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  2. I solved this issue at least for my usage and I did it through a little help from a single first comment in response by asking help on a Facebook VR related group. The problem was in the websites setup when creating the account because it was hiding one of the user form fields that needed input. For me at least it had nothing to do with my ISP, bank, geolocation, language, a vpn being on, or a proxy being needed. You see what happened at least for me was it wasn't showing the Zip Code field on the Set Store Location page even though United States was already selected. So people have been bypas
  3. Làm sao để phân biệt được trang cá độ bóng đá nào là uy tín? Ban đầu, mình xin kể sơ qua một chút về vấn đề này, sau đó mới giới thiệu TOP các trang web cá độ bóng đá online nhé mọi người. Đây là thắc mắc rất hay mà hồ hết những các bạn mới lần đầu chơi cá độ bóng đá đều gặp phải, ngay cả mình trước đây cũng vậy thôi. Hiện tại có cực nhiều trang Web cá độ bóng đá, ngay cả mình cũng không thể nào biết đâu là trang web chúng ta nên gắn bó! ấy là mình đề cập thật. Đối với mình thì chỉ dành đầu tiên tham dự những trang website của các nhà cái uy tín và có thương hiệu. (Lát nữa
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  5. Your account is generally tied to the country of the IP address that it was created under. If you encounter this issue - the only way to fix it is to generate a support ticket here. https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?v_to_v&
  6. I have two PCs. A 2013 model i7 GTX 2080 Ti that runs the HTC Vive in both wired and wireless modes perfectly fine. My new Ryzen 9 3900x (I'll never go AMD again) RTX 3080 Super OC runs the HTC Vive in wired mode just fine but in wireless it constantly crashes. I reported this issue last year and the only fix for me at the time was to move the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite from the new system to the old system. Where it's been operating like a dream ever since. I read a report last week that said there was a hot fix made for the problem and that it should be right as rain now.
  7. has this been resolved as yet?
  8. has you issue been resolved. it seems to be a common complaint. i myself have this issue
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  11. Help to know the frequency of operation of tracker 3.0
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  13. @Hartnell If a game has been marked as Oculus compatible, then it's been personally tested and confirmed to work with Rift/Rift S or Linked Quest. Some have native support through the Oculus runtime, and many others use SteamVR. Most titles have undergone multiple QA titles that means the problem is likely something specific to your local setup and non-offical things like Virtual Desktop increase complexity. I'd recommend first trying with Link and seeing the problem happens there. If it does, go into SteamVR and check your controller mapping and see what controller you have selected as your "
  14. @Hartnell What controller model do they show when you're in a blank SteamVR compositor environment (e.g. Steam home). This might be a SteamVR mapping problem. Outside of SteamVR, since Virtual Desktop itself is a mod, it doesn't work out of the box perfectly and alot of developers have had to go in and specifically publish updates to address problems people were having on Virtual Desktop. You can find more discussion about specific game support on other communities. Because of stuff like this, it's always best to troubleshoot with wired first to try and eliminate virtual desktop itse
  15. I'm using an Oculus Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop, yet all the games I've tried so far -- each claiming to be Oculus compatible -- are VIVE ONLY. While the controllers do track and they are somewhat playable, they assume that I am using VIVE wands. This forces the use of the joysticks as pads and this makes something like I Expect You to Die impossible to play. How do I get the games to run in version that uses Touch controllers? I have my Quest set up in the Oculus software and I'm also running them through Steam. Still. Nada. VIVE only.
  16. [Adding this in case HTC takes a look at this thread] My wife and I (two separate accounts) are running into this issue as well - same symptoms on 3 PCs. My secondary PC even has an older version of the Viveport app installed and I can't install games or even purchase a game if I wanted to. A side effect of this seems to be that I also can't see game details, reviews, or anything else. I click on a game and all I can see is the video/screenshots.
  17. I did discover you can add games to your library via the website, then sync your library in the app to download them from the Library section. However, this doesn't work for all games. Some will not sync with the desktop app and only appear in your library on the website. You can also still install stuff from the Viveport VR app, which launches Viveport in a VR environment. You can also download from there, but again, this doesn't work for all games. Some simply don't appear in the Viveport VR app, even using a search for specific titles or checking the game's genre. They do show up if I searc
  18. I'm having the same issue. Been a subscriber for more than year. Have lots of games in my library but now I don't get a download option when I look at games
  19. I am also experiencing the same issue. Unable to download games. ive been a subscriber for over 3 months now and have never had an issue downloading games. Can you fix this please?
  20. Yep, same issue. I just subscribed yesterday.
  21. So my gf and I both Sub to Viveport Infinity annual. For some reason out of nowhere we are unable to Download any games. We can go see the Trailer of the game but we can not download it, or add it to the cart. Like flat out when we hover over theses options and click, nothing happens. Is any one else having these issues
  22. i am trying to setup up my cosmos vive, but it keeps saying "download failed, please check your internet". this is really frustrating, please help!
  23. To anyone who has any idea what's going on... I signed up for the Viveport Infinity Annual Subscription on March 7th. In doing so, I was granted a 14 day free trial of the service. I had no issues during sign up, and my profile currently shows me to be a Viveport Annual Infinity member. The problem is, when I go to play a game like Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners, I am told that this game is ONLY available for annual infinity subscribers. I am then taken to a screen where I can again subscribe for a service I'm already subscribe to. The kicker is, even when I try to RESUBSCRI
  24. Old windows photo viewer that I use for full-screen slide-show for Big Screen 3D photo viewing. But you could probably use the new windows version: https://download.cnet.com/Restore-Windows-Photo-Viewer/3000-18488_4-77362441.html
  25. So I tried both SteamVR's media player and Big Screen back to back and I've got to say Big Screen is definitely better for mainly one reason: you can switch photos easily with arrow keys (left & right) using Windows slide-show in full screen mode (space-bar pause if you need to). Where SteamVR's media player can switch using up and down arrow then Enter key to switch but will jump out of stereo mode depending on the photo (all have "_vr" at the end of their names) not to mention the extra keystroke (Enter) to switch but it doesn't cycle from end to beginning and the jumping out of stereo m
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