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  1. @JoshaGibby Thanks! I'm sending this to a manager to investigate. How did you get to the sign up page? From Vive.com? From the Vive/viveport installer? Launching the Viveport client after it was installed? Just trying to figure out how to try and reproduce it.
  2. Hello @inditronic - We're currently talking with Tribe and they're planning on updating the Viveport build soon. Alot of game developers are small and indie teams and they have to sometimes concentrate their resources where it makes the most sense. We'll be working with developers alot closer over the coming months to try and encourage platform parity.
  3. @nora The trackers update frequency is partially dependent on the base stations and not so much the tracker. If you're using 1.0 basestations, the pair operate at 120hz interleaved. If you're using 2.0 base stations the frequency that's data's getting to the tracker becomes a little more complex. The IMU on the tracker provides updates at a much higher rate than the basestations and there's a sensor fusion mechanism that ultimately produces the user-experience. That said, there is also going to be a limit based on how the tracker is integrated into your project. If for instance, if you in
  4. @JoshaGibby - Can you please link to the FB thread? Which way did you try to sign up for an HTC account? Within the PC client? On a website? I can definitely chase up on this and see if it's a more widespread thing.
  5. Your account is generally tied to the country of the IP address that it was created under. If you encounter this issue - the only way to fix it is to generate a support ticket here. https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?v_to_v&
  6. @Hartnell If a game has been marked as Oculus compatible, then it's been personally tested and confirmed to work with Rift/Rift S or Linked Quest. Some have native support through the Oculus runtime, and many others use SteamVR. Most titles have undergone multiple QA titles that means the problem is likely something specific to your local setup and non-offical things like Virtual Desktop increase complexity. I'd recommend first trying with Link and seeing the problem happens there. If it does, go into SteamVR and check your controller mapping and see what controller you have selected as your "
  7. @Hartnell What controller model do they show when you're in a blank SteamVR compositor environment (e.g. Steam home). This might be a SteamVR mapping problem. Outside of SteamVR, since Virtual Desktop itself is a mod, it doesn't work out of the box perfectly and alot of developers have had to go in and specifically publish updates to address problems people were having on Virtual Desktop. You can find more discussion about specific game support on other communities. Because of stuff like this, it's always best to troubleshoot with wired first to try and eliminate virtual desktop itse
  8. @Alberto Foster Netflix definitely requires credit card confirmation. I actually signed up for a Netflix free trial last week because there was a movie I wanted to check out and it definitely made me put in credit card info and it charged my card a $0.01 temporary charge to confirm it was valid.
  9. This feature is commonly called content "Hot Swapping" in PC gaming. Viveport unfortunately does not support hot swapping right now. You can try to fake out the repair system by manipulating "library" path temporarily but otherwise it's not a current feature.
  10. @dlgonzo - It's live today apparently https://www.viveport.com/0b1cf65b-8d1d-4d4e-be9d-9f4b74050d1b
  11. @Syberchick70 That inversion thing is actually a specific known bug between Virtual Desktop and Saints and Sinners. It affects the Steam build too. Virtual Desktop doesn't work perfectly with all games - it's a mod at best and it's not like it's a natively supported solution. The behavior would actually probably be different if using a Link Cable if the problem actually is Virtual Desktop. If you haven't tried link - that's possibly the best current solution. There are a bunch of scattered threads on it. Hard to find via search because people are using different terms but it seems like a
  12. @Syberchick70 - so your controls are "inverted" - you press up on the left thumbstick but walk backwards? Are you using Virtual Desktop? The only other reference to this issue I can find is when people are using Virtual Desktop or ALVR. I see a few threads about people on the G2 but that's using SteamVR so different issue. Is SteamVR open when you're playing?
  13. @Syberchick70 - What is your specific problem? I may be able to provide guidance. The most common complaint people have with it is that the sprint command is mapped weirdly. S&S is specifically running on Viveport through Oculus' runtime and not SteamVR. If it were piped through SteamVR, you'd have some options (e.g. Input Emulator) but Oculus has their systems on lockdown and doesn't support remapping within their native compositor. The way S&S is coded, always makes it launch through Oculus, I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to launch in SteamVR.
  14. Developers are the most important pillar of the Viveport Ecosystem, so we’re helping you kickstart 2021 with an extra special boost. Throughout 2021, Viveport developers will receive more payouts. From January 1st to December 31st we are increasing net revenue share from 70/30 to 80/20 (developers receive 80%, Viveport receives 20%). That’s right! Developers will receive 80% revenue share for all titles that are opted-in to any of the following Viveport Programs: – Viveport Store: one-time purchase – Viveport Arcade Program
  15. @censrd - I generated a support ticket for you. As long as your default download folder matches the root of your Viveport library folder, the repair option should work. Steam titles are imported due to a file that the Steam client generates; the Viveport client just reads that file. As long as Steam is installed wherever the Viveport client thinks the Steam folder is (during Viveport setup), it should eventually see that file.
  16. @bandwfrog The country selection is often geo-located for legal reasons (content availability is region specific). My best guess is that you might be encountering issues due to where you IP address is resolving to geographically. It might be an ISP thing or it might be a VPN/proxy at play. You could theoretically have malware that's redirecting your internet thru a proxy without you knowing.
  17. Hello @Phillip_Kunze_ , I've forwarded your note to our social team. In general, we're unfortunately not currently accepting new streaming partners at this time but it helps to be on their radar.
  18. @Lordken Subscription prices are a little more expensive in Europe. I will double check the rates are correct but I believe its due to VAT and other taxes imposed in the EU.
  19. @bandwfrog - That can only be changed by our customer support team on the backend. To ensure you're contacting the right support team at Vive - I generated a ticket based off of your post.
  20. @LoadEnt - One of Viveport's primary activities behind the scenes creates deals and partnerships with developers to onboard "premium" and popular paid content onto Viveport. This often involves establishing paid partnerships to developers in order to achieve specific goals. In the case of Phasmaphobia - the developer was not interested in entering a standard Viveport Infinity deal and we could only reach a deal around specific promotions and potential user-groups, specifically our Holiday 2020 promotion under a specific set of terms. Our ability to partner with devs is going to vary from studi
  21. @DeathSkull542 - Hmm - I was using Index controllers when I tested I believe I and only had to use trigger but it happens so quickly I'm not 100% sure if I'm using a full hand grab in the video I posted. In any case, I'm glad you were able to get it to work before the conclusion of the Doculab virtual festival. Stay well,
  22. @DeathSkull542 - I tried to reproduce this a number of ways but couldn't. Every time, after a short intro - the poloroids fly away leaving a single poloroid that you pick up to trigger the next scene. If you're having a black screen - you may need to download and install the "HVEC For Device Manufacterers" plugin from the Windows Store App - it's free (just click "Get" a few times, you usually don't actually have to log in). Windows 10 depreciated native HVEC support which can sometimes create problems in apps with 360 parts NaPele 2020-12-02 16-08-50_Trim.mp4
  23. @TomCgcmfc - We're sticking with dark mode as the brand colors moving forward for the website, VR client, and PC client. @floraolivia12 - Are you talking about the Vive Focus version of the store?
  24. @ntblood Taking screenshots: Pre the system button and trigger at the same time. Viewing/Finding the Screenshots (via GUI): Go to Steam Client -> View -> Screenshots Use the dropdown menu to find your game of choice and the screenshot in question. Hit "Open on Disk" to reveal the stereoscopic screenshot on your disk. The 3D version will be side|side and will have _VR tagged on at the end of name of the file Viewing the files in 3D: The easiest solution is to use SteamVR's build in media viewer: Open SteamVR -> Media Player D
  25. Hello @Syberchick70, In broad terms, there are two types of ways that content lands into Infinity. The first is when a developer opts into Infinity on their own. The second is when they enter into Infinity as part of a distribution agreement/partnership with Viveport. Viveport has a standard platform agreement which at a high level provides for a 60 day sunset when a piece of content begins the process of opting out of Infinity. There are this and a few other backend measures which limit the impact of content cycling out on the end-user. I haven't really seen any complaints about th
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