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  1. You can include a comment with your review and tell us what system you were using and describe the reason for your review rating. Other potential players and the developers can read those comments and reply to them as well. Thank you! -Jack S
  2. Just to answer your question: We currently only offer 2.0 basestations in the Vive Pro full kits. Thanks, -John C
  3. Please send me a PM with your email address you used to log in to your Viveport account. Thanks! -John C
  4. Removing them from the library list is a feature that is coming in a future Viveport release! We don't do an auto-uninstall for subscription titles in case you select them again. Manual uninstallation shouldn't take much time. Thank you! -John C
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! We always appreciate feedback from subscribers! Thank you! -John C
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We're always looking for new ways to improve our user experience with Viveport and new updates are coming out all the time, so stay tuned for new features in a future update! Thanks, -John C
  7. Please navigate to this URL and log in with your HTC account. https://store.vive.com/code/global/sales/guest/form That should show you all the codes associated with your account. Please PM me a screenshot. Thank you, -John C
  8. Did you redeem the code for two free months you got with your content bundle? Thanks, -John C
  9. Can you please PM me your order number? Also, when did you redeem your subscription? Right after the sale? Thanks, -John C
  10. Please send me a screenshot and your receipt (proof of purchase) in a PM and I'll help. Thank you, -John C
  11. Not without canceling your subscription and creating a new one. It's entirely based on when you started the subscription. Thanks! -John C
  12. You will receive an email from us at the same address you used to redeem the codes in the first place. Check your spam folder! Thanks, -John C
  13. There is. You just have to scroll down and select the "View All" button. You'll have the ability to search on the right side of the screen then. Thanks, -John C
  14. Not to worry, your code will be coming in an email as well. Check your spam folder. (And the game isn't live until December 12th, so you're not missing anything yet either.) Thanks, -John C
  15. It looks like your connection isn't staying up, which is why your local files (newer) are conflicting with the uploaded files (older) Are you using any anti-virus or security software? Have you run a system scan recently? I'm wondering if you have a computer virus or something that could explain the strange behavior with your PC and internet connection. Thanks, -John C
  16. At this point, you need to unsubcribe and resubscribe. However, very shortly, we will be reworking the entire payment system. Thanks, -John C
  17. I'm looking into this now. Sorry for the late response. Thanks, -John C
  18. Yes you will! Just redeem the code in the box. Thanks, -John C
  19. Someone is tampering with the internet in your region? Have you contacted your ISP? There's a lot going on here it seems, but I'm not sure it's going back to Viveport. Are you using anti-virus software or perhaps you upgraded your router with a new firewall solution? Thanks, -John C
  20. There is a search feature for Viveport, just click "View All" first and you'll see a search field in the top right of the frame. Thank you, -John C
  21. Please contact me (PM) if you purchased recently but before the promotional announcement and we'll see what we can do. Thanks, -John C
  22. Okay. PM me the order number or proof of purchase.
  23. Did you redeem the bundle code printed on the card in the box? You will receive a bundle code printed on a card in the box which will allow you to redeem Fallout 4 VR. Thanks, -John C
  24. PM me with your order number and I'll take a look and see what I can do. Thanks, -John C
  25. Financing options still exist, modified to reflect the current price of Vive (after the price drop). Financing options are located in the same place as before, in the check-out page. Thanks, -John C
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