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  2. I'm having this issue and on a completely new Windows 10 install.
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  4. So both Oculus and Steam can do this but not Vive? How embarrassing, lol!
  5. This feature is commonly called content "Hot Swapping" in PC gaming. Viveport unfortunately does not support hot swapping right now. You can try to fake out the repair system by manipulating "library" path temporarily but otherwise it's not a current feature.
  6. @dlgonzo - It's live today apparently https://www.viveport.com/0b1cf65b-8d1d-4d4e-be9d-9f4b74050d1b
  7. Thanks but I already know how to change the default destination. What I want to be able to do is to leave most of my games on my HDD and put a few more complex (longer loading times) on my SSD. You can do this with Steam and Oculus but not VivePort.
  8. Hi, try this : 1- Open Viveport Desktop 2- change default folder to your new destination (in Settings > Default folder for Viveport titles > change to your new destination) 2- go to Library and search for your application/game > left click on the 3 dots button > click Repair In the repair process, files are automatically transfered to your new destination folder. Works for me, hope this can help you.
  9. When will version 1.18 of Swordsman VR be available to Viveport Infinity subscribers?
  10. I guess there is no way to access the menu items. The only way I found to go back is to go into the save data which is different for each game. It is not in the Viveport/game folder. The game is there but save data is different for each game. In the case of Moss it is in the c:/users/NAME/appdata/local/MossGame folder.
  11. Hello, How do you restart a game on Viveport with the Oculus Quest or Quest 2 (have both)? Specifically I started playing Moss and I think that my 7 year old son would like to play it so I would like to start from the beginning. With the stand alone version that I could download to the headset you would press the options button on the left stick and that would allow you to chose a chapter and save. On the Viveport version when I click the options button it just centers the screen. Thank you, Mike
  12. @VibrantNebula - thanks very much! I'll look into these options and see if I am able to make it work properly with the Oculus controllers. I'll try the link cable first.
  13. @Syberchick70 That inversion thing is actually a specific known bug between Virtual Desktop and Saints and Sinners. It affects the Steam build too. Virtual Desktop doesn't work perfectly with all games - it's a mod at best and it's not like it's a natively supported solution. The behavior would actually probably be different if using a Link Cable if the problem actually is Virtual Desktop. If you haven't tried link - that's possibly the best current solution. There are a bunch of scattered threads on it. Hard to find via search because people are using different terms but it seems like a
  14. Yes, the movement controllers are inverted and yes I use Virtual Desktop, but that just projects whatever is on my computer to my headset. I would have the same issue if the headset were connected via the Oculus Link cable. I'm not sure about Steam being open. I'm not that familiar with how VivePort works, doesn't it basically run games through SteamVR? If so, then I think SteamVR is open. I haven't tried to play TWD in a while because of this issue. I've played several other games through VivePort without any controller issues (The Room, Moss, Obduction)
  15. @Syberchick70 - so your controls are "inverted" - you press up on the left thumbstick but walk backwards? Are you using Virtual Desktop? The only other reference to this issue I can find is when people are using Virtual Desktop or ALVR. I see a few threads about people on the G2 but that's using SteamVR so different issue. Is SteamVR open when you're playing?
  16. Oh! Thank you for replying. The main issue I'm having is that my directional controls seem to be mixed up, and I don't see a way to say "mirror joystick direction" or something like that. At first I was stuck on the start menu, but I messed around with the controller mapping until I was able to get beyond that, but it just seems really awkward and honestly unplayable the way it is right now. That map looks helpful though.
  17. Hello, I'm currently using my Vive Pro Eye Headset in AR modality for a project in Unity (version 2019.4.11). To access the front facing cameras I have imported the SRWorks SDK and put the SRWork_Framework SDK in the Unity project, I want to apply some processing directly to the video stream (e.g. a blurring the outside world I see thanks to the pass-through modality). Anyway I can't understand how and where obtain the cameras stream, I mean what I would like to understand is how and where access the stream video from the scripts provided. I have already read the
  18. @Syberchick70 - What is your specific problem? I may be able to provide guidance. The most common complaint people have with it is that the sprint command is mapped weirdly. S&S is specifically running on Viveport through Oculus' runtime and not SteamVR. If it were piped through SteamVR, you'd have some options (e.g. Input Emulator) but Oculus has their systems on lockdown and doesn't support remapping within their native compositor. The way S&S is coded, always makes it launch through Oculus, I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to launch in SteamVR.
  19. I'm having this issue with The Walking Dead. The controllers work... sort of... but they don't make a lot of sense. I need a mapping guide or something.
  20. Running on Valve Index. After a baobab company splash screen, Bonfire (viveport.com) goes blank in the HMD, and in the desktop window you can see a dialog labeled "Headset has been removed" with a "Recenter and resume" button. Clicking the button does seem to change the alignment, but the dialog just returns and the game does not resume. There hasn't been an update since July 2019. Is this abandonware that should be taken off Viveport?
  21. I subscribed to the annual subscription a few months ago and as of lately, I'm being told my account is going to be cancelled because I don't have enough money in my account to cover the monthly fee. I don't understand this because I always thought when you pay for an annual plan, you get that plan through out the year. But yet, it states that it's an annual subscription that's paid monthly? So what's the difference between monthly and annually. I got two emails, one claiming that I have until the 15th to make a payment or it's cancelling my account, another states that if I don't pay by the 1
  22. Developers are the most important pillar of the Viveport Ecosystem, so we’re helping you kickstart 2021 with an extra special boost. Throughout 2021, Viveport developers will receive more payouts. From January 1st to December 31st we are increasing net revenue share from 70/30 to 80/20 (developers receive 80%, Viveport receives 20%). That’s right! Developers will receive 80% revenue share for all titles that are opted-in to any of the following Viveport Programs: – Viveport Store: one-time purchase – Viveport Arcade Program
  23. @censrd - I generated a support ticket for you. As long as your default download folder matches the root of your Viveport library folder, the repair option should work. Steam titles are imported due to a file that the Steam client generates; the Viveport client just reads that file. As long as Steam is installed wherever the Viveport client thinks the Steam folder is (during Viveport setup), it should eventually see that file.
  24. Hey guys, so after I recently reinstalled my WIN 10 on a seperate drive to my Viveport library, i installed the viveport app and attempted to relink my 500GB worth of games, and so far its not recognising my exisiting library. I have checked in the settings page and set the libary to be the exisiting folder. I also saw other posts stating click on the 3 dots on the title and i should see repair as an option but I don't see that option. I only get "view detail", "write a reciew" and " remove from libary". So it seems to recognise that i have previously downloaded a particular title, but clickin
  25. @VibrantNebula I do not believe the issue to be IP address-related. If that were the case, I have to think that both my account profile and store profile would be synced to the wrong country. This was not the case. Furthermore, I go on plenty of sites, make purchases online regularly and this has never happened. Only on the Viveport platform. With regards to malware infection: Highly doubtful. I set up the Viveport account on a brand new (less than a week old) gaming computer. All set up with anti-virus/malware protection. And I had gone on no more than 3 or 4 websites, includi
  26. @bandwfrog The country selection is often geo-located for legal reasons (content availability is region specific). My best guess is that you might be encountering issues due to where you IP address is resolving to geographically. It might be an ISP thing or it might be a VPN/proxy at play. You could theoretically have malware that's redirecting your internet thru a proxy without you knowing.
  27. Hello @Phillip_Kunze_ , I've forwarded your note to our social team. In general, we're unfortunately not currently accepting new streaming partners at this time but it helps to be on their radar.
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