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  2. I'm really loving the new Dark format as a default. However, it may be a good idea to allow users to select between the original and new Dark formats imho. I do not see anywhere in options where this is currently possible. Thanks for going Dark, lol!
  3. On the off chance that you face an interface issue, at that point the principal thing you should do is to reboot your gadget. In any case, if the issue doesn't get unwound, by then you can take help from the tech consultancies and use their researching frameworks. You can moreover contact the Hp support assistant for discovering support.
  4. Cash app has extremely idealistic highlights that give clients more alternatives to improve their work. Just as, you are going to many subjects to it, and it accommodating to deal with all accounts with no additional movement. You can include here a financial balance, charge card, check card, and afterward, you can see that you don't have need to convey a wallet. In the event that still any uncertainty, at that point utilize the Cash app Support Number.
  5. While you combine Cash app account data with the one, at that point you can get to both as one. You can likewise utilize anybody $Cshatg to make exchanges. $Cashtag fundamentally an installment URL that is protected and secure and you can impart it to your loved ones for the exchange. On the off chance that you get any issues, so use Cash app Customer Service.
  6. Last week
  7. Anybody tried Under the Skin experience from IDFA DocLab? I'm stuck in the opening environment, the favela alley where the polaroid pictures are hung up on clotheslines. I can't interact with the remaining photo. Moving around the environment doesn't trigger any event. Can't move on to the next scene. There has to be some interaction that continues with experience, but I can't figure out what it is. (Using Valve Index)
  8. Hey - I'm thinking about snagging this Annual Infinity Membership deal, but I'm not sure how it works with the games being removed from the library and new games added. Like, if I'm in the middle of playing a game and it cycles out of the Viveport library, do I just get cut off from the game and tough luck?
  9. well i posted this 20 minutes ago 😅 so yeah not yet, i wrote to the support though and wait for an answer
  10. It says the same for me has it worked for you yet?
  11. still not working for me. But when i click download it tells me to subscribe first. Even though i have an annual sub. Other games work just fine.
  12. Is there a way to view the stereoscopic screenshots that are taken by Steam VR? Can't find that info anywhere.. Thanks
  13. I have Oculus Quest 2 and I've updated the Viveport app today. Now every time I open Viveport in VR I'm stuck at "Welcome to Viveport - Loading ..." window. I've even uninstalled the whole app and cleaned up all leftovers but to no avail, same loading screen all the time. The previous version of the app worked on the same PC.
  14. Recieved a message from support. Everyone try adding it again.
  15. Make sure you guys open up a ticket with Support, the More reports that they get the more pressure it will put on them to fix it. This is after all affecting more than one subscriber.
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  17. Annual Infinity member here. Same issue, both in VivePort & using a web browser. Cannot claim the free offer, download nor play. This scenario also happened during the launch of the Saints & Sinners promo, but was later fixed. Would like to claim this before it expires, thanks.
  18. Same Issue here, download won't start for Phasmophobia. Thanks!
  19. Whenever I click play to add Phasmophobia to my account and click "save" in the popup nothing happens. Both in the Viveport client and in Chrome. Any other game I tried does get added to the Infinity Library.
  20. Face the same problem on my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone. Can someone help me...
  21. Can I mod the Android app through LP for adding dark mode for myself only..?
  22. But I fixed it by reinstalling Ninja Legends app from appvn techbigs store, where the best free app available today
  23. Hello, I want to mod this game with the lucky patcher latest version. Can I do it..?
  24. @Hoody Nynja We've just updated Vivpeort's website/client to be dark by default.
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