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  1. I would like to design an open world RPG similar to WOW or EQ2 with decent graphics. Not that cartoony, blocky, or pixelated crap. I think it would be awesome to traverse another world in VR with my sword and shield or my staff or my bow and arrow with cool armor sets to wear. In fact I think it would be more natural playing in VR than it would be on a mouse and keyboard. And the effects in true 3D/360 degrees woud be simply awesome. Of course I am sure it would take a good rig to run a game like that but I am up for the challenge. I only wish I knew how to use Unreal 4 development engine. Sims are ok but I really don't get that thrilled by army games anymore and killing real people in PVP. RPG all the way for me. ;-)
  2. If you are able to keep getting some game keys from devs than giveaways for sure. The only VR news I am interested in is new VR hardware: bodysuits,gloves, footwear, helmets, etc. New upcoming "good graphical" VR games interest me too. Good day sir. ;-)
  3. Congrats to the winners !!! Thanks again for the contest Se7en11.
  4. I really hate Viveport. It is not user friendly at all and it does not synch up with Vive Home on my PC and I still can't play what I get on here. Anyway, yes please state what the game supports. I only have VIVE and thanks for these contests and post of yours. I just don't come on here much because there is always log in issues. Peace bro.
  5. Looks interesting. I was never really good at those building games even in VR. This looks good though.
  6. Mummies and the number 7. FYI Some were baby crocodiles.
  7. Mine would be Warpin, Sairento and Lunar Stone. Arizona Would be there but that came out in November. I would have added more if you gave us a top 5. ;-) . Lockdown I'll try tomorrow. Thanks again.
  8. I change my game choice because I am going to purchase Serious Sam today. There are a lot of VR games. Most are average at best so choosing an actual good one is not easy, Overkill VR seems like an ok game because I like cover to cover fighting but after reading reviews it seems like it falls under the typical wave shooter. The other game is Lunar Stone. I am not great at melee and close combat VR games but the graphics look good and the girl does too. Plus I can show off my GTX 1070 graphics with a game like Lunar Stone if it actual does look as good as the screenshots. So my number one would be Lunar Stone and Overkill would be number 2. Thanks again for the holiday contest.
  9. The new upcoming Serious Sam First Encounter VR sounds good. Thanks for the holiday cheeriness.
  10. The new upcoming Serious Sam First Encounter VR sounds good. Thanks for the holiday cheeriness. ;-)
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