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    I am sorry, I didn't realise the redemption code was inside the box. I have resolved the issue and it turns out I get a year worth of Infinity. Yay
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    Hi @TomCgcmfc, For this, I'm going to submit a ticket on your behalf. Responses come through to the email address you have on file with your forum account.
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    Hello, If you have any questions about Viveport or Viveport Infinity, feel free to ask those questions in their respective sections listed below. For Viveport - https://forum.viveport.com/forum/84-viveport/ For Viveport Infinity - https://forum.viveport.com/forum/85-viveport-infinity/ If you are experiencing an issue with your Vive, Vive Pro, or Vive Cosmos, please click on the following link to go to the Vive hardware forums. https://forum.vive.com/ Thanks and enjoy your stay! SuperNikoPower
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    Thanks for the feedback @TomCgcmfc, I'll make sure the team sees this thread. We appreciate it.
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    Dearest Cybernauts, Enea here 🙂 I've been working superhard to create a version of #FORWARD for Vive Focus it starts from the Last Immersion of the #30daysinVR 2018 and brings you through a full-body XR Training Experience, in a laser graphic style, controller-free! gameplay is simple: you avoid red stuff... and you catch other stuff 😄 one of these things, are HOVERBOARDS. Get one and get ready to leap forward in time and space. like, FAST. Style is a fusion of early 80s and 90s graphics. tuned for maximum performance and see=through XR mode! and.... there is also.... a story to unlock!!!! HOW TO FIND OUT MORE This game is designed to stretch the limits of the platform, and of human senses. If you are a Cybernaut and you are ready to go beyond all limits, find out more on https://fwdvr.webflow.io/ and on #FWDVR group: https://www.facebook.com/FWDVR fwdvrminipromo.mp4
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    @vrlabstation1 - I'm migrating your question into a ticket to connect with our arcade team for further support. BTW, If you're trying to launch consumer Viveport (paid or Infinity) via a third party arcade launcher like Springboard in an arcade/commercial-use setting, you'd actually be violating our platform EULA/TOS as well as the licensing agreement of each of the individual applications you're launching. Commercial use requires a commercial use license and isn't covered under a standard consumer use license - this is true of all platforms (Steam has the Steam Site Licensing Program for instance). Viveport Arcade would be the proper licensing platform and launcher in a arcade/commercial-use setting in regards to Viveport apps.
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    You do have a good point. I will gather this feedback up and give it to the appropriate folks and see if something can be planned. I can't promise a for sure action but this is a good idea.
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    - I agree, as HMD's differentiate, there may be cases where the UX is more closely linked to hardware which makes user-reviews even trickier. I'll touch base with the Viveport product team to see what their thoughts on how we're planning for the future as we're starting to see some of that divergence with recent releases.
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    Hi everyone! So we know that many of you have been enjoying Skyworld Kingdom Brawl and some have had questions about the deeper strategy of the game. Feel free to check out the attached SKB strategy guide. It gives you all of the information you need on all of the cards. It also includes beginning and advanced strategies to help you get up and moving quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Skyworld_ Kingdom Brawl Game Guide_20191011.pdf
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