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  1. Just my two cents here. I must say Vive Cosmos looks very promising in my opinion. As a owner of OG Vive , Vive Pro HMD , Vive Pro Full kit + additional 1x 2.0 base station bought from ebay , finally I have my biggest probelm (tracking) so what perfect - ish. Inside out tracking looks very promising especially with more than 2 cameras for tracking. A few concerns however: 1. Vive Reality Platform - It looks promising and interesting indeed , but I hope that doesn't mean Cosmos will totally ditch SteamVR. Not able to use my SteamVR Library with Cosmos could be a big problem to me. 2. Even though you're teasing " sharpest display yet " I do hope that's not reffering to just better display with same resolution as Vive Pro. I hope the specs as a whole are also an upgrade. 3. I do hope that the pricing of Vive Cosmos wouldn't match it's name "Cosmos" :smileylol:
  2. 1. Onward 2. Onward 3. Onward For some reason that's all I play. The game, the community , the league... man that's all I ever waiting for my whole life :) Sometimes, I feel I might miss a lot of good VR games out there, but man that game never gets me bored. 513 hours so far ...
  3. , How are you old friend? Interesting question you're asking here ... I agree with you about the mass adoption and I guess the answer to that, is lower entry price. Not just the VR systems but, the pc components as well. I have pretty decent set up with i7 - 6700k, 32GB , 1080Ti and Vive Pro , and I must say I'm pretty happy with the overall experience I have. And yet I'm hungry for more... better everything. As you can guess that's a lot of money over the years , and I never regret spending it on my fav hobby so far, but you know I can afford it. With all bein said the first thing on the list would be tracking... I know Vive's tracking should be 100%, but for some reason I have some issues with it, so perfect tracking would make me happy for a year with my current set up.
  4. , I got confused though ... who exactly you're replying to ? Also VR developers in which group they fall into ?
  5. , Well you shouldn't... It's ment to be for the current owners, with existing base stations and controllers. But why all the trolling? At first there was nothing but hatred towards the Vive pro, then the gen 1 headsets , and suddenly you're just saying how much you really want the Vive pro ? Make up ur mind m8. Watch and here .
  6. , wrote: The fact that you own a Vive and a Rift tells me a lot about you. "A fool and his money are soon parted." You have two low-end and quite unimpressive yet very expensive toys that are already obsolete whether you want to admit it or not. That giant flushing sound was all that cash you spent going down the toilet for a mediocre experience and you are left with some fancy pieces of plastic with no real resale value. I'll save my money for something that isn't a total ripoff in the meantime. WOW ! You have no idea what you're talking about... are you trolling or ur serious about what you said ? "low-end, unimpressive, obsolete" I don't see a relation between those statements and the products you're reffering to. You either haven't tested long enough time , or you're hardcore flat games player. Yeah in VR communities we're calling conventional games - flat games. And now since the flat games are so advanced with nice textures, high resolutions, photorealism and so on, for some of you just the resolution and SDE are enough to push you away from VR. I don't judge ... but for me (and a lot of VR owners I know) VR is the only option to go. We all realise that the first of it's kind consumer products are gonna be far from perfect, but that's good enough to spend big cash for this kind of hobby, just because me and ppl I know had waited so many years VR to become a thing. Quite a few ppl owns both PC VR HMD's and quite a few backed up Pimax as well. Stating that as stupid it's just a pure hatred towards ppl who can afford it. And the ones I speak of are not even close to Millionaires... Regarding Vive pro ... well I told ya already what I have on my mind about that subject, but since you didn't stop I would like to add : Are we living in the same world ? I mean ... a world where ppl spend 1000$+ for premium cell phones , where gamers spend 1000+ for high end monitors, where ppl spend 1000$+ on 4k TV's (much more if it's OLED)... Let go man.. it's simple, for me it's fantastic the way it is even with gen 1 and all of it's flaws. Is it wise to get the Vive pro at that price, as a consumer probably not, but I will, because I enjoy my hobby and instead of buying expensive monitor , Razer keyboard, mouse and gamepad , I'm gonna buy what's best currently at the VR market.
  7. , I see your points, and I have to say... I agree on a lot of them. As a vive owner I was really disappointed at that price as well. But you have to see outside your subjective point of view (as consumer) to be objective. Now first of all I think that what hurts the most is not the price itself, but the fact that releasing the Vive pro on it's own, doesn't give us the opportunity to resell our first gen system as a bundle (which makes it pretty much unsellable or not worthy). Now imagine if they would release the whole bundle now, for let's say 1000 or 1100 $, and you were able to sell your existing one for 300 - 350$, now it wouldn't look so expensive. Sure, you might say "well that's pretty expensive too, considering for example what Pimax is going to offer for less or around the same price, or WMR S Odyssey, but let's face it, no one`s sure, when or if Pimax are going to deliver what their claiming , and the latter with it's inside-out tracking is not yet a tracking competition to the lighthouse. So from their prespective by the time the competition release their better HMD's, Vive pro will be the king of PC VR HMD overall (tracking, OFFICIAL wireless solution). You already know that unlike HTC's main PC VR competitor in gen 1 (FB's OR), is investing a tons of money in software, so they managed to keep low prices on their hardware, while HTC's profit comes from the hardware. So I'm also pretty upset with the price announcement, but I don't see any point posting angry comments. No one force us to buy anything... it's all business after all. One of the things I don't understand, is to why they didn't release the full package with lighthouses 2.0 and Vive wands 2.0 ? I guess they are nowhere near ready for consumers, otherwise that would be the culprit. See that's the big mistake Oculus did ... They didn't released the HMD with touch controllers and full room-scale set up at day 1. Sure they catch up and their surpassed the Vive on the latest steam survey, but things could have looked different. I'm a fan of technology rather than brand. I want the best experience I can afford, so there's no reason for hatred here, you see different companies with the different approaches according to their finances.
  8. Well Thailand is a whole another story... Regarding my country ... I've noticed recent years a lot more ppl are buying staff online... more and more. There is no import taxes since we're not just in Europe but European Union as well. So that's what makes it a bit more mistyreious. It makes sense what you're saying, I agree that the main targeted countries are always the biggest and the richest, but still having all others as an option (with same import regulations) should benefits them more than hurt them. Anyway I actually find a one german retailer which offers the Vive pro pre-order as well as shipping to my country, so my case is solved.
  9. , Glad you're doing ok man. Well ... sure we're not kids anymore, impatient to get their hands on the new toy, but makes no sense. I don't know where you are but I'm living in a rather small country, but still in the European Union ... it makes no sense. Sure I could wait, but I'm not buying it from a let's say eBay seller with 100-200 Euro on top, and by the time it is available to me at original price, there might be already some of the competition's HMD's as well. You see my point ?
  10. , how about "salty over not able to pre-order in my country" kind of ppl ? :D How r u man :) ?
  11. Russian Coaster , Richie's Plank Experience, Moriarty Endgame VR, Everest VR, Airborne VR 1944. As long as you keep adding content in the Viveport, I feel that's a fair trade. Keep up with the good work guys ! Cheers !
  12. Why stop there? :) How about Vive wand stands ? Silly toys for my daughter, some crazy pen holder , some improvised cable management system of objects for the Vive (until we get wireless solution). Seriously, endless things to consider. Create funny , useful , silly, profitable(why not) things while having fun in VR. Remember the lady who invented the pizza saver (package saver) thing and patented? I bet she made a lot of money out of this silly little plastic object. I was considering buying some 3d printer, and with apps like this I'm getting more convinced of getting one. Great Idea devs!
  13. Yeah... saving for something better :) I'm still waiting for my first giveaway though :D :D. Hopefully soon you'll get your hands on some interesting key codes. :)
  14. . Once the VR mass adoption kicks in, it's gonna be in the houses of many regular users like me I'm sure. Because then instead of gamers spending 1000$+ on 4k 144hz monitors are going to spend that money on that kind of staff. Because honestly that's what VR is all about (game changer). Since I got my Vive the only non VR game that I play is fifa as I'm a soccer fan. Otherwise there is no going back playing regular non VR games for me. I bet in 10 years people would play regular games on monitor just out of nostalgia and in 20 years the young gamers would be laughin at that monitor gaming :smileylol:
  15. Hi there, In general, I believe it's indeed a great idea. Timing on the otherhand not so great. In my opinion, as where the VR market stands right now, that kind of peripherial it's more suitable for arcade operating locations rather than regular VR owners. Following my simple logic as a Vive owner is like... next VR things I need to buy - wireless kit (get rid of the cables) - vive tracker/s ( cause I want my feet/body to step in VR or guns, bat, sword, gloves etc.) - audio strap (I really need that strap since earbuds is no option for me + the way that the current strap goes when you look down it's annoying) -I want to upgrade my GTX 1080 with 1080 ti for the simple reason to get bigger supersampling numbers and better experience (to me that is also a must have). I believe that could apply to most Vive owners leaving aside GPU upgrade ( it could be, upgrading gtx 980 with 1060, 1060 with 1070 and so on) but undoubtedly I believe every owner would like to get better experience no matter where he stands right now. And if not the deluxe audio strap I believe trackers and wireless are also considered as "my next VR purchase". Bottomline, congratulations to the guys over there because we definitely will want that kind of peripherials to feel even more immersed, but as of right now we have a few other things to consider buying. Even exceeding their goal, to enter the market is one thing, but staying is the hard part. Once VR gets the massive adoption (be it 5-6 years why not less? ), and the extras I consider buying are already implemented and the tech itself is cheaper, then what's else to consider if not a haptic feedback suit ?
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