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  1. @itemforty As said above - we do support Odyssey and have actually partnered in the past with Samsung on some cross-marketing. The key is that you need to use SteamVR for Windows Mixed Reality and that you need to have your headset fully booted and launched into a blank SteamVR compositor before launching the game.
  2. @samps984508 Which email contact are you emailing? I've converted your forum post into a ticket and have asked a manager to escalate your case.
  3. @Virtual Gamesterz - Viveport primarily hosts SteamVR enabled builds so it's similar to launching any Steam build via SteamVR mode. Since Pimax headsets are SteamVR headsets - any title that's listed to work for Vive/Vive Pro/Index ought to work with your Pimax. Your main issue will be controller mapping - if you're using Vive wands, anything that's listed as compatible with Vive ought to work but it will be more complex with knuckles and lesser known controller types. That said, Pimax has a really really small market share so we don't directly QA against those HMDs nor do we offer an option in our developer console for developers to specifically state that they've developed their content to specifically be optimized for Pimax.
  4. Starting at 3pm PST today, April 27th 2020, Viveport will be temporarily down due to routine maintenance. Our services will be temporarily unavailable for a few hours while we update our system. Thank you for your patience. If there are any late-breaking news about this update cycle - our teams will share them via Twitter.
  5. @Ditchmagnet - It a game by game basis - each developer chooses how to implement a save system into their game on the PC side and with VR content - there's alot of variety because there are a higher proportion of indie studios. Most commonly, it's located in one of the folders next to the game executable. In Viveport, the games are stored in a folder that's named after the Viveport content ID. For instance Creed would be in a folder called 75b2b271-f432-4c2c-9090-7fb1f60f0d88 because that's the URL on it's store page and within the backend. Sometimes games store saves in windows AppData folder. Othertimes they create folders within Documents. Superhot for instance does it's own thing and creates files called "super.hot" and places them in an obscure hidden folder. You see a little bit of everything on PC-VR.
  6. @MSPaintRose - you enable/disable the Vive Dashboard overlay via SteamVR -> Settings -> Startup/Shutdown -> Choose Overlay Apps. You can monitor and double check that SteamVR sees it via SteamVR -> Developer -> Overlay Viewer.
  7. @skullivan Looking into this for you. I don't believe that specific promotion is active - that was quite some time ago. We do however have a major promotion going on related to the shelter in place: https://uploadvr.com/viveport-infinity-play-at-home-sale/
  8. I may be able to put in some QA time and have most of the HMDs at home - I've mentioned this to your Viveport account manager. I'd recommend x-posting to our main forums at https://forum.viveport.com as you'll get more eyes there.
  9. @dflorin77 , Is it a specific video or channel that's giving you problems? I wasn't able to reproduce on most of the videos - they were what I expected for a streamed 4K video. Bear in mind that 4K is actually not that high of a resolution when spread out over 360x360 but it's about the point at which it starts being watchable. Nothing can play back 8K 360 videos right now in real-time, the current hardware barrier is a 5.7K. That said, most of the videos on Viveport video should definitely be watchable. Also bear in mind that streamed content is always going to be a drop in quality from downloaded content.
  10. @fd3typer2 - For Vive Pro, the bundle code is located on the bottom righthand corner of the giant blue getting started sheet that's the first thing you see when you open the box. I've highlighted the location below.
  11. @User_23546 I've converted your post into a Viveport ticket and have flagged a member of our content operations team to your request. The standard procedure is to email store@viveport.com which is our general contact address for developers and publishers on the Viveport platform.
  12. @PTL This on that team's fix list but it's currently behind some higher priority fixes.
  13. @PTL I'm not really following some of your report but I just loaded up Viveport VR and I personally agree that the pointer angle for Cosmos is a little unnatural and I've written an internal memo to the Viveport VR product team.
  14. @dflorin77 I was able to reproduce - thanks for the alert. I'll alert the team that the current build appears bad.
  15. @dflorin77 Which HMD/controller type are you using? Are you specifically referring to the ViveportVR storefront? Sounds like it but I wanted to confirm
  16. @NMVarmit, We definitely support WMR. Are you trying to launch the games via SteamVR? In most cases, developers target WMR support via Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. Very few games overall have been developed for WMR natively - only a handful of games actually run natively on WMR regardless of storefront and for the most part, content is driven to those headsets via the WMR for SteamVR plugin. WMR adoption is so low, most developers can't recoup the costs of natively integrating support for WMR's SDKs and so they instead piggyback off their SteamVR integration. Not all games on Viveport have been listed/approved as supporting WMR - each store page for a given title will list the types of HMD's the developers are advertising the build to be compatible with. We then QA and test for compatibility across each HMD type a developer selects as supporting. You can also use the filters in the client to specifically look for ones that are QA'ed across WMR.
  17. VibrantNebula

    Bande passante

    I've forwarded your feedback to the Viveport product team - we're still a relativity young platform.
  18. @joachim.spehl @USMCG Dacnar - This is the Viveport forum - please x-post to the Vive -> Vive Cosmos forums as we don't provide hardware support on this forum.
  19. @Tim @WallJack03 - You should be able to access the code via www.vive.com/code - sending you a PM of whom else you can contact if that flow isn't working for you.
  20. @bug2k If you're running the apps via Oculus' SDK, you use Oculus' reset seated position option. If you're running through SteamVR you can reset the position via the SteamVR desktop menu or via the new SteamVR dashboard UI element I've highlighted in the screen shot below.
  21. @firephoenix Are you still having issues with Viveport video? We were unable to reproduce but we've uploaded a new build in the last few since since your post. If you're still having this issue - please post a screenshot so I can share it back to the video team. Off the top of my head - the thing I suspect the most is Windows firewall. Your firewall may be blocking internet traffic to the application - that's something we've seen before.
  22. Hello @Hippo - What HMD are you using? I tried testing this across a few workstations today and couldn't reproduce your issue no matter what I did, the language selection worked as expected. Have you tried fully uninstalling the application and re-downloading it? That's probably the most practical suggestion I'd have at this point in time without additional info. I'll ask others to try and reproduce as well but it so far looks like it may be isolated based off my testing.
  23. @Beta_Tester We've asked the team who generates those release notes to post more frequently - Dec and Jan are usually weird months since we observe both Xmas and Lunar New Years and Coronavirus is making everything extra weird this year. I think they've only done 1 release since the 1.3.13 release so the notes aren't that far behind and to my knowledge is just a maintenance release. Sometimes also they just consolidate minor releases into a single set of release notes.
  24. @gms @Handolmer - The patch for this has been pushed out live - you may need to update your Viveport VR app.
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