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  2. @Syberchick70 - What is your specific problem? I may be able to provide guidance. The most common complaint people have with it is that the sprint command is mapped weirdly. S&S is specifically running on Viveport through Oculus' runtime and not SteamVR. If it were piped through SteamVR, you'd have some options (e.g. Input Emulator) but Oculus has their systems on lockdown and doesn't support remapping within their native compositor. The way S&S is coded, always makes it launch through Oculus, I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to launch in SteamVR.
  3. I'm having this issue with The Walking Dead. The controllers work... sort of... but they don't make a lot of sense. I need a mapping guide or something.
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  5. Running on Valve Index. After a baobab company splash screen, Bonfire (viveport.com) goes blank in the HMD, and in the desktop window you can see a dialog labeled "Headset has been removed" with a "Recenter and resume" button. Clicking the button does seem to change the alignment, but the dialog just returns and the game does not resume. There hasn't been an update since July 2019. Is this abandonware that should be taken off Viveport?
  6. I subscribed to the annual subscription a few months ago and as of lately, I'm being told my account is going to be cancelled because I don't have enough money in my account to cover the monthly fee. I don't understand this because I always thought when you pay for an annual plan, you get that plan through out the year. But yet, it states that it's an annual subscription that's paid monthly? So what's the difference between monthly and annually. I got two emails, one claiming that I have until the 15th to make a payment or it's cancelling my account, another states that if I don't pay by the 16th, then it's going to cancel. Also states that I have access to all the infinity content until 12/11/21? This is all so confusing. No one explains this to me, they just send me links to this information on the website. I asked to get in touch with a supervisor to help me with this and I'm told to request a support ticket. I did that over and over and over again, support ticket after support ticket and no one answers me back. I understand they are busy but at least keep my account in good standing until I speak to someone about this. I need to have this explained to me. Monthly and Annual seem to be the same, both paid monthly and yet one of the emails I got states I have access to all the content until 12/11/21. So I'm very confused and also very confused on why it's canceling already when I paid for the annual subscription. Meanwhile I just paid for a subscription I thought I was getting for the year, has been canceled. Thanks in advance.
  7. Developers are the most important pillar of the Viveport Ecosystem, so we’re helping you kickstart 2021 with an extra special boost. Throughout 2021, Viveport developers will receive more payouts. From January 1st to December 31st we are increasing net revenue share from 70/30 to 80/20 (developers receive 80%, Viveport receives 20%). That’s right! Developers will receive 80% revenue share for all titles that are opted-in to any of the following Viveport Programs: – Viveport Store: one-time purchase – Viveport Arcade Program – Viveport In-App Purchase service And of course, the revenue share of titles opted-in to the Viveport Infinity program will remain at the 80% split. We hope this extra boost will make way for a fresh and bright new year. Already Published on Viveport? The new revenue share will be automatically applied to titles currently published under the eligible distribution programs.1. Login to the Developer Console 2. Select your VR title 3. On the default ‘Program Opt-ins’ tab, make sure your titles are opted into at least one of the eligible Viveport Distribution Programs. New to Viveport? Three easy steps to start making more from your VR titles!1. Sign up as a Viveport developer via the Developer Console 2. On the default My Titles page, select “Add New Title” and craft a new store listing. 3. When you see the ‘Program Opt-ins’ step, make sure you have opted in at least one of the eligible Viveport Distribution Programs
  8. @censrd - I generated a support ticket for you. As long as your default download folder matches the root of your Viveport library folder, the repair option should work. Steam titles are imported due to a file that the Steam client generates; the Viveport client just reads that file. As long as Steam is installed wherever the Viveport client thinks the Steam folder is (during Viveport setup), it should eventually see that file.
  9. Hey guys, so after I recently reinstalled my WIN 10 on a seperate drive to my Viveport library, i installed the viveport app and attempted to relink my 500GB worth of games, and so far its not recognising my exisiting library. I have checked in the settings page and set the libary to be the exisiting folder. I also saw other posts stating click on the 3 dots on the title and i should see repair as an option but I don't see that option. I only get "view detail", "write a reciew" and " remove from libary". So it seems to recognise that i have previously downloaded a particular title, but clicking it only give the option to download it again. Is there any way of relinking titles eg STEAM librarys???
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  11. @VibrantNebula I do not believe the issue to be IP address-related. If that were the case, I have to think that both my account profile and store profile would be synced to the wrong country. This was not the case. Furthermore, I go on plenty of sites, make purchases online regularly and this has never happened. Only on the Viveport platform. With regards to malware infection: Highly doubtful. I set up the Viveport account on a brand new (less than a week old) gaming computer. All set up with anti-virus/malware protection. And I had gone on no more than 3 or 4 websites, including Viveport's, when I created the Viveport account to purchase an Infinity subscription. I'd be more than happy to send you the two video clips I took of the erratic behavior that was happening on the website. I can't upload them since they're both over 80Mb. On a related note: My customer support ticket has now gone 4 days without getting a response from the CS agent handling it. I asked him to escalate the ticket to your next tier of support or to a supervisor if he is unable to provide an adequate resolution to the issue I encountered on your platform. If you have any way to make my request move up the chain, it would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Olivier
  12. @bandwfrog The country selection is often geo-located for legal reasons (content availability is region specific). My best guess is that you might be encountering issues due to where you IP address is resolving to geographically. It might be an ISP thing or it might be a VPN/proxy at play. You could theoretically have malware that's redirecting your internet thru a proxy without you knowing.
  13. Hello @Phillip_Kunze_ , I've forwarded your note to our social team. In general, we're unfortunately not currently accepting new streaming partners at this time but it helps to be on their radar.
  14. Hey @SuperNikoPower any update on the sponsorships? Ive recently been getting more and more into HTC Vive products and want to be able to show off to my friends and my twitch streams cuz i do stream vr games but I am currently stuck with the Oculus Rift. If you wanna contact me just let me know.
  15. Update: I created a second Viveport account, with a different e-mail address. Before setting it up, I cleared my browser's history, including cookies. The same issue happened again: My profile location was set to US. I made sure to set up the store location to US also (took a screenshot). When I went to purchase an Infinity yearly subscription, the store location was again UAE. Frustrating, to say the least. I hope your CS team will be able to get back to me in a timely manner AND, as importantly, extend the promotional price + free games I would have received if not for the issue on your platform. Regards, Olivier
  16. Hello VibrantNebula, I appreciate the reply and help but I'm not sure I am going to get the support I need from your CS team before the end of the promotion. I did receive an e-mail confirmation of the CS ticket you created but it is the same generic response I received last week when I submitted my own CS ticket. It says I can expect a response within 24 to 72 hours. The Holiday promotion is over in 12 hours... Any way you can tag the ticket as "Urgent"? Thank you. Olivier
  17. @Lordken Subscription prices are a little more expensive in Europe. I will double check the rates are correct but I believe its due to VAT and other taxes imposed in the EU.
  18. @bandwfrog - That can only be changed by our customer support team on the backend. To ensure you're contacting the right support team at Vive - I generated a ticket based off of your post.
  19. Hello all, Any help will be appreciated. I created my Viveport account, which is correctly set in the US. I tried to sign up for an Infinity subscription2 days ago and somehow, my location in the store in United Arad Emirates so the pricing is displayed as UAE currency. Anybody knows how to change the Location setting in the Store if it can be done? I have to add that something was up with the Viveport platform when I tried to purchase the subscription 2 days ago. I recorded the weird loops I was stuck in. The plans options changed on me. I couldn't log out. My membership status was switching from "Light Member" to "Infinity" , I think (I couldn't tell, the status was flickering rapidly and drop down menu would vanish in less than a second...) I kept landing back on the homepage when I clicked the "Claim Offer Now" button... Anyhow, I'd like to buy a subscription before the current promotional deal ends on 01/04/21 so if anyone can provide assistance, I'll be grateful. (I did submit a customer support ticket 2 days ago but response time is up to 3 business days so I might not hear back until after 01/04/21) Thank you. Olivier
  20. Well I guess this game bundle is incentive to get new users onboard so kind of understandable. However what I fail to understand who is setting price in euros if the guy knows math? Promo page says 8$/month which is 96$ but this somehow translates to 108euro ?? Euro is around 1,22$ so euro price should be ~78 , how the heck you can come up with +30eur (108) ? I guess someone multiplied dollar price instead of dividing it...seems like outright scam to EU customers rather than conversion mistake.
  21. I have just got my Vive Cosmos Elite for Christmas and I am having the same issue.
  22. I recently signed up to a 1yr infinity subscription and was given Phasmophobia free. It works really well with my Quest 2 via link cable and virtual desktop. However - there seems to be no way to launch the application in it's non-vr mode, and I would like to do this. I tried finding the install file and it keeps launching SteamVR even when my headset is not plugged in.
  23. Thanks, It's fixed, i received a bunch of emails where code is not blank anymore.
  24. Hello, I redemeeded a code I got with a wireless adapter. I received the email that should contain the code, but the "Unlock Code" field is blanc.
  25. A few minutes ago I attempted to launch steam vr. I was prompted with an error that says my base station has developed an internal error and to contact the manufacturer. I looked around online and I am currently under the impression that I will have to return my base station. Is that the case?
  26. I have a few large VivePort games (eg Seeking Dawn) that would run and load much faster from my C drive (SSD) than on my D drive (HDD = VP default). Most smaller games do not make much difference. I do this with some of my Oculus and Steam store games using their simple move option. Unfortunately this option does not appear to be available on VivePort. Maybe I'm missing something? Or maybe it's something that should be added. Thanks.
  27. I am having this same issue!
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