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  1. Hi Rockjaw, Thank you for taking the time to respond to people's concerns and questions. Dave and Buster's may charge this but they serve food and alcohol to help offset the cost of their business. Also, they have brand recognition and millions in revenue. It's not really comparable to a small business that may be looking to add Vive to their showcase, or me who would like to start a mobile company serving parties and/or events. Also, that $10 includes a profit margin for D & B (or their drink/food budget covers losses). Viveport owners would have to build their profit margin into their pricing. This could conceivably increase the cost to the consumer three-fold. I agree that players will likely not go 30 minutes straight, so pricing seems worse in these scenarios. I may be willing to pay $7 - $10 for 15 minutes of play time, but I would likely not be a repeat customer. For instance, in my circumstance, I will book a party and charge a flat rate per hour. This is fine as long as I'm only running one unit ($10 license fee). However, with parties of 10 or more I would likely have to run two to provide enough customer hands-on use per person ($20 license fee). Ideally, I would run four units (like Youtube's Node) for co-op gaming. Now I'm looking at $40 an hour in license fees to have four people play the same title at the same time. Also, unless I'm mistaken, to run Viveport you have to purchase the "Business Edition" which is $400 more than the consumer edition. Granted, it contains a cord extender and a dedicated customer support line, but is that $400 in value? Maybe it should come standard with the Deluxe Audio Strap and/or the upcoming wireless TPCAST.
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