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  1. Hi vrcoolj, I would talk to people in VR Chat that are using the 3 Vive trackers just so you know what you're getting into and to see what you could do with just one tracker. One tracker might not work with VR Chat. There are quite a few people using full body tracking, many are using the Kinect for Xbox One (dirt cheap used), find those people also and see what they have to say and pay attention to their movements in VR Chat, this might be good enough for what you are looking for. There aren't many other apps that take advantage of full body tracking, so getting the Vive trackers is quite an expense just for VR Chat. Take care Regards: Jack
  2. The thing about full body tracking in VR Chat is your Avatar has to be properly setup for it, some of the default VR Chat Avatars work well with full body tracking. The Vive with 3 optional Vive Trackers is the best full body setup you can have but it's expensive, there are alternatives that require a lot of tweaking and external drivers to work decently, they use a Kinect for Xbox One to do the full body tracking, I have tried this and it actually worked decently but is a pain in the butt to setup and tweak. Take care Regards: Jack
  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you so you get your controller in the time frame you need. Best of luck to you. Regards: Jack
  4. Hi Se7enVR. I hope you get the issue resolved and you get your controller. The other option could be to look online to see if someone is selling a used or defective controller, this way you could use the ribbon cable from it if it's a defective controller? Best of luck, hope you get a working controller soon. Regards: Jack
  5. Hi Cpt_Good. Man oh man, I know what you mean about loosing track of time, luckily, I'm retired but each time I put on the Vive, time does fly by so incredibly quick. As for motion sickness, here's one to try, it's kind of a slow (very slow) roller coaster going through a abstract world, this will allow you to easily judge at what point you start feeling ill, if it looking up / down or side to side or looking back as your moving forward, it lasts between 10 to 15 minutes (sitting or standing). It's a freebie and available on Oculus Home..... it's called "ARTAAL" Regards: Jack
  6. Hi Cpt_Good. You have to give yourself a chance to gain your VR legs, it takes some people a few weeks to get over the queezy feeling while in VR. Also, eating Ginger or taking Gravol seems to help some people. Do a YouTube search for VR motion sickness and you'll see many ways people are dealing with it. :) Good luck and enjoy your new Vive, I'm loving mine! :) Regards: Jack
  7. Hello. I use Assetto Corsa and Project Cars with my Vive. I have a Thrustmaster T500RS wheel and pedals, there's a little program out there called "Dashfix" which will allow you to use a wheel and still be able to access the SteamVR dashboard with the Vive controllers, this is kind of iffy without this little program since the Vive controlers doen't seem to like a wheel or joystick with a throttle control. Racing sims graphics are not as pretty as with a triple screen setup, and depending on your hardware (video card), some settings may have to be turned down for it to reach the 90 fps (90 Hz) which is desirable in VR. The good part of racing in VR over triple screens is the emersion level, in VR you are actually IN the car, you can look around you as you would in a real car, the possitional sense is much better as in being able to judge the corners better and being to brake later. I still preffer the looks of triples over VR but the emersion level of VR is worth trying and seeing if you like it. I would have to say I'm considerably faster driving in VR than I am on triple screens just because you get a better sense of awareness, cornering, and overall feel. I hope this answers your question. :) Regards: Jack
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