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  1. @Jaxx1974 The content store for Focus 3 is the "Vive Business Appstore" https://business.vive.com/appstore It has a handful of games on there, but the device is mostly targeting enterprise developers and customers and so there isn't a consumer-style gaming lineup of content.
  2. @Naglerock - It's kind of case by case. Within the developer console, there is an option called "Seats" in which the developer determines how many computers can access a given piece of content at the same time from the same account. In many cases, devs input 1 - which means that if you try to open the content on a second PC you'll get a DRM error. On some apps though - the developer has opted to give 2+ seats per account. Unfortunately - there's no way to see what value the developer has imputed as a customer - you'd have to check and guess. That said, there aren't a tonnnnn of multiplayer games on Viveport as a limitation of how developers code multiplayer for their Steam/Oculus builds.
  3. @Laughingboy - To run Vive Pro 2, you'll need SteamVR as well as an app called "Vive Console". Pro 2 is forced to integrate a bunch of hardware specific optimizations technologies to hit the 5K resolution. If you already have a SteamVR setup, all you do is run the Vive installer, and then all of your content will work. If you already have Vive console installed, you'll just need to update it to whatever is current. You don't need to uninstall any of your content. Your content is completely separate. If you just
  4. @tamiil I started a support ticket with the email address associated with your account. If you keep having problems - try to resolve them with an agent via that chat. I might recommend just rebooting your PC if you haven't already in case in case it's some sort of cache issue. There's also a "refresh library" button on the library tab that might help.
  5. We encountered some networking problems in some regions today. All problems should be fixed now. If you're still having problems after this post - please submit a ticket here so we can further investigate: https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?v_to_v& @leonil999 @tamiil @coproblems @dbaise
  6. @JoshaGibby Thanks! I'm sending this to a manager to investigate. How did you get to the sign up page? From Vive.com? From the Vive/viveport installer? Launching the Viveport client after it was installed? Just trying to figure out how to try and reproduce it.
  7. Hello @inditronic - We're currently talking with Tribe and they're planning on updating the Viveport build soon. Alot of game developers are small and indie teams and they have to sometimes concentrate their resources where it makes the most sense. We'll be working with developers alot closer over the coming months to try and encourage platform parity.
  8. @nora The trackers update frequency is partially dependent on the base stations and not so much the tracker. If you're using 1.0 basestations, the pair operate at 120hz interleaved. If you're using 2.0 base stations the frequency that's data's getting to the tracker becomes a little more complex. The IMU on the tracker provides updates at a much higher rate than the basestations and there's a sensor fusion mechanism that ultimately produces the user-experience. That said, there is also going to be a limit based on how the tracker is integrated into your project. If for instance, if you integrate a VR device in way that's frame-rate dependent, than you'll tie your pose estimate update to the framerate.
  9. @JoshaGibby - Can you please link to the FB thread? Which way did you try to sign up for an HTC account? Within the PC client? On a website? I can definitely chase up on this and see if it's a more widespread thing.
  10. Your account is generally tied to the country of the IP address that it was created under. If you encounter this issue - the only way to fix it is to generate a support ticket here. https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?v_to_v&
  11. @Hartnell If a game has been marked as Oculus compatible, then it's been personally tested and confirmed to work with Rift/Rift S or Linked Quest. Some have native support through the Oculus runtime, and many others use SteamVR. Most titles have undergone multiple QA titles that means the problem is likely something specific to your local setup and non-offical things like Virtual Desktop increase complexity. I'd recommend first trying with Link and seeing the problem happens there. If it does, go into SteamVR and check your controller mapping and see what controller you have selected as your "current controller". In SteamVR - you can emulate other controllers and that's what I suspect may be happening here. You can try to verify based on what controller model you see when you have SteamVR open but no other app open (except SteamVR home), or by going into the SteamVR controller binding and seeing what the "Active Controller" binding is. You can see why something like Virtual Desktop can make this more complex.
  12. @Hartnell What controller model do they show when you're in a blank SteamVR compositor environment (e.g. Steam home). This might be a SteamVR mapping problem. Outside of SteamVR, since Virtual Desktop itself is a mod, it doesn't work out of the box perfectly and alot of developers have had to go in and specifically publish updates to address problems people were having on Virtual Desktop. You can find more discussion about specific game support on other communities. Because of stuff like this, it's always best to troubleshoot with wired first to try and eliminate virtual desktop itself as the source of the problem
  13. @Alberto Foster Netflix definitely requires credit card confirmation. I actually signed up for a Netflix free trial last week because there was a movie I wanted to check out and it definitely made me put in credit card info and it charged my card a $0.01 temporary charge to confirm it was valid.
  14. This feature is commonly called content "Hot Swapping" in PC gaming. Viveport unfortunately does not support hot swapping right now. You can try to fake out the repair system by manipulating "library" path temporarily but otherwise it's not a current feature.
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