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  2. You should update the GB WhatsApp application to the latest version...
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  4. Hello, Sign in to HTC Account and go to My Apps. Find the content that you would like to provide the feedback with and tap Review to start. Launch Vive software in your computer and visit My Content tab in your Library. Tap on the content you would like to provide the feedback with and go to the review section to proceed. thanks alexsunny
  5. So when I open Viveport via the icon on my PC and use it sitting in front of my monitor, it shows I have 15 Infinity games in my library. If I open Viveport from within VR however, I still show as being logged in and with the same name and avatar as on the Viveport desktop app only now my library is empty and I have no access to any of the games that are installed on my PC. How do I resolve this? I can always open up the desktop app, start the game from there and then put my VR headset on but I would rather just start up VR and do it all from within the VR world. Anyone?
  6. Hi to everyone!! I'm trying to use the VIVEPORT SDK with Unreal Engine 4.26, but I have an error message when Unreal is trying to compiling the plugin before start the Editor. I tryed with my project and also with a fresh new one, and I have the same result. I think the Viveport SDK plugin was made for another Unreal Version, but I don't know which one. Ayone can help me? Thanks a lot!
  7. This has to be a mistake, right? I just got my vive pro 2 and it came with a serial number for viveport infinity. I followed the link to www.vive.com/code and entered my code. I signed into my account which is definitely in the US, but the infinity ns me to fill out some personal information. There is no US, no Canada, no Japan or South Korea (but there's North Korea? What?) How can some of the biggest countries for this industry not be listed properly? Quick update: I edited the HTML to add in US to the select options. It worked fine, although I needed to provide my state code as TX rather than Texas.
  8. Yup, it prompted me to update the base station, so I did both of them. It all went smoothly and then it wouldn't turn on. I checked all the power cords, its all working it just won't give me any lights. Is there a solution to this? I bought another base station and the exact same thing happened!!! I can't see how an update would brick a base. Ridiculous. Please help if you can!!
  9. Model : Vive Cosmos the headset is working fine & I can play all apps & games but only the see through camera is not working the surroundings camera .. the one that allows you to see the real world around you when you click twice on vive symbol or when you click the side button in the headset it's also the camera that shows you the real world whenever you are about to hit something with your head it now shows only black screen... rectangular black screen (not full black screen which indicates software problem) all this happened as soon as I updated the vive software so any way to get back to older version of the software I know it will 100% solve my problem is there any older versions of vive software .. any link for those versions .
  10. Received my Vive Pro 2 today, This headset is fantastic. Set up is a little confusing but having fun, Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. @Naglerock - It's kind of case by case. Within the developer console, there is an option called "Seats" in which the developer determines how many computers can access a given piece of content at the same time from the same account. In many cases, devs input 1 - which means that if you try to open the content on a second PC you'll get a DRM error. On some apps though - the developer has opted to give 2+ seats per account. Unfortunately - there's no way to see what value the developer has imputed as a customer - you'd have to check and guess. That said, there aren't a tonnnnn of multiplayer games on Viveport as a limitation of how developers code multiplayer for their Steam/Oculus builds.
  12. Hey! I'm loving Viveport! My question.... I have 3 family members, 1 oculus rift, and 2 Oculus Quests. 2 VR ready PCs. How would my whole family sign-in (using only ONE Infinity Viveport subscription) to ultimately go on to play a multi-player game together? My guess would be that I'd have to have 3 PCs running Viveport, we each sign in (to the ONE account), we find a multiplayer game and... it just works! Right? Thanks for your time, Tim
  13. the vive console was working very fine... then there was update and after that update the surrounding camera is not working anymore . so I said maybe the next updat will fix it then the last update came .. and it only made it worse. any way to revert back or to roll back to older versions of Vive console ?
  14. I keep reading on Facebook forums about other people wondering when they will ship it, I have mine in Processing for 5 days now waiting for fulfillment. Money taken from my bank for it. What happened? Did Vive drop the ball when it comes to shipping? I am starting to think there is one guy boxing and shipping the Headsets and this one guy is now taking a long smoke break ๐Ÿคจ
  15. I just received a report from EDGE that all user names and passwords in Vive have leaked to the web. this is scary. is it true?
  16. When will we be able to order the new vive pro 2 in Hong Kong? It seems the local team is totally incompetent, they only have contact sales when all I want to do is order a head set, I tried from UK and US but they wont allow shipping. I sent 3 requests before they actually answered my request. is this how the company treats its loyal customers? As a business I usually have one personally before recommending to the Directors, so in this case I feel totally distrusting of the business modal and treatment of customers, if this is how one treats customers, how can a business trust?
  17. Thank you, Now I am just waiting for it to ship, My account purchase says it is being processed, Hurray! ๐Ÿ˜
  18. @Laughingboy - To run Vive Pro 2, you'll need SteamVR as well as an app called "Vive Console". Pro 2 is forced to integrate a bunch of hardware specific optimizations technologies to hit the 5K resolution. If you already have a SteamVR setup, all you do is run the Vive installer, and then all of your content will work. If you already have Vive console installed, you'll just need to update it to whatever is current. You don't need to uninstall any of your content. Your content is completely separate. If you just
  19. I saw a review about the New Vive Pro 2 and I asked the person who wrote the review if you were to already have the software installed for a earlier Vive headset, Can you just plug it in and use it. They told me there is a new software and to uninstall the old software and install the new software for the new Headset. Is this True? Will you lose all your installed programs too and have to reinstall them?
  20. Any News on relinking the library?
  21. Got it working... Had to copy the files from my computer where it's working and dumped them on the one it wasn't working. Ran the Viveport installer a few times, rebooted a few times, etc etc, and for reasons I can't explain it finally started to work. Viveport used to just work, but if this is the direction it's going, the future is grim.
  22. A recent update seems to have completely broken Viveport Desktop. Viveport stopped launching entirely and couldn't get it running. This happened on 2 completely different computers with different headsets. I managed to get one working and installed after several problems with the updater failing. On the other, I uninstalled Viveport, but now it refuses to actually reinstall. First it says there's no drive space... Pretty sure 320gb of free space is more than enough lol! Click TRY AGAIN and it seems to proceed. The ViveportSetup says it installs and completes, but then nothing. No files were actually installed. Then for whatever strange reason the Windows thing that asks what program you want to use to open a file pops up... Was fine a month or two ago... Something changed since then, and it's not on my end because again, 2 completely different PCs having this issue.
  23. Hello my VR Friends, ๐Ÿ‘‹ I Pre Ordered the Vive pro 2 Yesterday and Super excited about it. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ I must have watched 50 You tube Videos about the Headset and I am wondering if anyone has any idea when they will ship them. I am at the point where I am ready to set up a Tent next to my mail box and and camp out there until it arrives. Anyone know when they will ship? I own the early Vive and it has been good to me. What I can not remember is if I had to sign for it. Do we also have to sign for it? Any Feedback is most welcome. ๐Ÿค“ ๐Ÿ––
  24. Got it sorted out. I deleted all of Viveport's files in Users -> username -> AppData -> Local -> HTC. Then uninstalled and re-installed the app and that did the trick.
  25. Thanks, I already started a ticket on my own yesterday as well though. I've been refreshing the library quite often and it does nothing, tried restarting my PC and uninstalling/installing the desktop app as well. Nothing helps.
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