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  6. Hi, I updated Gloomy Eyes this morning, and now it won't get past the language selection screen. I line up the red dot over the language as usual, but nothing happens. The previous update (which did have episode 3) was working, but now nothing.
  7. Hi @SuperNikoPower, I have Viveport Infinity subscription.
  8. Hi @JPangburn, Are did you purchase these via Viveport or are you using the Infinity subscription? If you can provide that information, it will help in checking out this issue. I'll also be turning it into a ticket on your behalf. You responses for the ticket will go to the email address you have connected with your forum account.
  9. Hey @ijkkjcccdkrszyr, I checked with the team and found that Superhot VR is no longer in Infinity. We have a ton of new titles coming and you can check this blog for more information. https://blog.vive.com/us/2020/01/30/coming-soon-infinity-abode-2-ultimate-fishing-simulator-vr/
  10. Hi @ijkkjcccdkrszyr, This looks to be a technical error. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We will look into it.
  11. Hi, I started using Viveport on Oculus Rift S with an older EVGA GTX Titan card and it ran Superhot just fine. I upgraded the card to an EVGA 2060 Super and now Superhot won't start. It goes to the Vive scene and says Next Up, then it goes to that endless gray grid scene and shows a Superhot window that says loading. After a little while it makes the sounds like the game is loaded, but the view stays stuck on the gray grid screen with the loading window. A couple other Viveport games do this: Form and Ultrawings. Superhot was installed before I upgraded the card, these two were installed after. Other Viveport games run fine, including those that were installed before card upgrade and after. All games on Steam run fine, and all games within Oculus run fine. Any idea what I could try to troubleshoot this?
  12. Hello, Whenever I go to the "Games" tab on viveport.com I'm greeted with a banner that says SUPERHOT VR is "New in Infinity", but when I click on the game it only gives me an option to purchase it, not download with infinity. I can download other infinity games so I don't think it's anything I've done on my end. If it matters I have a Samsung Odyssey+ and my infinity subscription is the two free months thing. I've included a photo of the webpage with the SUPERHOT VR banner to better show what I mean.
  13. Hi @arknes, To get an informed answer, you will want to post about this issue on our hardware forums at forum.vive.com.
  14. Hi @gms, As far as I know, you can't change your login name once created.
  15. Hi @fertooos, Looking into this a bit more and reports in a few other places, this seems to be an issue with the OBS client itself. Just to make sure, can you screen shot the error that pops up. Also, one thing to try, if your CPU can handle it, is to go into your stream settings and switch from your GPU to your CPU. Let me know if you still get this error. It will help me out with more information. Thanks, SNP
  16. I have come across this issue myself. Please do report this if you can so it can be looked into. I am also looking into options for myself on this as well as looking around online. If I come up with anything in the mean time, I will let you know
  17. For Viveport. I set it to something when I registered. But I didn't know that would be my name for every online game.
  18. Oh ya headset works with no problems on wired , its only on wirless I get the problems, I also have 4 base stations set up in a 3.3mx2.8m room scale
  19. Hello , I have 2 pcs a Amd and Intel pc ( well link specs on bottom ) and a friend who has the same pc system set up at my intel system and we both get this problem. So the problem is , and this happens at random, the screen will go black , the headset loses sound it gos to my desktop speakers and after about 4 secs the sound comes back to the headset and the head is being tracked, how ever the screen stays black, I have to reset headset in the steam vr to get the screen to come back on in the headset. This happens on both systems and I have not played Vr in around 50 days and just updated all my stuff , headset, base stations, controllers and games so everything is updated ( I even updated my Mobo and used default settings no overclocking. I know the wireless unit is not overheating as I have a fan mod for it and it hardly gos past 50c ( will post logs at end too for the time I was doing testing and still crashed ) So at this point I also read some other had this problem starting around Dec 15th 2019 and I can not find a fix , I am thinking of just selling my vive and going tot he index and going back to wired as I can not find a find I got a intel system built when amd was having problems and now neither system will work and I dont get it there both damn there top of the line pcs. and help would be nice PC1 (my friends pc is just like this one but he has a 2080ti ftw3 hybird and not sli with same problem ) [GPU] - RTX Titan x2 (sli) [CPU] - Intel Core i9-9900K @ 5Ghz [Keyboard] - Razer Anansi [Mainboard] - GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO [Mouse] - Razer naga [Headset] - corsair arctis pro [RAM] - 64GB DDR4 3600MHz [Monitor] - 3 types of them / Samsung Double QHD CRG9 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor [M.2 Drive] Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series 1.0TB x2 [Case] Thermaltake View 71 Snow [PSU] EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 80+ Platinum [Connection] - 480Mbps Down / 22Mbps Up PC2 [GPU] - RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 x2 (sli) [CPU] - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X @ 4.35Ghz [Keyboard] - G19 Logitech [Mainboard] - GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Ultra [Mouse] - Logitech G600 [Headset] - corsair arctis pro [RAM] - 32GB DDR4 3333MHz [Monitor] - 4 types of them /Samsung Double QHD CRG9 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor [M.2 Drive] Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series 1.0TB x2 [Solid State Drive] - Intel SSD 660p Series 1.0TB [Case] Thermaltake View 71 Snow [PSU] EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 80+ Platinum [Connection] - 480Mbps Down / 22Mbps Up HtcCU_20200208_042654_16908.txt HtcCU_20200208_082510_1948.txt HtcCU_20200208_083845_8184.txt HtcCU_20200208_195124_5200.txt HtcCU_20200209_023435_24388.txt
  20. Hi @polk, im not sure if you received my PM so I will resend it to you. Keep an eye out shortly.
  21. You are looking at 4-8+ hours depending on your play style and the quality and capacity of your battery cells. You can use rechargeable batteries.
  22. Once your subscription ends, you will not be able to play the titles you have downloaded. If you purchased any games, you will still own those and be able to play them.
  23. how many hours does the 4 batteries work on htc live cosmos in games? can i recommend a battery charger on ebay or amazon
  24. hello, what happens after the 6 months of activation of the liveport code? will I not be able to enter the liveport? or what? will not be able to play the free games anymore ???
  25. @gms @Handolmer - The patch for this has been pushed out live - you may need to update your Viveport VR app.
  26. Hi @polk, I will check into this for you and get back to you ASAP.
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