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  2. I am making the proper usage Of Gmail email services for my personal usage. When I try to login into Gmail account, I am facing Gmail login issues. Even I am entering the correct login credentials into my Gmail account, I don’t have the experience to access Gmail email account. I am trying to find out the actual causes of this technical issue, but don’t get the success in this concern. Hence, I am into a big technical hurdle. I don’t have the technical potential to troubleshoot this error. Can you provide the smart methods to solve this technical glitch?
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  4. Hello everyone, Whenever I play a VR video which I downloaded on my hard drive Viveport Video tends to play a "loading" animation circle in the middle of the screen. It's annoying since I can't find a way to turn it off, but I am also wondering what else it means, e.g. what is it trying to load if the whole video is already on the hard drive? I'd very much appreciate your feedback on this. Regards, rivrules
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  6. @fd3typer2 - For Vive Pro, the bundle code is located on the bottom righthand corner of the giant blue getting started sheet that's the first thing you see when you open the box. I've highlighted the location below.
  7. @User_23546 I've converted your post into a Viveport ticket and have flagged a member of our content operations team to your request. The standard procedure is to email store@viveport.com which is our general contact address for developers and publishers on the Viveport platform.
  8. Sorry title was supposed to say "Can't find free viveport subscription code in box"
  9. Hi, we just bought a new vive pro kit and are wondering how to get the free subscription as advertised. Help! Thanks
  10. Hello. Maybe this sounds like a noob question, but as a new owner of htc vive I just tried some of the 360 videos from Vive Video, and the quality is really really bad, even at 4K resolution. I mean, I know that htc vive pro has quite a good oled screen but man... when I play a 360 video is like paying a 320p quality on my monitor. Is so bad that I tought the internet speed was low and the quality somehow adjusted to super low resolution, but actually I saw that all 360 videos are just...that bad. Is there any good 360 videos to enjoy them? Maybe made with latest tech like insta 360 8K or something... thanks guys.
  11. I want to stop distribution of our app and want to remove from store. Can anyone post the procedure? Thanks.
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  14. PTL

    Viveport laser controler

    OK merci. Et ne vous inquiétez pas, je prends personnellement le temps de signaler un problème que j'ai vu car j'aime votre concept. Cela nous permet de bien découvrir le monde de la VR. Franc.
  15. @PTL This on that team's fix list but it's currently behind some higher priority fixes.
  16. Having this exact same issue
  17. the problem still there yes but now only one channel is Working ("Vimeo") which indicates it's not firewall problem I can see the videos in vimeo but can't see any videos in any other channel I'll post screen shots for you
  18. I am having the same problem as well... it does seem like an overheating problem
  19. Since day one I always had problems with updates on one of my controllers, I had and update to headset and controllers and sure enough headset and one controller updated fine and one controller no matter what I do will not update, it just fails when it tries to run the update. Any help would be great. Thank You, Robert
  20. @PTL I'm not really following some of your report but I just loaded up Viveport VR and I personally agree that the pointer angle for Cosmos is a little unnatural and I've written an internal memo to the Viveport VR product team.
  21. @dflorin77 I was able to reproduce - thanks for the alert. I'll alert the team that the current build appears bad.
  22. Hi. Is a htc vive pro eye. I am here as in the screenshot, just that the beam for teleport wasnt captured, dont know why...
  23. @dflorin77 Which HMD/controller type are you using? Are you specifically referring to the ViveportVR storefront? Sounds like it but I wanted to confirm
  24. @NMVarmit, We definitely support WMR. Are you trying to launch the games via SteamVR? In most cases, developers target WMR support via Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. Very few games overall have been developed for WMR natively - only a handful of games actually run natively on WMR regardless of storefront and for the most part, content is driven to those headsets via the WMR for SteamVR plugin. WMR adoption is so low, most developers can't recoup the costs of natively integrating support for WMR's SDKs and so they instead piggyback off their SteamVR integration. Not all games on Viveport have been listed/approved as supporting WMR - each store page for a given title will list the types of HMD's the developers are advertising the build to be compatible with. We then QA and test for compatibility across each HMD type a developer selects as supporting. You can also use the filters in the client to specifically look for ones that are QA'ed across WMR.
  25. I keep getting “headset not supported” on every game I try, is viveport useless for Odyssey? Is there a trick to get games to work with my odyssey using “windows mixed reality”.. i purchased infinity package by the month and I’m thinking that it’s a waste of money.
  26. Hello. I installed viveport and I can use my controlls to navigate the content, but I am stationary in the upper platform. There is a way to walk around the location? the teleport function doesnt work. I see the blue arrow but the ray getting trough the bridge without a place to teleport. thanks
  27. When I am in viveport my laser point to the sky instead of pointing to the horizon. Like this I would have a vive pro but I have a vive cosmos. This afternoon I don't know why he was pointing correctly at the horizon and later he was pointing towards the sky. In my opinion I must have left a compatible game with vive cosmos and that changed my laser
  28. VibrantNebula

    Bande passante

    I've forwarded your feedback to the Viveport product team - we're still a relativity young platform.
  29. @joachim.spehl @USMCG Dacnar - This is the Viveport forum - please x-post to the Vive -> Vive Cosmos forums as we don't provide hardware support on this forum.
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