I want to take this opportunity to point out that we still have dozens of other games for upto 95% off right now. To see a full list of all Black Friday sales titles, please visit: Viveport Black Friday Discounts
  10. , We have pre-negotiated a number of software licenses that fall under this promotion the with the developers/publishers of each title - hence this is a "while supplies last" (as opposed to a time-dependent) type of promotion as there are only a limited number of software licenses available at the promotional price point.
  11. Heads up, just wanted to share that Arizona Sunshine is nearly sold out. If you're on the fence about this title, be aware that it will be gone soon.
  12. Hello Vive Community, For a limited time, we're currently hosting a holiday flash sale! While supplies last, Viveport subscribers can purchase 5 popular titles for only $1 each. I've posted a short FAQ below, and you're more than welcome to use this thread to provide any feedback or alert us of any technical issues you may encounter. Cheers! FAQ: Q: Do I need to be a Viveport subscriber to take advantage of this promotion? A: Yes - in order to get promotional pricing, you'll need to be an active subscriber. You can take advantage of this on all forms of active subscription (prepaid, monthly, and bundle/promotional Q: Do I get to keep the games even if I stop subscribing to Viveport?Yes, the games are yours to keep - these are fully ! Q: Are Oculus Rift users able to take advantage of this offer?A: Yes, this promotion covers both Oculus and Vive compatible titles. Q: Can I install these games via the Steam client?A: No, this promotion covers Viveport hosted builds. You will need to have the Viveport client installed in order to download and access these titles.
  13. , Yes, you are certainly eligible for this promo. You just have to purchase a 3,6,or 12 month prepaid bundle during the period (ending today) and it will "stack" on top of your existing remaining Viveport subscription. , that care agent unfortunately gave you incorrect info - those with current Viveport subscriptions are certainly eligible for this promo. This is not a new subscriber only promotion - it is open to everybody. We currently have a number of complex promotions underway which is likely the root of the confusion and I will work closer with marketing team to ensure that better bulletins are provided to our live care teams.
  14. , you just have to purchase a 3,6, or 12 month pre-paid subscription the promo period.
  15. , No - it appears at this time that Google has not added .XML support (the format that most Earth/Maps data lives in) to Google Earth VR. I think their goal is core usability and layers would make the UX far more difficult given current UI/UX. Hopefully this will be added in time - you can probably provide your feedback to their team on one of their social feeds https://vr.google.com/earth/
  16. , we were unable to reproduce an error. Can you please provide a URL of the page your having issues with and/or screenshots of what you're encountering and the specific error messages you're seeing?
  17. Hello Vive Community, For a limited time (12:00 AM PT on November 6, 2018 until 11:59 PT on November 14, 2018) you can receive a Steam key for Fallout 4 if you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month pre-paid Viveport Subscription plan.You can find full details of the offer on promotion's official page here. Please note that the codes will be sent out via email on November 18th. Feel free to use this thread if you have any questions or would like to flag the Viveport customer care team on an issue you're encountering. Cheers!
  18. Also, be sure to check your spam folder or any other filtered inboxes you may have.
  19. , Vietnam is a supported Viveport region. Developers on Viveport have complete control over which regions and countries their content is distributed in so you'll see some variation on which titles will be accessible in your specific region.
  20. Mine was when the floor tiles ripped away from you in "The Lab: Robot Repair" - it was really effective at making me feel like I was in a massive dynamic environment.
  21. As someone who has background in photogrammetry, I'm more curious about "when" I'd want to go rather than "where". I think doing photogrammetric time lapses and capturing very specific moments such as celestial alignments with ancient ruins would be really neat. Photogrammetry is basically rudementary time travel when viewed in-HMD. It would be so neat to watch a site change through the course of a decade.
  22. , We've republished the most recent Knockout League build provided to us in order to re-push the update to all owners of that content. In doing so, we noticed that the store page had an incorrect build number listed and we corrected it to the one provided to us. If you know of any other titles that don't have version parity, please feel free to call them out and we'll investigate.
  23. , As a self submission service, developers must push their updates to Viveport in the same fashion that they push to other platforms such as Steam. We will reach out to the developer of Knockout League and ask what the situation is in the specific case you mentioned as it seems specifically weird. If you have any other examples, please share them so we can follow up with those specific developers.
  24. , with the new Viveport arcade pricing model, the developer/publisher sets the monthly pricing for their content, not HTC. We're happy to forward this feedback to Vertigo Games but can't alter the pricing ourselves.
  25. , we are currently working with Verigo Games on this.
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