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  1. @Elite_Turtle0 Unfortunately, to my knowledge the Half Life Alyx bundle offer ended on ~7th, September 2020 in most global regions.
  2. Thanks for posting your solution. For future reference, all of the SteamVR devices including Knuckles/Vive wands operate at ~2.45Ghz Bluetooth. The MX Master 3 is also Bluetooth so what you saw is likely "co-channel interference". Aside from Bluetooth - the other potential source of Co-channel interference is 2.4Ghz Wifi. Using a USB extension solution like the ones that ship with the trackers help prevents co-channel interference. @Immersive Matthew Since you're using so many trackers - I'd highly recommend ensuring that you're using 5.0Ghz Wifi in your space and that you're limiting the number of devices broadcasting 2.4Ghz WiFi in your space as possible. If you start having interference issues - disabling 2.4Ghz SSIDs is recommended as a troubleshooting step.
  3. @PapaDredd - I've converted your post into an email support ticket so an agent can look into your specific situation.
  4. Hello @MaxineGarrett, we only support virtual reality on these forum platforms. You can try posting a https://www.htc.com/us/support/ but you're using a modified application rather than the signed official store app so I'm not sure our support would even be able to help you TBH. Your issue is likely related to the application itself rather than anything we can influence. Blurry images are overall a common issue on the Whatsapp app itself - it might just be a Whatsapp thing.
  5. Depends on how the app if coded. You'd need to have LAN support implemented. If you didn't develop the app - you're at the will of your app's developers and whatever netcode they implemented. Alot of apps are coded to use remote servers and don't have LAN implemented. @MatthewAiden If building the project yourself, Unet has LAN capabilities in Unity: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UNetManagerHUDLanMode.html It doesn't seem like photon has strong LAN support. UE4's build in networking supports LAN as well.
  6. @Nightshade We're going to whitelist the into the radius devs after their next successful build
  7. @Nightshade - We operate on a whitelist system. Once a developer publishes a few builds with us and demonstrates they can safely push builds that support the hardware platforms a developer claims they support without issue - they gain the ability to publish builds immediately. Basically training wheels for newly on boarded devs while they learn out platform. It prevent customers from downloading content that doesn't work. We have to navigate between having a heavy QA hand and having a store full of broken bloatware and this is the balance we're currently at. I'll raise this response internally
  8. @wicked.wil - I created a support ticket - you should see it in your email. Please reply to that email with additional information about your specific situation so an agent can help assist you.
  9. Hello @Nightshade, Viveport is essentially a self-submission platform - all of the platforms are really. The developer has to generate the store-specific build and then push it to the platform. We can bump the developer and ask them to maintain build parity but ultimately the dev actually has to generate and publish the build. We host what they publish. Most VR devteams are small and maintaining various store builds often comes down to manpower and resources. We'll reach out to the titles you mentioned and ask for refreshed builds.
  10. Ifixit now hosts Vive replacement parts for us: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Parts/HTC-Vive/Power_Supplies @clemenza
  11. Collaborate as a Team on Viveport Developer Console You can now invite and manage users to collaborate and publish engaging titles. The Viveport Developer Console serves as the entry point for developers to showcase their VR experiences. As the Viveport platform grows, we continue to provide developers with enhanced tools and features to make creating and managing titles easier. This week, we're introducing role-based permissions: a new feature for developers to create an Organization, dd new users, and manage permissions within the Viveport Developer Console. a This new user management feature makes collaborating seamless with your team members. You can invite additional users and manage their permissions to access, edit, and publish titles within your Organization. Within each Organization, there are six pre-defined roles available for assignment: 1. Account Owner 2. Admin 3. Release Manager 4. Finance Manager 5. Marketing Manager 6. Customer Service Rep. Each role provides access to a predefined set of features across titles, reports, and settings within the organization. Getting Started: To access this feature, first create an Organization profile section while logged into your developer console. Alternatively, you can join a preexisting Organization through an email invitation sent by an Account Owner or Admin. Add and Manage Users: As an Account Owner or Admin within an Organization, you can grant access to as many people as needed. Simply invite the user you would like to add on the User Profiles and Permissions page. Once a user is added, you can specify the type of access and information each user is able to interact with, if any. You, along with other Admins, can reassign user roles and even remove users from your Organization. For more details, please visit our How-To Guide and FAQs. Grow your titles with your Team on Viveport Developer Console!
  12. @StudioMagicFox, Viveport is required to access Viveport content - it is a hard requirement and there is no workaround as it (like Steam) is a client-based platform/service. It's a fairly young client/backend which is still seeing active development. While the client isn't perfect, we've seen in the backend that alot of situations where people blame their pref issues on Viveport have underlying or parallel issues. Viveport had some technical issues at launch and alot of people reference those early builds rather than the current client. There are a number of reasons that so called "game launchers" exist... It's better to think of them as PC clients because they're actually doing a ton of things. "Game launchers" automate and tie together alot of manual processes into automated processes. Clients enable a more seemless update process when a developer publishes an updated build. It alerts the user of a new update and then handles the downloading and installation of that updated build usually with a single click. Without clients - updates would be a nightmare on the end-user side. Imagine monitoring dozens of games for updates manually via a browser? Clients handle things like DRM, and other platform SDK-depdendent functionalities (DLC). DLC would be a nightmare without clients for example. Browsers do not support the downloading of large files. Until 2019, most had 2-4gb download limits. This is starting to change but their support for large files is still very wonky and most don't have very strong pause/resume functionality. Clients monitor the integrity of the installation files and can repair corrupt files without needing to re-download the entire package. Clients create a single installation flow rather than each individual application needing to integrate an installation wizard and having to deal with things like Windows UAC, regitry edits, security certificates, ect... VR and PC gaming overall would be kicked back into the 1990's user-flows if every app needed to construct it's own installation wizard. Installers are a specific type of expertise. Browsers can only support limited download speeds. When you download from Viveport - you may be receiving data from numerous servers in different regions all at the same time. I've gotten 100+mbps speeds from Viveport. This is impossible with current browsers. There are a whole host of secondary reasons why clients exist and why you can't do everything via a browser but this conveys the gist... In terms of the processes - you can prevent the client from staying in the background/tray within the Viveport settings. That said, one of the Vive processes in the background is an event monitor which listens for the button on the headset to be pressed which when pressed launches SteamVR. If you kill/remove that process, that button losses that functionality.
  13. @italics112 - I've started a support ticket with the email address associated with your account. They'll be able to resolve whatever is happening here.
  14. @DAnEq - I can't reproduce that unfortunately. Works fine for me (aside from the image composition itself being weird). There aren't a ton of free VR viewers. Whirlygig has a free version you could try and there's virtual desktop. In any case, if you're viewing it in Virtual desktop and the scaling/proportions are weird - that's because the image composition is flawed per my previous comments.
  15. @DAnEq SteamVR has a built in media player that can always be a helpful sanity check. Go to SteamVR -> Media player. Drag and drop your file and then chose 360 mono. For me the image is rendering correctly from a technical standpoint but the image composition itself is flawed. The prospective of the camera is only 1M or so off of the ground and is really close to the counter. When doing these types of shots - the camera needs to be at a standard eye-level for your target audience (~1.3-.1.9m; sex and ethnicity play into this) not too close to any object in the environment because closer objects occupy up more angular resolution. The camera is basically set up from the prospective of a child at that height hence why everything looks bigger (at least to an adult). The camera generally should be at least 1m away from objects to prevent this type of scale distortion.
  16. @Nortz Digital bundle codes are time sensitive and can adjust to the current bundle offering which happens to be 6 months. Black Friday was over 215 days ago - that's a really long time to wait to redeem the offer and while the bundle code is still valid, it's simply redeeming for the current bundle offering. I've started a support ticket with the email address associated with your account. Viveport's care team can make a determination on what could possibly be done in this situation.
  17. @grillausmc - the Viveport code is the hardware bundle code. Redeem it via www.vive.com/code
  18. Hey all - sorry for not follow up on this. This is a known issue that was never fixed/updated since we planned on depreciating the currently VR client completely in favor of a new client built from the ground up. Everything is now a moving target due to COVID but as it pertains to the current public client - you're not supposed to be able to teleport and walk around the platform and being able to access the teleport caster is a bug.
  19. @itsTimeLordXD You can message vive_care@vive.com for assistance with your Alyx code. Just tell them that you can't access your Alyx code and provide them with your vive.com order number or your retailer's proof of purchase and they'll be able to correct the situation. You can also try using the bundle code lookup tool here.
  20. @twotonsosalt - Yes - redeem that at www.vive.com/code and select Alxy during the redemption flow. Hardware bundles change with time so it's better to print a general code physically and then update the bundle digitally.
  21. @twotonsosalt - The code is on the cardboard insert that's the first thing you see when you open the box.
  22. @floraa - We don't have a cloud-save SDK. For the most part, all save files are on your local disks.
  23. @dazzle1 - I've sent you a PM with info on who to contact
  24. @Crybabycry - I've generated a support ticket with the email address associated with your forum account.
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