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  2. I have done all this that you posted. @Electric72 I played over an hour and a half of the game. It's still not added to my account. WTF is going on here.
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  4. Hopefully we'll get a patch, or a better controller config!
  5. I found an answer on the Viveport Support page: All you have to do is sign up for the annual Infinity membership (if you don’t have one already) and download and launch the game before the promotional period ends.
  6. I'm having the same issue. I found the blog post with this info, but when I click on the GET DEAL button, it just adds the monthly fee for Infinity to the cart. I am an annual subscriber and we only have till the 11th to redeem this offer, but I don't see how.
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  8. Yea, i just kept messing with the controller settings in the menu and eventually it worked. But then the next time i started it up the same thing happend and i didnt know how to fix it, so i messed around again and got it. And yea, my right joy stick wont turn it, and the left controls are inverted for some reason but i can play the game at least. I do have a link cable so i could try it that way i guess, just so much nicer playing it completely wirelessly. thanks for the help though!
  9. Same problem here. I got an update for MOR the other day and it says it is for VIFF. on the details page. Unfortunately, none of the experiences, inside the VIFF gallery will load, I just get dumped back to the museum.
  10. I got it to work by changing the default controller, in Steam settings. Still a little wonky, won't let me turn with my right joystick, but otherwise seems functional.
  11. Hello. I have received the mail with the offer to redeem Walking Dead. I am on an annual suscription, but when I follow the link, it only shows the option to download as part of my Infinity plan or to purchase. It also doesn't appear in my library of purchased games. How do I redeem this offer? Or is it already out of stock?
  12. I have encountered the same problem. Unfortunately it seems to be a Virtual Desktop side problem, because the game works fine through Oculus Link.
  13. I figured it out, apparently one tracker or dongle was defective, so I exchanged it with a new one. Now, all my 7 Vive trackers are working while being connected to one hub usb 3. Next phase: attaching them to a 3d mesh.
  14. Currently it's on a black friday sale. I haven't received my Index yet, and I am new to VR in general. But I noticed a number of games I bought from the Steam sale are on there. Do games rotate in and out of availability? Currently there seems to be good stuff. Does Viveport work well with Index? On a side note, Lone Echo is also currently on sale in the Oculus store, I picked that up, pretty excited to play it.
  15. Hi there. Is there a way to download the VIFF dlc content for Museum of Other Realities through Viveport? On Steam, you can separately download DLC, but I don't see any DLC entries for this in Viveport. Also doesn't seem to be a way to download from inside MOR itself. VIFF has instructions but only refers to MOR on Steam: https://viff.org/content/Files/documents/2020/filmsplus/HowTo_VIFFIMMERSEDCOMPETITION_EXHIBITION.pdf Thanks!
  16. I have an oculus quest connected to my pc via virtual desktop and can play every viveport game i've downloaded. However i just downloaded walking dead saints and sinners and i can't get past the title screen. It pops up a message saying to reset the HMD using the left and right vive menu buttons. I'm on an oculus so i dont have those buttons. I've tried every combination of oculus buttons i can, looked in all the menus and can't get it to do anything. Love to play the game, but can't get it past that pop up menu. Any suggestions or ideas? IT says it works with oculus rift so i'd think the quest will work when connected to a pc?!? all the other games do. IS there a way to get past that, or to get the system to know i'm using an oculus and not a vive headset?!? HELP!!!
  17. Can I use the apk mod versions? I think it's also very good.
  18. Hello. Even though i logged in via PC to viveport with my account as prompted in VR to access VIVEPORT i still cannot access it and all i get is the same round tab saying i need first to connect via PC. I must have done this allmost 100 times over and over. The hardware works really nice but i would love to have access to its UI too. Any help Appreciated. Cheers
  19. Hi, I have been setting up my Vive Index with 5 trackers for body mocap. Only 4 trackers are detected in the SteamVR, I am having issues to connect the fifth one. I have all dongles connected to a usb 3 hub with 7 ports. I have connected the one that doesn't work directly to the PC so it has its own usb port, but no difference. Only when I plug the 5th one to the usb cable, the tracker is recognized with a solid green light. Anyone has a suggestion ? That would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Same here. I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled the Vive software last night to get the Ready Player One stuff to run.
  21. Thanks for posting your solution. For future reference, all of the SteamVR devices including Knuckles/Vive wands operate at ~2.45Ghz Bluetooth. The MX Master 3 is also Bluetooth so what you saw is likely "co-channel interference". Aside from Bluetooth - the other potential source of Co-channel interference is 2.4Ghz Wifi. Using a USB extension solution like the ones that ship with the trackers help prevents co-channel interference. @Immersive Matthew Since you're using so many trackers - I'd highly recommend ensuring that you're using 5.0Ghz Wifi in your space and that you're limiting the number of devices broadcasting 2.4Ghz WiFi in your space as possible. If you start having interference issues - disabling 2.4Ghz SSIDs is recommended as a troubleshooting step.
  22. @PapaDredd - I've converted your post into an email support ticket so an agent can look into your specific situation.
  23. Hey Guys, Not sure if the right place but i saw an ad on Facebook claiming a 2-Week trial of ViveInfinity. Checked the VivePort site out and says that you'll be charged after 2-Week which is fantastic, try it out and buy it. I've signed up from the UK even though it's apparantly put my payments under AED, i've updated my Payments to go through Paypal and i've signed up. I noticed that i got charged immediatly instead of a trial and wanted to know if i was doing anything wrong? I've put a request in on the website but wanted to see if i took the right steps. It seemed simple but wanted to know if it was me or a mistake on their behalf. I saw no mention of a trial when signing up so maybe that should have been made more clear, i'm not sure.
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  25. Hello @MaxineGarrett, we only support virtual reality on these forum platforms. You can try posting a https://www.htc.com/us/support/ but you're using a modified application rather than the signed official store app so I'm not sure our support would even be able to help you TBH. Your issue is likely related to the application itself rather than anything we can influence. Blurry images are overall a common issue on the Whatsapp app itself - it might just be a Whatsapp thing.
  26. Hi everybody. I have an HTC U12 + My work must use whatsapp gb That's why I download whatsapp gb apk. But for some reason the images I downloaded on it were so fuzzy. Maybe it's because I installed it wrong. Can everyone show me?
  27. I found the issue. For some reason, my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse was in some sort of limbo state were the PC you want to control button on the bottom was not showing anything despite being connected. When you flip this mouse over, the PC number it is connected to (1,2 or 3) lights up but it was not doing this. When I pressed the button to connect to another PC, they all flashed and it looked like it rebooted itself as it has never behaved this way before. It normally just cycles between PCs. Then as soon as I did this, all 8 Vive Trackers connected again and have been fine since. I did notice Logitech updated the mouse this evening so perhaps this was the source of the issue? What an odd problem. Glad I found the solution and I hope others find this post if they are having a similar issue.
  28. I have 8 Vive trackers (2018 and up model) and 4 lighthouse base stations version 2.0. They all track very well along with a Valve Index. Suddenly during use tonight my Vive Trackers started fading in and out of tracking in the SteamVR window. This has not happened before to me. Further, some were even turning back into grey hexagons again as if they were just powering on. Others still were just fading in and out saying they could not be tracked when they were all clearly in the view of the 4 lighthouse base stations. I shut them all off and restarted SteamVR and when I turned each tracker back on they would take 30 seconds or more to appear in SteamVR which has never happened before. They normally appear in SteamVR after being turned on in just a few seconds and start tracking a few seconds after that. Further only 6 of the 8 appeared despite all 8 having green connection lights no matter how long I waited. It seemed very chunky and slow despite CPU, GPU and memory usage being in the low %. All 8 trackers had green lights the entire time, but when I would shut down SteamVR, 3 would remain on and green. When I shutdown SteamVR before, all trackers immediately shut down. I rebooted my PC several times, and again same issue. This never happened until tonight. I cannot tell of this is due to interference from somewhere new, a buggy SteamVR update that I recall happened at some point tonight or maybe the batteries in the trackers need to be above 80% as they were on for about 60 minutes from a full charge at this point and the ones that did connect stated 3 out of 4 battery bars? Are others having sudden issues connecting to their Vive Trackers too? Anyone have an idea of what may be going on? Again they were all working perfectly fine for 60 mins tonight and over the past few weeks with no issues like this at all. Thanks for any tips.
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