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  1. @Hoody Nynja Checked in with that team and they're indeed requesting that you use the report issue feature (which also generates a proper support ticket) Please do so here:
  2. @Hoody Nynja - I wasn't able to reproduce the OBS blockage on two PC's using a variety of games. I'll pass this along to another team in a different office to see if their able to reproduce - OBS works perfectly normally for me on both Steam and Viveport builds. @Hoody Nynja - Last week we launched a WiFi streaming for Viveport -> Vive Focus Plus. It shouldn't pop up unless it detects a Vive Focus Plus on the same network. Can you please describe your setup in greater detail and use the Report Issue feature in Viveport -> Settings -> Report Issue. That will upload a log to us for inspection. We'd need more details to try and take a stab and what's happening here
  3. @Hoody Nynja Happy to pass this request along to the Viveport PC client product team. That said, I think the color schema is intentionally white to differentiate from Steam/Oculus for both branding and legal reasons.
  4. @Hieveryone, You cannot use Infinity for commercial applications - it violates not only Viveport's terms of service but it also violates the licensing agreement with the developer/publisher and they can potentially take action against you. Infinity is strictly a consumer licensing model. We actually operate an arcade platform called Viveport Arcade that's specifically for your type of use case. I've generated a support ticket with the email address associated with your forum account to connect you with the arcade team who can answer any questions you may have. Cheers!
  5. @ceabbott2 - Viveport's support is not handled by our live chat - that's mainly for hardware support. As Viveport supports numerous headsets it's handled by an internal team that's completely separate from our live chat team. We're still working on separating out the customer service flows but it takes a while to implement these changes due to how complex these systems get in practice. You can directly reach Viveport's support team via customerservice@viveport.com or via https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. I've generated a ticket via the email address associated with your forum account's email address.
  6. @Goodjt, If I had to guess - the on/off may have led to a voltage or current spike to the basestation which have have damaged an internal part. Nikopower set up a support ticket but you can also try collecting the serial number from the back of the station and directly contacting hardware support via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us which may be faster as it directly connects to a hardware team. Tell them you have a base station with a blinking red light and need a repair RMA.
  7. @El homebre - I've started a Viveport support ticket with the email address associated with your account.
  8. @bobotron - I've migrated your forum post into Viveport's ticketing system so an agent can assist you. If you go into the Viveport PC Client, click on your profile icon, and then navigate to the redeem page, you may be able to access that specific offer under the "My Gift Codes" section. Incomplete redemption processes can sometimes be accessed via that section.
  9. @Willits - This is a standard verification procedure used by the majority of subscription/reoccurring services as well as trial-based offers. It has a three-fold primary purpose: Firstly it helps prevent fraud/misuse of promotional offers (i.e. multiple resumptions) by tying it to a payment method which serves as an authentication method. Secondly, it ensures a seamless transition from a trial subscription to a paid membership without any disruption of service. Lastly, it serves a legal purpose in the back-end and as a unique identifier for authentication and account management. Virtually every single free trial requires this step (i.e. Netflix, Audible, Hulu, Canva, Spotify, Play Music, Adobe CC, LinkedIn Premium, ect...). Viveport would actually be deviating from the norm by not requiring it - I actually can't think of a monthly service where you don't have to input payment details to redeem a free trial. If you're not okay with converting it to a full membership, you just have to go into the console and cancel the membership before the trial is up - you'll still have access until your trial period ends.
  10. @vrlabstation1 - I'm migrating your question into a ticket to connect with our arcade team for further support. BTW, If you're trying to launch consumer Viveport (paid or Infinity) via a third party arcade launcher like Springboard in an arcade/commercial-use setting, you'd actually be violating our platform EULA/TOS as well as the licensing agreement of each of the individual applications you're launching. Commercial use requires a commercial use license and isn't covered under a standard consumer use license - this is true of all platforms (Steam has the Steam Site Licensing Program for instance). Viveport Arcade would be the proper licensing platform and launcher in a arcade/commercial-use setting in regards to Viveport apps.
  11. @Schweppes - As I said in your other posts, I've converted your forum post into a ticket and have also sent some internal email surrounding the bug you're encountering. The support ticket will be the primary way for our techs to communicate with you. Our offices in Taipei (where the relevant teams sit) were unexpectedly closed on Friday/Saturday due to Typhoon Lekima - those teams should be coming back online shortly.
  12. @PieterPW - I've generated a support ticket with the email address associated by your account so I can have a technical specialist weigh in on what's happening here. Based off your report, I can imagine it being potentially related to fire walls - ensure Windows Defender firewall is whitelisting the client - here is a current list of our port configs and firewall wildcards.
  13. @Havrefluff - I've generated a support ticket with the email address associated with this account so we can get this fixed, please be on the lookout for that email thread. In the future, you can email customerservice@viveport.com directly for assistance with the Viveport platform.
  14. - I agree, as HMD's differentiate, there may be cases where the UX is more closely linked to hardware which makes user-reviews even trickier. I'll touch base with the Viveport product team to see what their thoughts on how we're planning for the future as we're starting to see some of that divergence with recent releases.
  15. , I've forwarded your feedback to the Viveport product team - that does seem like a UX choke point, thanks you voicing your feedback in our community!
  16. Are you referring to the desktop client or the web view? You shouldn't be able to see Focus content on the desktop client. We've added dozens of parameters and filters in the last year; I can certainly see how not having persistence poses a UX problem. I sit next to the product leads for Viveport and am more than happy to raise this feedback to them on Monday :) It may already be on their radar/roadmap but I will certainly make an inquiry regardless.
  17. , As it says above, "After you create your superhero, you can take a screen shot, make a gif, or even make a YouTube video and upload it here in this thread.". If the post above is your submission, you've successfully entered the contest. I dig that you went full comic book for your scene.
  18. - That's HBO's call, not ours. Our content teams are certainly lobbying to secure additional territories but ultimately it's HBO's decision as to which countries they'll allow the experience to be distributed in. As the platform, we basically enact the distribution settings that HBO has opted for in our developer console; we had no role in deciding the current availability. Beyond the Wall is currently available in English in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the U.K., and Canada as of this post.
  19. Any modern animated film such as a Pixar film would be super cool. Based on how they're created, it's possible to bring most of these assets into VR and render them real-time. Pixar showed this off with Finding Dory a few years back.
  20. , They originally coded an implementation in the backend but hadn't implemented a front-end UI because at that point, both the back end and the front end architecture was rolling over to the Infinity architecture. In any case, we hope to fully deploy this feature to Infinity within 1 or 2 client update releases which translates into this feature being fully released somewhere around the end of April/Start of May.
  21. , 's advice is super solid. Talk to someone actively using the setup within VRchat - they'll certainly be the subject matter experts in this case. Online communities like VRChat move so quickly that the community knows what's up far better than we ever could. They'll be able to talk at length about how awesome full body can be but how difficult it can also be to setup/manage.
  22. , 's advice is super solid. Talk to someone actively using the setup within VRchat - they'll certainly be the subject matter experts in this case. Online communities like VRChat move so quickly that the community knows what's up far better than we ever could.
  23. I'm most excited for the public to get a chance to experience the awesome catalog of content that's currently in limited release or is only accessible at special events. A couple examples of this in the next few months are MicrodoseVR and Eleven Eleven. I hope that 2019 will see releases of previously embargoed content so the public can see what's shown at events like SXSW and Sundance.
  24. , VR Chat is ideal for Vive because Vive is a room-scale virtual reality system meaning that you can walk around a 5m diagonal room. With Vive, you can use Vive Trackers to add virtual tracking to both of your feet as well as your waist allowing full movement from your lower body to be rendered in VR.
  25. , I would recommend doing some googling for games that support "snap turning". Games that support that locomotion mechanism will generally work well with single station setups. There exists a way to get WMR HMD's to snap turn in any game via SteamVR - I'm not sure if that trick works with Vuve as well. There was talk of using OpenVR Advanced settings to accomplish this by binding a macro to a button press - I think the recent SteamVR updates have broken this ability though. Any seated experiences will work well such as Moss. Many PSVR and Oculus seated titles will be optimized for 180. Depending on your play space, you can actually get pretty good 360 coverage with a single basestation if you mount it directly overhead pointed downward. I've done many single station installs using this technique - it's not as robust but it works under the right cirumstances.
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