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  4. Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Today we are offering 1 month of Viveport Infinity for simply telling us what the BEST GIFT you ever received was during the holidays. We will choose 3 lucky winners on Friday 12/13. Good luck.
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  6. That's no problem @Hoody Nynja, you can also submit a Viveport issues such as this one to customerservice@viveport.com. Make sure you include a link to this thread and a summary of whats going on. I'll make sure to follow your Twitch channel as well. 🙂
  7. I appreciate the suggestion! The software encoder was one of the first things I tried while researching the issue, as I assumed it was strictly related to OBS. That did not work for me though (not with Viveport running at least). With that said, I have an i7 7700K, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and an RTX 2070, and I've been recording and streaming with no issues going back to when i had 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 970 almost two years ago. I know you have to make the suggestion, but this isn't me trying to do too much on a potato. 😉 I've posted close to 50 videos to YT this year, most of which were Viveport titles, so I am familiar with the capture process and limitations of my hardware, so I feel confident this is related to the most recent update. The last Viveport title I was able to record was a Fisherman's Tale, which I streamed successfully a few weeks back, prior to the uodate. http://www.twitch.tv/hoodynynja/v/511587133?sr=a As shown in my screenshots earlier in this thread, I am not able to Submit a Ticket using the app, so if there is a different method that will allow me to get you info needed for this then please let me know. 👍
  8. Hey @Hoody Nynja, So, this will be heavily dependent on your PC hardware. A work around I found was to run the stream on Software x264 instead of NVENC in the Output settings of OBS. This is taking the load off of your GPU and putting it back onto your CPU. Some lower end CPUs don't do super well with the load. There are two NVENC settings to change to Software x264. Having said that MAKE SURE YOUR PC CAN HANDLE IT. You are doing this at your own risk. You will most likely noticed stutter in the game and dropped frames in your stream/recording. We tested it running on an i9 and it ran fine. I was also able to test it on a higher end i7. So, feel free to share your specs here and I'll check it over. This is only meant to be a temp work around until the issue is looked into.
  9. No problem @Artful. Please keep me updated on the progress.
  10. Brilliant thank you Niko. Just do not want to reinstall viveport if I am going to suffer the same issue but as I think I said above I don't have much time to decide if I need to cancel the membership which would be a pain as it was the 45% off black friday deal. But thats no good if I lose my other games.
  11. Hi @Artful, I've started a Customer Care ticket on your behalf for this issue. Responses will come to you via the email you have associated with your forum account.
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  13. Hey @Hoody Nynja, I have come across this issue myself. Please do report this if you can so it can be looked into. I am also looking into options for myself on this as well as looking around online. If I come up with anything in the mean time, I will let you know.
  14. After a fresh install of Steam/Steam VR and ReVive version 1.9.1 I have my Oculus games back BUT if I reinstall viveport infinity will I loose them again??????? Im 7 days into my 14 day free trial with a 12 month subscription pending IF this is going to hide my purchased Oculus Games I may have no choice but to cancel my membership/subscription could someone from Vive answer this please as time is of the essence!
  15. I do agree that Dark Mode is VERY nice to read. That's why when we laid out the forums, a dark theme was a must for Viveport. I am all for this suggestion. As VibrantNebula said, we will send the suggestion to the team. Appreciate the feedback.
  16. I need some help ever since the overlay was added to steam vr for viveport I have lost all my Oculus games in the recent games library on Steam VR is there a way to delete the overlay to see if my Oculus games return?? As I paid quite a bit for my Oculus Games like Asgard's Wrath, Lone Echo and Stormland and now cannot play them through my Oculus Quest using virtual desktop ?! The only thing that has changed is the vive overlay was added saturday. I have oculus games Saturday Morning but they were gone Saturday evening and I did nothing. SOmeone please help or point me in the right direction where I can get help.
  17. As an example, the colors used here in your forums are much easier to read, and would be a great option for the app, while keeping your branding aligned between the two platforms.
  18. Image 1 - The erro with Viveport running, Not the color of the Start Recording button indicates it was pressed which causes the error. Please also see the Report Issue button can not be used. Image 2 - The pop up stating I am ready to use the Viveport Streaming feature, despite not having the appropriate hardware. Image 3 - Same setup as Image 1, but without Viveport running; note the Start Recording button was replaced with Stop Recording, as it was able to record with no errors. I only have Oculus running in the below, but the same occurs even when using SteamVR. Please let me know what information you need, and if there is another way to submit a ticket without the app button working.
  19. Thanks for the reply! For clarity, the error message pops up when you try to stream or record. So in your screen shot, you would have to click either the "Start Streaming" or Start Recording" button to see the message. I uses a single system setup with an Oculus Rift S. OBS captures the "OculusMirror.exe" app, which is an included tool for seeing what you see in the HMD at all times. OBS does display the feed, but dies not stream or record it. I do not have a Vive Focus Plus, but when I click the "Check PC" button for Viveport Streaming the pop up says I'm ready to use the feature. Conversely, the Report Issue button was "greyed out" and would not work, but i will try to get more info for you shortly.
  20. @Hoody Nynja Checked in with that team and they're indeed requesting that you use the report issue feature (which also generates a proper support ticket) Please do so here:
  21. @Hoody Nynja - I wasn't able to reproduce the OBS blockage on two PC's using a variety of games. I'll pass this along to another team in a different office to see if their able to reproduce - OBS works perfectly normally for me on both Steam and Viveport builds. @Hoody Nynja - Last week we launched a WiFi streaming for Viveport -> Vive Focus Plus. It shouldn't pop up unless it detects a Vive Focus Plus on the same network. Can you please describe your setup in greater detail and use the Report Issue feature in Viveport -> Settings -> Report Issue. That will upload a log to us for inspection. We'd need more details to try and take a stab and what's happening here
  22. Thanks for the response and passing my request along! I totally understand the need for brand identity. With that said, many application offer different color schemes to allow for customization, including Windows. I'm not suggesting to change the "default" scheme, but rather to add options that make your product easier to use. This request stems from allowing better accessibility for those with low vision, or other impairments that make low-contrast combinations difficult, or impossible, to read, as opposed to just a personal preference ;o)
  23. @Hoody Nynja Happy to pass this request along to the Viveport PC client product team. That said, I think the color schema is intentionally white to differentiate from Steam/Oculus for both branding and legal reasons.
  24. Considering how bright your blue font is on the Viveport Windows app, it would be great to have an alternate or "dark mode" theme option. I usually launch games right from the app rather than the Viveport environment, and it's much easier to use the app to shop, write reviews, etc.
  25. After installing the most recent version of the Viveport app for Windows, OBS Studio is no longer able to capture an output to either stream or record. I have no issues with capturing output when playing a game in Oculus or SteamVR. In fact, even when not running any a game, the same error occurs in OBS when the Viveport app is open at the same time. After applying the latest update, there was a Windows pop-up asking if I would like to allow some Viveport streaming feature to have access to my system, which I don't recall happening in the past. I did not see a way to turn this off or restrict it to see if it was the root cause.
  26. Thanks for the info. I did some searching and just can't find anything on those index controllers for the Vive VR. I'm probably just blind and or having no luck but I'll keep searching. Thanks again.
  27. Hi @Bojacks, Due to how the Cosmos controllers work, they wouldn’t work with the Vive or Vive Pro unfortunately. They are made specifically to work the with inside out tracking that Cosmos replies on. If you are trying to find a replacement idea for the Vive wands, you might want to look into the Index controllers. They have the kind of Xbox feel that you would like. I’d also check and make sure they are compatible with the games you own. Some games don’t have proper mapping but many devs are on top of that so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
  28. I didn't know where else to ask but why is there no support for the older models of the HTC Vive VR to use the HTC Vive Cosmo controllers? The older model controllers are just horrible for me and I can barely feel them unlike a thumb stick (Xbox Controller) where I can feel it more. I was hit by a car during a crosswalk and have nerve damage in my left hand but mostly my thumb and index finger so it's hard for me to use these. Is there any thing in the near future where this will change? I can't afford to buy the new HTC Cosmos just for the controllers. I was gifted the HTC Vive VR about a year or so ago so that is how I have one. I play most of my PC games on an Xbox controller and I love my HTC Vive VR but I have a really hard time using the older controllers and was so hopeful and happy when I first heard about these new controllers and thought they would have been supported by the older Vive models, what is the deal? I got excited so because of the new Half-Life Alyx game coming out and now I'm afraid I won't be able to play it to it's full potential. If anyone could shed some light on this I will be very grateful, thank you.
  29. Hi @Florgoth, Have you checked to see if your Anti-Virus and Firewall are blocking the connection? If those are clear, try deleting the install folder and running the installer again. Let me know if this works out for you.
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