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  2. My base station started blinking red and won't track my HTC vive headset or my controllers. I search it up and tried what it said on the internet and it turns green but it still dosen't track and if i update it it turns back to red again. This just happend a random day and i didn't do anything to it it just was red when i woke up this day. IMG_1409[1].MOV
  3. Hi @LostManAbroad Here is the FAQ for those users who are not German citizen but live in German. https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019943252-FAQ-of-German-Age-Verification Please send a request to VIVEPORT customer support.
  4. I had to re-login into viveport recently. When this happened, all of my purchases are no longer in my library or in the purchases section. The files are still in directories on my HD, but do not show up anywhere in viveport app or viveport.com. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it? Just a note. I did purchase infinity for a year. even still some of the apps still shows i need to purchase them again. Infinity should not changed anything about my purchased apps/games.
  5. I am getting really frustrated with Viveport now. I bought an HTC Vive Cosmos for my PC. It came with 6 months free membership to Viveport. So I went on and started looking for games. Half the games that I want to play ask for ID verification. I get three options come up. I can provide details of a new ID card, and old ID card or my passport number. I live in Germany but I am not German so I do not have either a new or an old format ID card. Because of this I want to provide my passport number. The problem is that I clicked on Passport and I get what you see below. It is asking for 3 sections of my passport. What 3 sections? A passport number is one 9 digit number. So anyway, I have been unable to access most of the best games as they require ID access so I contacted support. I started with a Live chat with one of the support people and they could not tell me how to provide ID. They told me that they would raise a support ticket for me. Two days later and the answer comes back from support and it becomes obvious that they did not even read the contents of the ticket but instead they referred be back to the live chat service. I contacted them again, this time really annoyed and I get told that they cannot help me and they suggested I submit a ticket. I was annoyed. No I am downright angry!! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ACCESS TO THE GAMES IF YOU WON'T LET ME PROVIDE ID!! This is crazy!!
  6. Which game? Tell me, I want to play and modify with the modifier app...
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  8. Were you able to get this working? Losing my afternoon to similar issues at the moment.
  9. Hi. I bought vive Wireless. It worked once. After that I got prompt that my files are not sync with cloud. And after that every time when I try to turn on Vive, it turn on Steam VR, freeze for few minutes (both Steam and Steam VR), and then steam and steam VR are closing. How to fix that ?
  10. ok i have this problem i turn on stream, also viveport and ready to play, games start but then it freezes and my computer is running fine i can see game there but on my oculus is frozen cant do nothing till i umplug it and restart oculus ,, my oculus games play just fine, so i try again, turn viveport download game to play and right away freezes again,, is it my cable ? any one help please
  11. Hey guys. I just wanted to say, unsubscribe QUICK. If you have a free coupon from when you bought your vive. That shit will resubscribe you without you knowing. And when you ask for a refund cuz you never used it except for 2 days, they will refuse everything (got a refund once cuz I got charged TWICE from those thiefs tho). They will not respect you and your money is GONE. just wanted to warn you guys, vive is trump.
  12. Game files are usually stored in the download box, you can find it there.
  13. @floraa - We don't have a cloud-save SDK. For the most part, all save files are on your local disks.
  14. @dazzle1 - I've sent you a PM with info on who to contact
  15. @Crybabycry - I've generated a support ticket with the email address associated with your forum account.
  16. and dont worry I have already activated the other code so no1 can steal it.
  17. I just recently purchased vr cosmos elite, i than redeemed the code and got to login to the redeem area and recieved an email with the codes. Only one issue.. WHY TF was there only 1 code.. like i got the code for the inifinity subscription but where it said "heres the code for half life 2 alyx" it was just blank. It told me how to activate the code and redeem it through steam but never actually gave me the code. even the email is empty?
  18. I sent an email already regarding this on Friday, I know you are very busy with the Covid-19, but I wanted to make sure I reached out to all the right channels. On top of this, when I at least tried to redeem my "free 6-month" infinity subscription, the page glitched out, and upon reloading it wanted me to pay $77 for it. I'm not very enthused about how this has turned out. I may be on the wrong channel here, but any help that could be sent my way would be very greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, same problem here :( I tried to re install VIVE PORT app, but it did't help. What should I do?
  20. I play the Angry Birds games and the game save on the server if I play online... 🙂
  21. here are the screen shots : when I try to select channel like GOPRO and I enter inside it this is what I find 👇: and it's not firewall issue because when I choose Vimeo channel it works just fine (note that it's the only one that is working) 👇:
  22. Just try to install again same issue. pleasehelp.
  23. @samps984508 Please check your email spam box again. Our customer support has replied to you 3 times but never received any feedback from you. Thanks!
  24. @coordinatorvr It varies by whichever promotion you're taking advantage of. Most of our headsets like Cosmos currently offer a 6 month promo as you stated. I've converted your forum post to a ticket so an account specialist can verify what's happening in the backend.
  25. @itemforty As said above - we do support Odyssey and have actually partnered in the past with Samsung on some cross-marketing. The key is that you need to use SteamVR for Windows Mixed Reality and that you need to have your headset fully booted and launched into a blank SteamVR compositor before launching the game.
  26. @samps984508 Which email contact are you emailing? I've converted your forum post into a ticket and have asked a manager to escalate your case.
  27. @Virtual Gamesterz - Viveport primarily hosts SteamVR enabled builds so it's similar to launching any Steam build via SteamVR mode. Since Pimax headsets are SteamVR headsets - any title that's listed to work for Vive/Vive Pro/Index ought to work with your Pimax. Your main issue will be controller mapping - if you're using Vive wands, anything that's listed as compatible with Vive ought to work but it will be more complex with knuckles and lesser known controller types. That said, Pimax has a really really small market share so we don't directly QA against those HMDs nor do we offer an option in our developer console for developers to specifically state that they've developed their content to specifically be optimized for Pimax.
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