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  1. We deleted the duplicate thread so we could focus our effort into a single thread. Can you please answers the questions posed and clarify the situation? Thank you, -John C
  2. Actually, yes. However, you'll be given a choice between Fallout 4 VR and Everest VR + Richie's Plank Experience. Either way, you'll get Tilt Brush. Thanks, -John C
  3. One thing you want to make sure, is that you disable your anti-virus or white-list Vive software (all of it) and make sure you're running the program (right-click, run as administrator) as an admin. Thanks, -John C
  4. I've had one or two of those thoughts before myself. Vive software and viveport and changing all the time, we've added new features recently and the platform will continue to evolve as time goes on. We're very pleased that many of you have come forth with suggestions of your own and we are listening, so please don't feel that we don't care; we definitely do. We look forward to watching this product grow and mature, and we hope you are looking forward to that as well. Thank you for your feedback! -John C
  5. Sure, just open up the Vive software and go to Library. That will show you your downloaded games and you can open them from there. Thanks, -John C
  6. At this time we’re focusing on the consumer edition and we’re not adjusting the price of the Vive Business Edition.  Thank you, -John C
  7. At this time, no, the games are tied to your account. It can be useful to know which games you have previously downloaded on your subscription. Thanks, -John C
  8. So glad we could help, Se7en11! Keep making cool stuff and let us know if you ever need anything. Thank you! -John C
  9. I sent you a PM. If you could check it and respond ASAP that would be great. We have a solution for you. Thanks, -John C
  10. Hey, I just read your post. I just sent you a PM, I may have a solution for you. Thanks, -John C
  11. Hey, PM me with your order number and email and I'll help you. Thanks, -John C
  12. I'd recommend signing up on our developer forums here. Thanks, -John C
  13. Hello, the closest thing to that would probably be our Viveport Arcade initiative. You can learn more about it here: https://developer.viveport.com/us/arcade/ And here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/Viveport-Arcade-Operator-FAQs/td-p/3904 I hope that answers your question. Thanks, -John C
  14. Hi, Sorry to hear you're having troubles with redeeming your code. PM me and we'll get this sorted out. Thank you! -John C
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