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  2. Solved, my problem was that the video conector to the headset wasn't well connected.
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  4. @Nortz Digital bundle codes are time sensitive and can adjust to the current bundle offering which happens to be 6 months. Black Friday was over 215 days ago - that's a really long time to wait to redeem the offer and while the bundle code is still valid, it's simply redeeming for the current bundle offering. I've started a support ticket with the email address associated with your account. Viveport's care team can make a determination on what could possibly be done in this situation.
  5. I bought my Pro during Back Friday with a deal for 12 Months access free to VivePort I have only received 6 Months and now I am being billed. How do i resolve this? Anyone else had the same issue?
  6. I found the VivePort code , But i don't see any code for Alyx. don't know if blind or its not there , Thanks for the help
  7. @grillausmc - the Viveport code is the hardware bundle code. Redeem it via www.vive.com/code
  8. I submitted a cancellation request a month in advance. The web form to cancel was submitted even if you have decided not to cancel the subscription I'm confident that request hit your servers. I can debug the API if you would really like? considering no one else can be bothered.
  9. Same problem here. I found the VIVEPORT code. Also the envelope with "From us to you" on it. Only thing inside is a quality check stamp.
  10. So a while back viveport wasnt launching any of the games I bought from it, so I uninstalled all of viveport, and attempted to reinstall and this is the pop up that always happens and I don't know how to get past this. I would really love some help as I have no idea what to do, and haven't known what to do for weeks.
  11. Hey all - sorry for not follow up on this. This is a known issue that was never fixed/updated since we planned on depreciating the currently VR client completely in favor of a new client built from the ground up. Everything is now a moving target due to COVID but as it pertains to the current public client - you're not supposed to be able to teleport and walk around the platform and being able to access the teleport caster is a bug.
  12. Hello, we lost the power adaptors for our base stations in a recent move. HTC does not sell them separately. Any suggested generic adaptors? Thanks
  13. It's utterly disgraceful no decorum, no regard for the consumer. I can only imagine the millions they have stolen out of peoples pockets.
  14. Hi What is the license to use VIVE Tracker's HTC Official 3D model data? I want to integrate it into my game. http://link.vive.com/tracker/3d_model
  15. I got a new HTC VIVE COSMOS and during the setup it need a display port which is included in the box. The problem is that the displayport is too big to fit in any slot in my computer. I have a razer blade 15 btw which has graphics that are VR ready and everything except a display port slot. It has a hdmi port however and I am thinking a mini displayport to hdmi would work but don't wanna waste my money people with the same problem what should I do?
  16. Any joy with this as we're having the same problem?
  17. @itsTimeLordXD You can message vive_care@vive.com for assistance with your Alyx code. Just tell them that you can't access your Alyx code and provide them with your vive.com order number or your retailer's proof of purchase and they'll be able to correct the situation. You can also try using the bundle code lookup tool here.
  18. Every attempt to contact support and discuss the issue was ignored, I submitted a cancellation request form before being charged but for some reason the subscription was not cancelled. What's worse yet is I'm even using the service, it was in my opinion not worth it. It took 3 cancellation request forms all filled in and submitted before the subscription was actually cancelled. I know amazon got into a bit of trouble a few years back for taking a similar stance with their prime service and ended up paying millions in fines. I would not be surprised if the same happened here. I would say refusing to issue a refund due to service failure and given I have not been using the service would be unreasonable. I feel not issuing a refund would be in violation of my rights as a consumer. It's quite appalling behaviour at any rate, they should really have a proper refund policy that's fair to the consumer. I've already let support know that I will be passing this information on to an ombudsman if we cannot come to a resolution within the next 14 days.
  19. Hi @Alzon, After checking with our relative department, they would like to help. However, according to the terms of use, which you agreed when you joined VIVEPORT infinity, they are unable to issue a refund to the order. When users purchase subscription, VIVEPORT will notify the user that this subscription is able to cancel at any time at lease 24 hours before the next recurring period starts. And the cancelation will not influence the current period. Users are still able to use the subscription until the period ends. Therefore, if users face a technical issue, they could find customer support in time before the next recurring charge happens. If users cancel the subscription successfully, they will receive an cancelation email. Users are also able to check subscription status on My infinity page.
  20. Hello Im having problems getting Apex and Dick wilde 2 to launch! when I hit play it acts like its going to then nothing! I have the rift s and even tried to launch it in steam vr, just a window of the game comes up with next but never starts? Any idea whats going on and I have uninstalled and reinstalled, even tried repair, nothing works! Btw I these are the only 2 games so far I have had this issue with in infinity..
  21. Why is the support not responding to tickets. I just want a refund.
  22. @twotonsosalt - Yes - redeem that at www.vive.com/code and select Alxy during the redemption flow. Hardware bundles change with time so it's better to print a general code physically and then update the bundle digitally.
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